Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

For the week of: Feb 19, 2024 - Feb 25, 2024

Feelings are going to be taking center stage for you this week, Scorpio so keep that in mind as you move through the days ahead. There is a very powerful and impactful alignment occurring in Aquarius and your emotional 4th House of Home and Foundations, and it’s going to be sending out a distracting vibe throughout the day. Romantic Venus is coming together with action planet Mars for a rare meet-up in your emotional sector, and when these two energies combine sparks tend to fly. Venus wants to enjoy herself wherever she goes while Mars wants to make everything as exciting as it can be; the best solution? Turn Chez Scorpio into a den of seduction for a night in with someone special. You’ll be sure to enjoy letting your wild side takeover so don’t hold back.

It looks as though you’ve been plodding along for quite some time with your inner work, but the Universe is about to change up the planetary program so get ready for a huge energy shift to come your way. Messenger Mercury has spent the last few weeks on its annual tour through Aquarius and your foundational 4th House, a highly charged and emotional transit that probably found you dealing with more than one major issue on the home front. On the 23rd, however, the mood lifts as Mercury waves goodbye to this sector of your chart and dives into Pisces and your fun-loving 5th House of Passion and Creativity. This sector of your chart rules your artistic pursuits and anything where you get to let your imagination run wild, so don’t be afraid to take an unusual approach to old problems right now.

Someone is going to be very busy this weekend, and from the look of things that person is you. Saturday arrives with a powerful Full Moon in Virgo and your outgoing 11th House of Social Groups and Global Communications, making you the most popular person in town. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve had little time to focus on all the friends in your life this will bring them front and center once again, so don’t be surprised if it seems like suddenly just about everyone is clamoring for your attention. If you’ve been thinking about joining a new social group or finding some more like-minded souls this would be the perfect time to apply or make those moves you believe will open the doors you’ve been knocking on. This same sector of your chart rules your hopes and dreams so don’t be scared to make a wish for what you truly want.

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