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For the Month of: May 2024

May - Welcome to a brand-new month, stunning Scorpio. May is here, and the energies are in full bloom, offering fantastic opportunities through collaboration and teamwork. Whatever transpired in the past is not meant to be carried into the future. While there may have been valuable lessons learned, dwelling on the past is unhealthy and will only block your progress moving forward. So, let's dive into your monthly horoscope and the fresh opportunities awaiting you.

Pluto sets the tone for the month as it begins its retrograde on May 2. During this retrograde period, you're encouraged to explore power struggles within your family lineage to uncover long-buried truths that shape your subconscious beliefs. Take this opportunity to reflect on past experiences and confront any unresolved issues from your upbringing. Be mindful of any underlying tensions or control issues that surface, and strive to address them with honesty and compassion. Avoid allowing past traumas or unresolved conflicts to dictate your present actions. Focus on open communication and a supportive and nurturing atmosphere in your household.

A New Moon on the 7th brings spectacular changes in your relationships and a fresh dose of love, especially as it graces the sector associated with commitments. The Taurus New Moon inspires stability and growth in your closest connections. Following last month's Full Moon in your sign, you can anticipate abundance and blessings unfolding in your relationships. Use this time to set intentions for harmony, trust, and deepening bonds in your partnerships. Focus on ways to grow and strengthen your worth and value system. You deserve all the love you give and you are also deserving of wealth too.

Surprising events unfold as the Sun aligns with Uranus on the 13th, activating electrifying energy in your relationships. Additionally, Venus forms a harmonious meeting with Uranus, bridging the gap between serious commitments and creative expression. It's time to shake off old patterns and societal expectations. Stand firm in your standards and refuse to settle for anything less than the love and respect you deserve.

On May 17, Mercury squares Pluto, your ruling planet, creating friction in your partnerships and home life. Be mindful of potential conflicts arising from deep-seated emotions or underlying issues that surface during this time. Avoid becoming defensive or attempting to control situations, as this could exacerbate tensions. Instead, seek common ground and resolution.

The Sun leaves your partnerships sector and enters Gemini on the 20th. Gemini season inspires you to dive deeper into intimacy, shared finances, and personal growth. Explore the hidden aspects of your psyche or engage in conversations about taboo subjects. Health plays a critical role during this season, so try grounding and breathing exercises to stabilize your energy.

Then, a Full Moon arrives, bringing financial matters to light on the 23rd. This Full Moon in Sagittarius urges you to save your pennies for a rainy day and invest your money. This is also an ideal period for meditating on different ways to boost your bank account so that you can afford expenditures like last-minute getaways. At the same time, Venus enters Gemini and adds charm to intimate encounters. Perhaps that last-minute getaway with your significant other? You won't want to waste your time with small talk. Instead, you'll want to dive into the heart of the matter and share your feelings with those you love.

The month ends with Jupiter shifting gears and entering Gemini on the 25th for a year-long transit. Jupiter is all about abundance, belief, luck, and expansion. This is an expansive in-depth transformation and inner change to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. There's a significant focus on shared resources and emotional connections. Financial opportunities may arise, and your ability to navigate complex situations can lead to favorable outcomes.

Overall, this month is about realizing that you have the skills, capabilities, and resources you need to accomplish your objectives. Focus on your relationships and ensure you receive the treatment and respect you deserve.

Self-care tip: Try dancing or singing to release built-up emotions. Put on your favorite music and move to the rhythm or sing along to the lyrics. It's a simple yet effective way to let go of stress and tension.

May's affirmation: "I open my heart to all the possibilities the universe has to offer me. I am thankful for the abundant and loving relationships in my life."

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