Scorpio Daily Horoscope: Yesterday

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Apr 19, 2024 - You’ve been putting in a lot of effort at the office lately, Scorpio, what with the primal Sun working its way through Aries and your efficient 6th House of work and routine, but you can lighten your load today as the Sun slips out of this sector of your chart and moves into Taurus and your 7th House of one-on-one partnerships and legal contracts.

Now that you’ve gotten yourself in order it’s time to get in order with others and make something of yourselves together. Reach out to possible collaborators and keep your eyes open for any potential dynamic duos looming on the horizon because the universe is encouraging you to partner up ASAP.

Many hands make light work, so keep that in mind as you move forward with any projects right now because you could work half as hard and earn twice the profit if you’re smart right now.

Apr 19, 2024 - Do you feel like you and your partner have a sense of friendship within your relationship? It's important that you have that be a foundation for your connection. The Moon is in Virgo and in your 11th house and it is asking you to…

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Apr 19, 2024 - Today is a good day to reflect on the nature of your work community. The Moon is in Virgo and in your 11th house. How connected do you feel to those whom you work with? Do you have a sense of community in your…

Apr 19, 2024 - Scorpio, during this transit, focus on financial transformation and empowerment. Take control of your finances, addressing any underlying issues or obstacles that may be holding you back. Trust in your ability to navigate financial challenges with strength and resilience, emerging stronger and more prosperous…

Apr 19, 2024 - This is a time for focusing on you and now is the time to focus on your well-being and what makes you happy, Scorpio. Today is about paying attention to your emotions and recognizing where they are out of sync. It is important to…

Apr 19, 2024 - Time to pick a partner, Scorpio! The Sun bounds into Taurus and your 7th House of one-on-one partnerships today, turning your attention to the plus-ones in your life, or the lack thereof. For the next month you have the opportunity to cement something really…

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