4 of Wands

4 of Wands


If you have been having a rough go of things and see the 4 of Wands Tarot card, take heart that your rough patch will soon be a thing of the past. This card brings the message that good news is on its way to you, or an event will occur that will bring joy and sun into your life in a positive and refreshing way.

The fours of the Tarot often refer to home issues, as the number four symbolizes the four pillars of a home’s foundation. So you could be buying a new home, moving, building a new home, coming home from vacation, leaving for vacation, or be traveling to visit someone else at their home.

You also could receive news or experience a joyful life event like an engagement or marriage, that will have you relocating, or changing your place of residence.


The 4 of Wands is an exciting card to pull on any occasion and always heralds a good experience in the near future, one that is usually something to celebrate. In this card, we see a happy couple looking at a home. They are holding hands, wearing the wreaths of success on their heads, and have their hands held high.

The 4 of Wands Tarot card is often called the “Happy Homecoming” card because it is a card that shows up when you are going on vacation, coming home from one, or about to launch an exciting new home-related venture in your life. The card is considered a light card, as it has a sunny sky as its backdrop and the happiness and joy of the couple in the card are apparent and palpable.

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