Fire & Desire: Exploring Venus Through Your Birth Chart

It’s time to go deep when it comes to the game of love, friends!

Going deep and exploring why you love the way you love is what understanding Venus is all about. As we know, every planet in the solar system has a set of themes and qualities attached to it, as divined by their orders and stories in ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

The two planets that govern our love life and our success path the most are Mars and Venus. Today we are going to explore the love and money planet Venus, and how she weaves her wand of magic in your birth chart.

Mars is the warrior of the zodiac, the one that uses passion and energy to take the lead in life and love. Venus is his saucy counterpart. Where Mars pursues, Venus attracts, and this is the case in both love and money.

Why Venus Placement is Important

So, if you’re ever wondering why you love the way you love, or how to understand why someone else loves the way they love, look at the Venus placement in your birth chart to discover the answers astrology provides on the matter.

Every single one of us has a little bit of male and female energy inside, we have to. That corresponds with the Universal law of balance. Everything has balance, or needs it. When we have problems in our life, something is out of balance. Tweaking the scales is how we work through problems to create balance.

Mars is the male part of the balance in our lives, and we all have a Mars placement. Venus is the feminine component in our lives, and every single one of us has a Venus placement in our birth charts.

Our birth chart or natal chart shows us how the planets were aligned at the exact moment and place of our birth; when our lifetime first began.

So when you wonder why you love the way you love, the answer is often right there in your birth chart. The male energy of the way you love is in your Mars placement, and this is your passion center in this lifetime. The feminine energy of how you attract what you love, or what you are attracted to, is noted by the Venus placement in your chart.

Venus in Aries

When Venus is in Aries, it is to her detriment, but this doesn’t mean you will have a problem with relationships. You just need to understand your Self better. This placement gives you a fiery spark when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

You fall in love very easily, and even when you fall out of it, you still have a little bit of an obsessive gene about you. You may spend a long time single or trying to figure out what you want, because your taste in love may be all over the map.

You are best to wait in relationships before jumping into a commitment, and only jump in when you are absolutely certain. With Venus in a Cardinal sign, that means that you take the lead in love easily, but your follow-through needs some work.

That’s something you want to keep in mind before you launch a huge commitment!

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus is an exciting placement because Venus is the attraction planet, and rules the Fixed Earth sign Taurus. If you have Venus in Taurus, you probably don’t have many problems in love or money – even when you think you do!

Taurus works hard for what they have, and they want pretty things thanks to their Venus influence. You are ready to put what you need to put into love – you take time to smell the roses, and you may become so smitten you even take the time to plant roses for your lovers.

It needs to be beautiful, and even if it isn’t “rich” or “wealthy,” it needs to have that air. You, like your love, are real, committed, and loyal. You can get a little obsessive about it if you don’t see these qualities in your lover, because you expect these things and you won’t settle for less.

Your stubborn side in love is also your loyal side, so you give as good as you get, and your relationships blossom as a result. If they don’t, it’s time to stick to the basics and just stay real in love. Then watch love happen.

Venus in Gemini

You might be a little fickle when it comes to love, with Venus in the Mutable Air sign of Gemini. You probably have a lot of suitors, but maybe aren’t being as clear with all of them as they may need you to be. You need someone that is okay with this, and believe it or not, they are out there. Just be real in your love adventures and you’ll get exactly what you want. You tend to attract artistic types up for any adventure.

The digital world may play a significant role in love, and you may not take love as seriously as others do, so you do need to watch those intentions. You may even have a bit of a reputation as being a womanizer or lady’s man, or a pick-up artist, and both men and women can be these things. Use the wiles that Universe gave you, but use them with kindness and honesty and you’ll be rewarded with fun love throughout your entire life path.

Venus in Cancer

You are a bit of a domestic goddess if you have Venus in Cancer, and this means that you are attracted to people that are born nurturers, whether male or female. You may also be a born nurturer, and this is what people love about you. You may like making big fancy dishes or baking to your heart’s content for your honey, or may use this part of you to woo someone. The kitchen may even be your favorite place to hang out. You would enjoy dates like cooking classes, or a fancy restaurant on a special occasion.

On the outside, you are the classy and elegant mother figure, but behind closed doors you have a little tiger in you. Dote on your partner if you have Venus in Cancer, but let them dote on you if they have Venus in Cancer. Nurturing and spoiling you is what will make them happy. You lucky thing!

Venus in Leo

With Venus in Leo, you are attracted to a fun-loving romantic life, but are one of the biggest romantics you know. Where Water signs woo from the heart, you woo from the spark, and you love being creative and spontaneous with a partner. You don’t care what you are doing with them as long as it is fun, and that could even mean some couch time.

As fun as you are, flattery is also your middle name. You need the attention that every Leo does – you need to feel like the King or Queen of the jungle. Your Venus placement is also in a Fixed sign, meaning loyalty is very important to you. You play for keeps, and expect the same.

Bold colors and luxurious dates are your style, but if you have someone that keeps coming back that makes you laugh, that is a good starting point for you as well. If your lover has Venus in Leo, pile on the flattery. It really will get you everywhere. Always – and don’t stop. Ever.

Venus in Virgo

With Venus in Virgo, you have a very picky appetite on your hands in love. You are detail oriented and have a flawless attention to detail in your life, and you expect the same in love as well. The details make you money, but the details make you honey, too! You’re the one who likes to fuss in a relationship – perhaps a little too much.

You also have a very intelligent side to your romantic life. You may get a little flirty over a saucy game of Trivial Pursuit for example. You don’t play around, usually, but as a Mutable sign, you may also be wishy-washy when it comes to love.

You may have a hard time settling down, and may be overly picky and critical, but you do also like to use that energy to tease and touch the Earthy sensual side of your lovers. Love may not arrive easily for you, but when it does, you are there for good. If you love a Venus in Virgo, you may be annoyed by their critical nature, but just take it in stride and see it as coming from a place of love.

Communication is everything.

Venus in Libra

Venus rules the Cardinal Air sign of Libra, and as such, if you or your partner have Venus in Libra in your birth chart, then you are probably the most romantic people you know. It’s all about the romance for you in love, and these are often higher-level cerebral type romantic moves – and they are in it for keeps.

You also have this air about you that is very elegant, kind, and harmonious, because diplomat Libra likes harmony in every situation. Thus, you are virtually drama-free because you hate conflict, and that is a very attractive quality. You are good with money but you also do love the high-end side of life, and knockoffs may not cut it.

Learning quality over quantity will be a lesson for you in love.

Venus in Scorpio

With Venus in Scorpio, you are likely having a lot of problems in love when it comes to intensity. There is no more intense zodiac sign in love than Scorpio. You are a little obsessed about everything you do, but when you love, you love deeply and you play for keeps. Your libido will never run dry, and your partners will love this about you. You may be a little bit secretive in love though, and if your jealousy or obsessive side doesn’t get you into trouble, your secretive side might.

As a truth seeker, Scorpio needs truth in love – and so do you with Venus in Scorpio. Your intuition in love matters works exceptionally, but it can send you overboard as well. Leave the stinger at home, and don’t try to marry someone on the second date. Revenge also does not have a place in romance.

When you keep those things in mind, your Venus in Scorpio will help you to attract some delicious opportunities. If your lover is Venus in Scorpio, now you understand their needy side a bit more! Communicate kindly with them about this to keep winning in love.

Venus in Sagittarius

You see the Big Picture and enjoy your freedom in love if you have Venus in Sagittarius! This could also mean you have a foreign connection in your relationship style. You may even be interested in foreigners, or find a lot of romance while traveling. If travel or foreigners plays no role for you, then you have an adventurous spirit if nothing else when it comes to love.

You may have an excellent and sarcastic wit, and you may also have the kind of demeanor or appearance that is very attractive. That’s likely due to the fact that you exude an open and non-judgmental way of looking at things. So, using laughter in love helps you a lot!

You may come off as a little flaky in love, so don’t be afraid to express your intentions early on, just do so in your casual and breezy way. Be real, and your lovers will appreciate your keen intellect and clever wit, finding that liberated side of you very attractive. If your lover has Venus in Sagittarius, get a commitment from them early, but trust in your intuition.

Venus in Capricorn

With Venus in Capricorn, you are playing for keeps in love. You may be taking the lead on your love life as well, and prefer to be the one that takes charge. You are the kind that can date someone for 7 years before tying the knot, because it’s all about your long term investment.

You will never be accused of rushing into love, but at the same time, you also often find a way to merge work and love. You may even marry someone from work because you may spend a lot of time on the job. Climbing the ladder may be one of your agendas over settling down for life.

You may already have a lot of wealth in your life due to this placement, and may be wary of settling down if you’re worried you aren’t appreciated for who you are as a person. As the Cardinal Earth Sign, you are on the aloof side, and not always emotional. You may want to lead with your heart more, at least on dates and in love.

You also like the more traditional side of life, such as history, or anything that discusses legacy and tradition. You expect your partners to be refined and conservative on the outside, but completely yours behind closed doors. If your lover has Venus in Capricorn, tease them with elegantly appointed romantic dates, and feed this historic side of them.

Venus in Aquarius

With Venus in Aquarius, you have a very eclectic and unconventional approach in life, and that’s how you approach love and work as well. In fact, you attract success in both love and work when you take this unconventional side of you into your life. You think outside the box and you expect your partners to as well, because this is who and what you are attracted to.

You like your freedom, but will be loyal if you are asked to be exclusive. You aren’t as jealous and obsessive as the other Fixed signs are, and prefer your Venus in Aquarius obsession to manifest in your focus on being different.

You may have more unconventional relationships, or experience freedom in love in other ways. You may enjoy long distance relationships more than others, and will find the cerebral way of connecting with loves from afar. If your lover has Venus in Aquarius, connect with them at the cerebral level, as opposed to the visceral level. Love is brain deep with Venus in Aquarius!

Venus in Pisces

Venus is said to be exalted in Pisces, and as such, her energies here are the strongest and most intense. With Venus in the Mutable Water sign Pisces, you have an intensely romantic air about you. You may be poetic about everything, and will love all forms of art, beauty, and lovers that bring the sensual side of beauty and art into your relationship.

Water vacation and dates could be very erotic for you, and if you use this placement well, then you will probably find financial successes in creative endeavors. In love, this placement embodies an exotic and romantic relationship style. Pisces rules the feet, so dance lessons with a partner in a relationship rut may be just what you need. You also may well meet your soul mate on the dance floor.

If your lover is Venus in Pisces, they will need a lot of romantic attention to keep this Mutable sign by your side. Pour on the love and your Venus in Pisces mate will match in kind!

Parting Thoughts

Knowing your Venus placement can give you so much guidance when it comes to your relationships – in and out of love! Venus in your birth chart will help you understand not only how you love, but how you need to be loved in order to feel appreciated and well matched.

For more on zodiac sign love compatibility, read our Free Daily Love and Sex horoscopes!

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