Can THIS Astrological Transit Actually Make You a Better Lover?

On April 5th, 2024, seduction heats the bedroom when the planet of love, Venus, meets bold and vibrant Aries.

You can expect to feel renewed with confidence, enthusiasm, magnetism, and zeal.

Venus in Aries gives a new meaning to love by bringing your wildest passions, inner desires, and sexual energy to new heights. Whenever the sensual goddess pairs with Mars-ruled Aries, you can expect the most intimate areas of your life to receive some serious attention.

Venus is eager to bring fire and passion to stagnant areas of our lives, encouraging us to act on the dreams and fantasies we’ve been dwelling on. This transit is flirtatious, playful, magical, and enchanting, so for you shy folks, get ready to let your inner freak flag fly.

From constant cuddling, make-out sessions, tons of foreplay, and back-to-back orgasms, it’s time to take control of your love life. Let’s find out all about this transit, plus what it means for your individual sign.

Venus in Aries in Your Birth Chart

If you were born with Venus in Aries in your birth chart, you tend to be flirtatious, upfront, daring, and direct. You crave intensity and passion in your connections with others and often jump headfirst into a romance with childlike wonder.

You adore the chase, turned on by the thrill. Some would call you a daredevil, but really, you are just playful and won’t settle for less. Unfortunately, you become frustrated when people stand in your way and hate when a lover drags things out.

You also admire bold, grand displays of affection and steamy love affairs.

Since Venus is a detriment in Aries, love tends to die out quickly, only to uncover it was really lust. Your karmic lesson deals with making rash decisions in your love life and learning the difference between love and lust.

Venus in Aries Transit

In astrology, Venus is the sign of beauty, love, partnerships, and romance- the goddess that governs the senses and harmony between all things. While Mars-ruled Aries is aggressive, bold, confident, direct, and independent- the warrior God that regulates our body and sexual energy.

When paired, sexual experiences become spontaneous and unrestricted. Your vibes beam magic, and you attract new opportunities into your life.

Although this combination has many positives, the Aries spark can quickly turn into an unmanageable wildfire and lead to choices you may regret down the road. So, take some healthy advice and don’t play with people’s emotions- abide by the rules of karma in love and romance.

With that said, how do the zodiac signs become better lovers with Venus in Aries?

Advice for Your Sign During Venus in Aries


Aggressively playful, rough, and bold, along with an overwhelming abundance of sexual energy and spiritual force, is what this influence brings to your life, Aries. You are aware of your own needs, yet you need to be mindful of the needs of others so that you may become a better lover.

Overall, Venus in your sign activates your natural desires and ignites raw passion in relationships. You want intensity and crave the unknown.

Don’t confuse love and lust, as you can easily seduce people in your life.

In a relationship, tune into your partner’s needs.

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You may feel a little shy with Venus in Aries, but this is an excellent time to explore repressed desires and let your inner freak fly Taurus. There’s a hidden urge to acknowledge your deepest fetishes.

You feel emotionally connected to your lover, and seduction is key. Try awakening the senses through sensual pleasure, silk sheets, skin-to-skin contact, and foreplay. Be honest and open about what you want to explore.

Single? Spend time exploring through self-pleasure.

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Gemini, you seem like a hot commodity with Venus in Aries, and that is because you are.

You are very lively and energetic and quickly able to bring that into your relationships. Act on the burning desire to explore new places and activities with your intimate partner or potential bae(s).

Your passionate side comes out in communications, and your charming nature gets you exactly what you want. There’s no sugarcoating your energy.

To become a better lover with this influence, use your charm for good.

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Although you tend to be protective and shy, there’s an underlying desire to be a sex symbol underneath that shell, dear Cancer. One way to make that happen is to try something new. Stop at the store on the way home from work and buy some sexy lingerie or toys.

Your fantasy is to be more dominant in the bedroom. So, get out there and have fun. That special someone is waiting for you to make the first move.

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You tend to take the unconventional approach to love and are always up for the highly exotic, Leo. Experiences under this energy are best spontaneous and unrestricted. Relationships will be blissful, with a lot of sex and pleasure.

Single? You may find yourself in a long-distance connection.

This is also an excellent opportunity to visit the kinky section in your local bookstore or even listen to erotic audio stories.

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You are a natural aphrodisiac—a sexual pioneer with a reservoir of passion, depth, and intensity when Venus is in Aries, Virgo.

There’s a sense of sexual independence that leads to a spontaneous transformation. However, it’s time to loosen up and demonstrate a new level of confidence.

You become a better lover by not being selfish. Instead, be open, explore the unknown, and free fall into your desires.

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You’ll be soaking up tons of interaction when Venus enters Aries, the ultimate social butterfly. Yet, you may feel like you have to aggressively compete in the dating scene or with your significant other. So instead, turn on your seductive charm and play nice.

You desire adventure, commitment, and someone highly sexual and passionate as your dark side, Libra.

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Venus in Aries amps up your sex drive, and the slightest touch drives you wild. You love things hot, intense, and spicy, just like you, Scorpio!

Sensuality amplifies when you are allowed to show the true expression of your magnetic personality. Don’t think of sex as a routine. Instead, think of it as a journey to self-discovery.

This energy brings adventure and opportunities to dive headfirst into something new. Perhaps role-playing to enhance bonding and intimacy or some serious hot yoga.

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Dull and straightforward is out of the question when Venus moves through Aries. Here, you, Sagittarius, are the epitome of a lioness yearning for primal raw passion, loud displays of affection, and courageous acts of love.

The fire is intense, and you’ll want to make sure you can handle it before things explode and die out too quickly. So, get creative on your dates and find new activities where you can enjoy the beauty of life.

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Get out of mundane missionary and enact those long-held fantasies, Capricorn. You don’t need to buy fancy toys or twist your body to make things extra steamy. All you need is a break from everyday life and to find new ways to interact with your partner.

Single, this can be an opportunity to rewrite your sexual history.

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You’ll have no problem coming up with new ideas to spice up your love life when Venus enters Aries. There’s a desire to engage in phone sex and confidently release your heartfelt expressions.

This transit makes you a highly enthusiastic and sincere lover.

Laughter is not only medicine but also an ultimate turn-on, and I bet under that aloof nature, a comedian is waiting to burst through. Don’t be quick to jump to the main act without foreplay.

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Fascination with pleasure is present when saucy Venus is in Aries. You’re up for adventure, fun, and romance, and you feel confident in sexual expression. You enjoy gifts and acts of love.

Use this influence by getting creative and conjuring up a list of all the things you desire, both romantically and sexually. Share that list with your partner or potential boo. Then, immerse yourself in the purest forms of pleasure by stimulating your senses with aromatherapy, oils, or even exotic foods.

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Let Venus Spice Up Your Love Life

Many great qualities energize your love life when Venus dances through Aries.

When you follow the Venusian energy and tame the impulsiveness of Mars, you fall in love with yourself and enhance your most intimate partnerships.

Whether you are scheduling some much-needed me-time, admiring your beauty, or snapping sexy photos for your lover or even yourself, Venus encourages you to understand and accept your sexuality.

Honor yourself with passionate movement. Dance until you can’t dance, and make love until the sun comes up.

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