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Mar 25, 2023 - Have things been rather intense lately, Scorpio? It wouldn’t come off as at all shocking if they had since you’ve been hosting energetic Mars in your 8th House of sex and intimacy for the last seven months, which is hardly a subtle transit. Mars tends to bring energy and action wherever he goes, but he can also bring a lot of stress along with him, and since the 8th House rules such serious matters I wouldn’t be at all surprised if your romantic life felt both exciting and a little dangerous in a way. Some fire is good, but you don’t want to get burned!

Today, however, the mood considerably lightens as Mars waves goodbye to this sector of your chart and moves into Cancer and your 9th House of foreign cultures and boundless horizons. From now until the end of May let the world be your guide and see where it can lead you; chances are you’ll wind up somewhere beautiful with someone beautiful next to you to boot.

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