Which Tarot Card Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Tarot and astrology are both useful tools for connecting to the deeper, esoteric aspects of life – and they work very well together.

In fact, each sign in the zodiac is associated with a Tarot card.

You might be wondering how learning about your sign’s associated Tarot card can assist you in understanding more about astrology, Tarot, and yourself.

Metaphysical Tools Working Together

Our metaphysical tools, such as sage, incense, crystals, numerology, Tarot and astrology, have a very special relationship with each other. They work together to enhance one another’s properties and characteristics. For instance, sage can cleanse our crystals. Crystals, in turn, are associated with elements – Fire, Water, Air, and Earth – and zodiac signs, each of which are also assigned an element. And there are even crystals associated with each Tarot card, meaning they share similar energies that amplify your intentions.

The reason that we may work with many of these tools at once is because they assist each other in providing us with protection, grounding and intuition to learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

Tarot & Astrology

Tarot is historically associated with astrology, going as far back as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an ancient group devoted to the study of esoteric knowledge, metaphysics and the occult.

Learning about your sign’s Tarot card can help you understand your sign better, by studying that card’s meaning and reflecting on what that message says to you personally. Once you know about your card, you might meditate on its directive throughout the week, embracing the guidance being provided. You will also have a deeper understanding of a Tarot spread when this card appears, realizing that there is an important message being sent to you.

What is My Zodiac Sign’s Tarot Card?


Aries’ Tarot card is The Emperor. This card represents the authoritative, powerful and loyal sensibilities. Like the Emperor, Aries is courageous, quick-to-action and always there for their loved ones. This card asks Aries to focus on increasing self-discipline in order to maintain dominion over the empire they have built and rule over.


The Hierophant is the card associated with Taurus. Like Taurus, the Hierophant is stable – grounded and cautious – and does not act quickly on impulse. There is a deliberation that allows for forward, practical motion toward goals and accomplishments. This card reminds to you explore both the nature of the world and the nature of yourself.


Geminis correlate with The Lovers, given Geminis nature of duality – which is a good thing and does not denote a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality, but a well-rounded person. Gemini is the Twin sign, and the Lovers represent exactly that – a pair. This card urges you to focus on integrating all aspects of your personality and falling in love with every aspect of yourself.


The Chariot is the Tarot card carrying Cancer toward their destination. While Cancers are typically associated with a nurturing, domestic sense of love for family and friends, they also have a fierce need for a certain kind of independence. The Chariot reminds you to take time for yourself, and care for yourself before others.


Leos are represented by Strength, which is referred to as Lust in the Thoth Deck of Tarot cards. Regardless of the deck you use, the energy behind this card is a courage to fulfill that which is necessary to achieve your goals or desires. This card encourages you to fuse motivation with self-discipline when tackling projects.


The Hermit is the card that most aptly describes the independent Virgo. This card represents the Virgos need for space and time to reflect on their inner thoughts and feelings, but it also reminds you to open up and share yourself with others. While the Hermit does enjoy solitude, he must not indulge in it or avoid human connection.


Balanced Libra is associated with the Justice card. Libras possess an integrity and desire for what is just, truthful and right. However, a desire for justice can easily turn into a perpetual stance of playing the Devil’s advocate. This card urges you to recognize the truth for what it is and avoid an endless cycle of deliberation.


Deep and mysterious Scorpio is represented by the Death card. This card can seem scary, but it is actually associated with change and the end or conclusion of one situation or relationship. Like the Scorpio who frequently transforms, this card reminds to you shed the old layers of skin which are not longer healthy and thriving.


Temperance is the card that correlates with buoyant Sagittarius. While Sags are eternally optimistic, they can become discouraged emotionally and mentally by life’s obstacles and challenges. The Temperance card encourages you to remain balanced and focused on your goals, keeping your arrow firmly aimed despite unforeseen circumstances.


Responsible Capricorns are associated by The Devil card, a card whose meaning is often misrepresented. The Devil illustrates our shadow side, the side which many Capricorns have the tendency to ignore or suppress. This card urges you to embrace your vices and negative traits – we all have some – instead of trying to ignore them altogether. Bring your shadow into the light.


Aquarians shine bright like their Tarot counterpart, The Star. The Star, like Aquarius, is the water bearer, encouraging you to flow with the river of your emotions. Aquarians are intellectual and social, sometimes forgetting to settle into and really embrace their feelings. The Star asks that you embrace feelings, allowing them to flow through and out of your being.


Whimsical Pisces is represented by The Moon, a card that illuminates our hidden selves. This card correlates with our dreams, our psyches and illusions, all elements that are strong in the sign of Pisces. The Moon encourages you to deepen your connection to lunar cycles, which will help you better understand your shifting mental states – which are likely to move with the Moon herself – and internal desires.

While it is not necessary to use Tarot and astrology in conjunction with each other, these metaphysical tools work extremely well as a team, each with their own strengths and variations of illumination. Learning more about how Tarot and astrology interact with each other will help you unlock even more of life’s mysterious than you thought possible.

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