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Wands are one of the four suits in the Minor Arcana. Sometimes these Tarot cards are called staffs, rods, or staves. Within this suit, there are numbers 1 (ace) through 10 and then four court cards – kingqueenknight, and page cards.

This suit represents the element of Fire, meaning that wands are also associated with AriesLeo, and Sagittarius. When looking at regular playing cards, it’s equivalent is the suit of clubs.

In a Tarot reading, this suit can help you to understand what actions to take. Wand cards can indicate what actions other people are taking, glimpses of how things might be moving forward, or what obstacles could be in the way of that momentum.

Wands are also associated with activity, ambition, enthusiasm, and responses.

This spiritual energy tells you to begin moving and is most often a sign of “yes” in a yes or no Tarot reading. Often getting to the core of your being wands look at your inner self and ego: what drives you? What lights your fire? Wands want to tap into that.

Just as spring brings new life and harvest, the suit of wands brings the seed you need to sow your dreams and ambitions.

Discover the meaning of the wand cards in your Tarot deck in our Tarot Card Dictionary

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