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Do you frequently feel exhausted or frazzled, like there are far too few hours in the day? In our busy, technologically-driven society, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained – and part of the reason might just be all of the electromagnetic waves surrounding us. Our planners are filled to the brim with appointments and to-do’s, and we often forget to take time out of the day to disconnect from the various screens we interact with, from computer screens to cell phones and television screens.

While technology is a wonderful thing that does make our lives more entertaining and convenient, it’s important not to lose our connection with nature. Our relationship with Mother Earth is primal and necessary, and this is where shungite comes in.

What is Shungite?

By now, you probably know all about crystal healing, and you might even be in the presence of a few of your favorite stones. But shungite is a lesser-known crystal that deserves some serious recognition for its incredibly healing nature.

Shungite is a stone, ranging from matte greys to shimmering and black-as-midnight, that is comprised of silicate minerals and carbon and contains fullerenes. In fact, shungite is the only known organic point of supply of fullerenes on the planet. Fullerenes are a relatively new discovery in the world of science, and thanks in part to shungite. In fact, the discovery of fullerenes won the associated scientists a Noble Prize. Also called buckyballs, fullerenes are molecules made entirely of carbon that form a hollow sphere and act as powerful antioxidants.

The name “shungite” was originally used to describe any amorphous glass containing over 98% carbon, although the term is now used to include rocks that contain even trace amounts of shungite. Shungite rocks can range from 10% to 100% carbon and are often classified by their sheen, from dull and semi-dull (no shimmer), and semi-bright and bright (high shine).

But perhaps most interesting is shungite’s mysterious history.

The History of Healing Shungite

Shungite is primarily sourced from Russia, in the Karelia region near the town of Shunga, from which shungite gets its name; however, there have been discoveries of shungite in Kazakhstan, Congo, India and Austria. How shungite came to exist on our planet is unknown, although there are a few leading theories.

Some scientists claim that ancient volcanic activity left behind deposits of this mineraloid, while others suggest its origins are more closely linked to a meteor falling into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is also theorized that shungite comes from primordial micro-organisms, like the ancient deposits of coal around the globe. Despite its unknown origins, it is said that this stone is anywhere from 600 million to 4 billion years old. Its ancient wisdom is hard to fully grasp.

The first public celebration and acknowledgment of shungite’s healing properties dates back to the 17th century, when a member of the famous Romanov family, Xenia Romanov, grew fatally ill. It is said that the townspeople provided the sickly woman with water from Lake Onega, the source of shungite-brimming waters, known for its powerfully curative energy.

The Past

Prior to this, Romanov, who had been recently exiled by the new ruler Boris Gudunov for questioning his reign, had given birth to seven baby boys – all of whom passed away shortly after their birth. Upon drinking the healing waters, Romanov returned to health and eventually gave birth to Mikhail Romanov, the man who became the first ruler of the House of Romanov, a dynasty that lasted 300 years.

In the 18th century, further studies were done on the healing waters by physicians Robert Areskin and Lawrence Blumentrosta. Areskin advised Peter I the Great on the value of these waters, which eventually led to a decree made by court medics that asserted these waters were effective in healing and protection against rheumatism, joint problems, heart disease, liver illness and other various illnesses.

Eventually dubbed the Marcial Waters – after Mars, the god of war and the many wounded soldiers that would be healed by these waters – the elixir was even thought to treat depression and sadness, among the many other ailments it was said to alleviate. Peter the Great’s soldiers were even given a chunk of shungite to carry with them throughout battle.

They would place the stones into their canteens full of water to cleanse the water, making it safe to drink. They won the Battle of Poltova in 1709 against the Swedes who, without potable water, contracted dysentery.

The healing properties of Lake Onega, the ‘Marcial Waters,’ is derived from the abundance of shungite that is buried beneath the surface.

How Shungite Works

Shungite is called the “Stone of Life,” and it’s easy to see why. A grounding stone, shungite connects you to the earth and helps you feel rooted within yourself. It is linked to the Earth chakra, which is located just below the Root chakra and extends down into the soil. This stone has the ability to rejuvenate, cleanse, refresh, protect and balance the energies of those who work with it. This is a highly conductive stone, which proves useful for determining the quality and authenticity of shungite.

Shungite is antibacterial and thusly works to purify water, which is why the waters of Lake Onega are safe to drink. One of the best ways to harness and utilize the energies of shungite is to place it in drinking water, allowing it to cleanse and purify the liquid around it, all while infusing it with shungite’s antioxidants and reparative features.

These properties actually come from the fullerenes located within shungite’s cells, which can help regulate the metabolism, stabilize blood cells, and increase the restorative capabilities of the tissues within the body. Antioxidants also protect against free radicals, which can cause damage to the cells and even result in disease.

This stone is also a powerful protector against electromagnetic radiation, which is emitted through electronics. With a life that probably involves multiple forms of technology, moving from one screen to the next, it’s essential to surround ourselves with energies that protect us from this radiation when possible. After all, it’s not feasible to rid yourself of all technology, nor would you want to. It is nice to know, however, that stones like shungite can clear our space of electronic smog and replace it with purified energy.

Shungite In Astrology Today

Shungite is useful for all the signs of the zodiac, however, it is most closely associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury rules over the signs Gemini and Virgo, meaning this stone is especially powerful for these signs. This stone is also most powerful when Mercury is in harmonious angles to, or playing nice with, other planets.

Shungite is also very useful in protecting and healing the emotional upsets or ailments experienced by Cancers, who are sensitive by nature. Shungite allows them to feel protected and safe in self-expression.

How to Use Shungite’s Ancient Healing Powers

Shungite can be used like any other stone, either by wearing it or placing it in locations throughout your home or office. When worn, shungite emits pain-killing properties and helps fight fatigue. On top of its incredibly curative nature, shungite is a beautiful stone that will go with any outfit. Try this beautiful shungite pendant for all-day protection and healing.

Shungite can also be placed in drinking water to cleanse it of impurities and infuse it with grounding and balance. It is said that water infused with shungite’s energy can assist children with hyperactive disorders in low dosages, helping to ground them and granting them internal peace.

This stone is especially useful when travelling and will help you remain connected to the earth. The act of travelling alone can be exhausting, and compounded with all the forms of technology involved, from GPS to in-flight entertainment, the electromagnetic radiation can be especially draining. Shungite not only clears this smog but helps balance the Earth chakra and allows you to feel firmly rooted, even when you’re 40,000 feet high in the sky.

Cleansing Your Shungite

Shungite can be cleansed by allowing in to soak in sunlight for an hour or two, placing it in warm water for a few minutes or cleaning it with a mixture of one teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl of water.

Why Choose Shungite?

Because shungite has so many different healing properties, it is used for many different reasons. Shungite is not limited to one or two healing aspects at a time, so it may be used to treat many issues at once. No matter how you choose to use shungite and why, you are sure to notice its regenerative effects almost immediately.

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