Which Minor Arcana Card are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Minor Arcana cards displayed with the Modern Witch Tarot Deck.

Astrology and the Tarot go hand in hand with as rich of a relationship as peanut butter and jelly, both helping us clear up confusion, open new doors, and even peer a little deeper into our innermost thoughts and desires.

That’s why it’s unsurprising that Major Arcana Tarot cards already tend to have associations to each member of the zodiac, demonstrating that we all are deeply connected to the practice of Tarot simply by being born under the Sun at a particular time!

But what about the rest of the cards? There may already be Major Arcana traditionally associated with your sign, but that still leaves 56 Minor Arcana cards left for grabs.

We’ve taken a look at each of the cards and made our own case for what Tarot card you are based on your zodiac sign — but this time, excluding the Major Arcana!

Which Minor Arcana Tarot Card Represents Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries – Ace of Wands

Bright, bold, and trailblazer Aries most definitely belongs with the suit of Wands — associated with the element of Fire itself. And what’s bolder than an Ace, brimming with potential and a sense of wonder and optimism only an Aries could hold? An Aries and the Ace of Wands are a match made in heaven, both holding a unique spark, creativity, and enthusiasm only the first of anything could embody.

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Taurus – 9 of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles typically depicts a woman enjoying the fruits of her labor, culminating in a beautiful, earthy garden that she’s created for herself. Ruled by Venus, a Taurus definitely knows how to appreciate the beauty of the world, and unapologetically is willing to enjoy it! However, the 9 of Pentacles doesn’t just celebrate physical beauty, as it can also signify abundance in any aspect of life, whether spiritual, emotional, or something else entirely, and bountiful and appreciative Taurus can find beauty and fulfillment there too.

Gemini – Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is often described as bright, curious, and intellectual — and what better way to describe a Gemini too? Energetic and seeking stimulating conversation, both the Page of Swords and Geminis alike will often go to the ends of the earth seeking answers and an enlightening topic of discussion. However, both are likely to be unwilling to be pinned down to just one label or way of being, so don’t worry Gemini! Even though we’ve decided your Minor Arcana card, you’re still as expansive and changeable as ever.

Cancer – Queen of Cups

Sweet, compassionate, and family-centered Cancerians know that only a card as pure of heart as the Queen of Cups could truly match their essence. Soft and empathetic without much effort at all, the Queen of Cups often represents many motherly and grandmotherly figures in our lives, being the feminine stronghold of many groups. As the Queen of Cups is very much rooted in emotions, it’s easy to make the connection between her and the cardinal signs — and Cancer is definitely the one who fits her description to a T!

Leo – Queen of Wands

Could a Leo truly be anywhere but a throne? The Queen of Wands radiates confidence, passion, and creativity, and all the while from her royal position. Not only does she demand the best for herself, but she will demand the best for those that she loves and cares about as well, making her an ideal leader fit for the Queen position. Brave and loyal Leos, likewise, maintain these exact traits, and are unafraid to fight for themselves if need be — and most definitely will fight for their loved ones too!

Virgo – Queen of Pentacles

Humble, modest, but abundant Queen of Pentacles perfectly embodies the hardworking, down-to-earth, and dedicated spirit of any Virgo. Unlike cards that may have found good fortune from fortunate luck or happenstance, the Queen of Pentacles aims for perfection in all that she does because she is truly prepared for disaster to strike at any moment. She comes into her wealth due to her own hard work and dedication, something that many Virgos can relate to.

Libra – King of Swords

Libras, often operating under principles of fairness and justice, are likely to relate to the levelheaded and truth-seeking King of Swords. This keen-eyed leader takes all sides of the story into consideration before making a decision, and is unafraid to use both logic and intuition to make an informed choice. He slices through the clouds of confusion with the swift motion of his sword, and lays down judgement on any situation, ready to be a mediator where he’s needed.

Scorpio – 4 of Swords

While Scorpios share their emotional nature and deep intuition with many other Water signs, something that distinguishes Scorpio from the rest is its deeply regenerative nature. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios often are the first to experience heartbreaks, tragedies, and other transformative life events in order to propel them forward. The 4 of Swords is a card of rest after such events — coming after the heartbreak of the 3 of Swords — and foretells the personal rebirth to come, something Scorpios are very well-acquainted with!

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Sagittarius – Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is a traveler, a charmer, and a true adventurer at heart. Both ruled by the element of Fire, both Sagittarians and the Knight of Wands hold independence and adventure close to their heart. It can be hard to keep both of these figures in one place for too long, as they both roam wild and free. And they may not always say or do the right thing, but they’re sure to do what feels like the honest and right thing to them in the moment, and that’s part of their charm!

Capricorn – Knight of Pentacles

Capricorns can truly be described as the workhorses and sometimes the cynics of the zodiac, but friends and loved ones of Capricorns know that it comes from the genuine desire to achieve the best for themselves and their loved ones. The Knight of Pentacles is practical, hardworking, and is always gaining forward momentum, even if it is at a slower pace than what people tend to appreciate. Much like Capricorns, this figure is often seriously underrated, but a blessing to have around in your life.

Aquarius – Knight of Cups

Aquarius may be under the element of Air, and the suit of Cups may be under the element of Water, but hear us out! Aquarians are, after all, the water-bearers, and the Knight of Cups comes bearing its full-flowing cup of water ready to be received by the world. It may be hard to slap a label onto such a unique sign as expansive Aquarius. But at heart, Aquarians are humanitarians, and are likely to relate to the loving, creative, and optimistic nature that the Knight of Cups so naturally has.

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Pisces – 10 of Cups

We kicked off the zodiac with an Ace for Aries, so why not complete with the finality of a 10? The 10 of Cups brings forth much love and spiritual fulfillment, being associated with the element of Water, and most fittingly belongs with the last but certainly not least member of the zodiac — Pisces. Aside from its genuine, joyful, spiritual, and emotional nature, the 10 of Cups also can signify larger acts of celebration like weddings or even can simply depict a successful family dynamic, all of which bring love-adoring and idealistic Pisceans much joy.

In Conclusion…

Much like each of the Tarot cards themselves, the zodiac signs are all unique and expansive in their own ways. Coupling your knowledge of your sign and what Tarot cards you resonate with on a personal level can be a powerful way to self-reflect. You may find yourself relating to one part of your sign one day, and another part of it the next! The same can often go for Tarot cards, which makes the two a beautiful pair of tools for self-examination and personal growth.

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