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For the Month of: December 2023

December - Welcome to the end of the year, passionate Scorpio. The month ahead holds the promise of fresh creative ideas and exciting opportunities, but it also brings the challenge of overcoming doubt and emotional immaturity. Your journey this month revolves around trusting your intuition and letting go of self-doubt. When you conquer these hurdles, positive outcomes will follow. Shed the layers of doubt that held you back in the past. By doing so, you open the door to endless possibilities. So gear up for an inspiring month of self-discovery and watch as positive changes manifest in your life.

The month kicks off with Mercury entering the practical and disciplined realm of Capricorn. With Mercury in Capricorn, your thoughts and communication take on a methodical and goal-oriented flavor. It's like your mental gears are shifting into a higher, more focused gear. You'll find that your ability to concentrate and make sound decisions is enhanced. Your words carry weight and authority, making it a great time for meaningful discussions and negotiations.

On December 4, Venus makes a striking entrance into your sign, after clashing with Pluto. Venus in Scorpio fuels your emotions, intensifying your connections and desires. It's all about deep, meaningful, and transformative relationships at this time. Your allure and charm reach new heights, making you magnetic to those around you. This influence adds mystery and intensity to your interactions, drawing people closer. Be prepared for a steamy and passionate period that promotes deep emotional connections and romantic experiences.

On December 6, Neptune turns direct in Pisces, affecting your creative energy and romantic life. Neptune's forward movement encourages your imagination to soar, making it a wonderful time to explore your creative passions. Whether it's art, music, or any form of self-expression, you'll be deeply in tune with your artistic side. Additionally, in the romantic arena, you may yearn for closer connections and moments of pure magic with your loved ones.

On December 12, a dynamic New Moon graces your financial sector in Sagittarius, allowing you to set fresh and influential intentions around money matters and self-worth. With this New Moon, you have the chance to reassess your financial goals and beliefs, seeking new opportunities for growth and self-empowerment. It's an ideal moment to redefine your relationship with money, invest in your self-worth, and set clear intentions to achieve your financial aspirations. However, it's also vital to note that the very next day, Mercury turns retrograde in this same financial arena. While Mercury retrograde can stir up chaos and miscommunication, it's also an excellent time to revisit and reevaluate your financial plans. Take this cosmic cue to fine-tune your strategies and adapt to unforeseen challenges, ensuring your financial future remains secure and prosperous.

On December 21, the Sun crosses into Capricorn, signifying the arrival of the Winter solstice. As the energy shifts, it heralds a season of resilience and determination, encouraging you to channel your inner strength. Your focus turns toward your immediate environment and day-to-day interactions, as you seek to make the most of your surroundings. This period also ushers in an atmosphere of heightened practicality and a strong desire for clear, purposeful communication.

Simultaneously, Venus in your sign opposes Uranus. This opposition injects a spark of excitement and unpredictability into your life, offsetting the potential chill of the season. It's also a reminder that a seed beaten into the ground in winter will eventually sprout in spring. May that seed be a goal, a relationship, a career, a family, etc.

Mercury retraces its steps in Sagittarius on the 23rd, influencing your finances and self-worth. While Mercury retrograde can sometimes bring communication hiccups and misunderstandings, it's an opportune time to scrutinize your business plans and adjust your strategies. Take a closer look at your income, expenses, and long-term financial goals. Make necessary refinements to ensure your financial well-being and self-esteem align with your priorities.

Then, the final Full Moon of 2023 arrives in intuitive Cancer on December 26. With this Full Moon, your focus turns to higher learning, travel, and personal growth. This energy prompts you to reflect on your beliefs and philosophical outlook, encouraging you to seek a deeper understanding of life's mysteries. It's an ideal time to complete any educational pursuits, travel adventures, or spiritual quests you've embarked on during the year. Use this full moon's illuminating energy to bring your journey of personal expansion to a satisfying conclusion, setting the stage for a new year filled with wisdom and insight. Identify what needs to be released, changed, or let go.

The month ends, as Venus smoothly moves into Sagittarius, illuminating your financial realm with optimism and a desire for broader horizons. You'll seek opportunities that expand your financial horizons, whether through investments, ventures, or simply adopting a more proactive approach to your finances.

Shortly after Venus's move, Jupiter turns direct in Taurus, influencing partnerships and reinvigorating one-on-one connections. Jupiter's direct motion will lead to a period of growth and expansion in your personal and professional relationships. It's a time to cultivate abundance and enrich your collaborations, strengthening bonds that play a pivotal role in your life. The synergy between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter's direct motion in Taurus ushers in a period of financial optimism and relationship growth.

In short, this month is about overcoming creative blocks and negative emotional energy. Don't hold back and let your emotions get the best of you. Instead, channel that energy into getting the bag!

Self-care tip: Consider incorporating sound healing into your self-care routine. Find a quiet space and use sound therapy to rejuvenate your energy. You can do this by listening to soothing sounds like nature recordings, singing bowls, or binaural beats.

December's affirmation: "I trust in my inner wisdom, knowing I can manifest positive change and overcome emotional challenges."

Happy New Year!

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