How To Use Salt & Sage for New Moon Purification

It’s time to move forward into our new normal and reinvent ourselves as we become the upgraded versions of our former selves. We’ve shed layers of our past to be able to sense the hope of what we can accomplish.

Today, we have a great New Moon purification ritual using two of nature’s most powerful cleansing elements, salt and sage, that will help you step into this new beginning with the confident swagger of Leo and the purity of mother Earth.

What Salt & Sage Do

There are scientifically measurable positive effects on the body and energy field from these two substances.

Sage actually kills 94% of bacteria in the air and disinfects while transforming something called positive ions into negative ions as it is burned. Your body is held in an energy field that contains both negative and positive ions (the presence of both is important to maintain balance). unfortunately, though, electronics can bombard our energy field with positive ions that stress our nervous and immune systems. The sage smoke, conversely, transforms positive ions into negative ions, and salt emits measurable negative ions that will restore a sense of wellbeing.

You will feel fatigued and foggy when there is a build-up of positive ions in your house and in your energy field. That creates negative emotions which in turn attracts more low vibration negative thoughts that block you from higher states of consciousness where you can access your intuition. Stress in the body releases positive ions and that creates a tense atmosphere.

How To Use Salt & Sage

There’s nothing like a good salt bath to get rid of stress and reset your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll want to drink lots of water to counteract the dehydrating effect of the salt, but you will find that the salt bath gives you a sense of calm and peace.

You can use Epsom salts which are easy to find in almost any pharmacy or grocery store. Taking a hot bath with these salts will begin your ritual for New Moon purification. As you step into the water, set your intention to release negative thoughts and feel them being pulled from you.

Next, you can create a salt bowl (or a series of them) for your home to keep the energy positive. It’s best to use a natural salt, like Himalayan or sea salt, because they are not processed and don’t have added anti-caking agents like your standard table salt, making them more effective. You can typically get these at any grocery store.

Place a bowl of salt near your bed or in the corners. Be sure that it is out of reach of pets and you can leave them there until they feel like they need to be changed like a dirty dishrag. They will be doing their thing, removing negative vibes for you because that’s what salt does. That’s why you feel amazing at the beach too. The saltwater and the moving water create negative ions that soothe you.

Now for the sage. Light the end of the sage and blow out the flame so the herbs begin to smolder. Circle the sage bundle around your body with the intention to clear all negative energy from your aura. Then walk around your house and relight the sage as necessary.

Of course, be aware of how sensitive your smoke alarm is and do not inhale the smoke directly. Open the windows and let the air out of the house. Allow the sage to burn until you feel the energy has shifted. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

If you find that the smell of sage bothers you, you may alternatively want to use cedar, sweetgrass, palo santo, or copal. Be sure to keep the smoldering sage in a non-flammable metal, ceramic, or glass container as it cools, and be aware that the sage may flake off as it burns.

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Now You’re Ready to Set Your New Moon Intention!

Now that you have cleared your space and your own energy field, find a place that feels the most welcoming to sit and meditate.

You can tap into your intuition easier when your emotions are positive and the environment is clear from negative energy. You will find it easier to meditate and ask what it is that will be in your highest good to start on this New Moon. Each New Moon starts a cycle where our creative energy is renewed and we can use that energy to manifest for the following two and a half weeks leading up to the Full Moon. The Full Moon will often bring your wish to fruition if you’ve done the work to visualize and put energy into the intention.

Sit and breathe slowly and deeply for about a minute. Set your intention to connect to the deepest purest part of you. This is where you can find the guidance you need that will help you know what to do with your life in big and smaller ways.

When you feel you are in this expanded state in connection with your soul, your true identity, empty your mind and open your heart. Ask what it is that is most important for you to focus on manifesting with this Moon cycle. Allow it to be revealed to you and see if it surprises you even. Relax and breathe and wait until you get a clear message that is coming from your heart and not your ego.

Write down what you see and then take three slow and deep breaths to return to the room where you are sitting.

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Closing Thoughts…

This is not just another cute new-age ritual that will just be a cute Instagram post but not make an impact on your life. It will help you in a great many ways actually. Salt and sage have been used for healing, purification, and spiritual work for thousands of years and by many different cultures.

The New Moon will be in the bold sign of Leo, prepping you to go after those big dreams full-speed ahead. You may find yourself ready to go for the bigger fish with this Moon cycle, whether that’s stepping into a new identity with courage, asking for what you really want, or even finally taking a leap of faith into something new.

The Full Moon will occur on August 15th and at that time you will likely see things move forward in relation to the intention you set on the New Moon. This Full Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius. We expect things to move forward on this Full Moon because it also marks the end of the post-shadow period of Mercury retrograde. This would be a great day to smudge yourself and your home again with sage, replace the salt in your bowls, and take another salt bath. This day allows you to see your wishes materialize as well as release thoughts that aren’t helping you.

Keep up with the major planetary alignments with our astrology calendar and free daily horoscopes. You will start to see how these energies play out each day and you will be able to understand how to use astrology in your daily life to find more joy and success. Thanks for being a part of our community – let’s make this New Moon count!

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