How to Tap into Your Intuition With Tarot

Intuition is something we were all blessed with but sadly, for many of us, we are apt to lose this ability. As children, our intuition is at its strongest, but as we grow older we are exposed to all kinds of things that serve as blockages to our intuition. These can come in the form of over-use of the rational mind, worry, fear, expectations, judgement, prejudice, assumptions and training in some cultures to disregard feelings and emotions.

The strength or weakness of a person’s intuition is always temporary. We can always get it back if we want to. Intuition, which is in conflict with the rational mind, may end you up in confusing situations – for example, imagine you meet someone who seems friendly, charming, kind and wonderful in every way. Yet something inside you takes an instant dislike to them and you just cannot explain why.

That is your intuition talking.

Intuition is an important and useful tool for the Tarot reader. There are a lot of cards in one deck and each card can have multiple meanings. Then there are the numerology and astrology associations, the quint, the elements, the court card meanings – that’s a lot to remember! Our rational mind is wonderful at memorizing such things, but the intuitive mind is what will give us the insight we need to understand the readings in front of us.

Read on to find out how to use your mind intuitively when using Tarot cards!

Put Away the Books…

Books are great, as are website resources and special magazines devoted to Tarot. But if you really want to start training that intuition muscles of yours with Tarot, then you have to put away anything that provides you with an explanation of the card meanings. No guidebooks, no apps, no Google searches!

When you read intuitively, you’re not thinking about what you have already memorized. For example, you may have learned that the 10 of Wands is about taking on a heavy load, probably biting off more than you can chew, feeling weary, tired and fatigued? However, when you simply stare at the card for a moment through intuitive Tarot and block out whatever you have learned, you may find that the 10 of Wands gives you a very different meaning to the ones you’re already familiar with!

You may get told or have the feeling that it means your struggles are about to come to an end, or perhaps that lack of sleep is causing any physical discomfort you have at the time; it could even represent someone stooped!

It could be anything, really (though obviously still in line with the picture on the card). Intuitive reading is when information just comes to you, without explanation and without understanding how or why. But it is your intuition and you can trust it.

… & Pay Attention to Your Feelings

Trusting your feelings is very important when it comes to intuitive reading. Look at the image on the card. How does it make you feel?

Let’s say you pulled the 9 of Swords, often seen as the ‘darkest hour’ card.

Look at it for a moment. How do you feel?

Do you feel scared? Anxious? Worried? Do you even feel strong? Powerful? Defeatist?

All of these emotions are possibilities with the 9 of Swords, and so are many more. The key is to really tune into the feeling you get from the card and the energy that comes with it. This can give you greater insight into what the card is trying to tell you in that moment.

Storytelling with the Tarot

This is a really fun way of harnessing your intuition as a reader. Look at the cards you have just laid out and ask yourself what type of story is being told in them.

Let’s say you pulled the Devil card. An enormous horned man with hooves sits in the middle of a naked man and woman who are bound together by chains. The story tells of two people who are trapped and imprisoned, bound together by a frightening-looking character in the background. The environment is dark and morbid and there are also flashes of fire in the card.

Consider the imagery and begin to ask questions, like:

  • What happened to them?
  • How did they get there?
  • What is the figure in the background thinking?
  • What expressions do the figures have on their faces?
  • What will happen to them next?

You can write down the answers to these questions, along with the ‘beginning, middle, and end’ if it helps. Then, you apply your findings to the reading in question.

Let’s say you asked, “How does so-and-so feel about me?” and you pulled the Devil card.

After storytelling and intuitive reading, you can surmise their feelings for you are feelings of being ‘trapped’. They could feel addicted in some way or obsessed; they may feel that they have feelings for you, but they shouldn’t. The nakedness in the Devil card is likewise an indicator of lust they may feel towards you, but which may be a forbidden lust.

You can use your storytelling to fit the content of the question and connect the dots!

Concluding Thoughts…

Intuitive Tarot reading is a gift that anyone can harness with lots of practice and belief in one’s own abilities. Using the methods above can certainly strengthen your intuition, but above all, it is about trusting in yourself and your gut instinct.

The more you practice, the greater your intuitive powers become which can serve you well, not only when reading Tarot cards, but in every area of life!

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