The Death



When the zodiac sign Scorpio cuts something out of their life to improve their life, that thing is “dead to them.” This is the message of the Death Tarot card, which symbolizes the zodiac sign Scorpio. Something in your life is about to be “dead to you,” but that’s not bad. You may also have the presence of a Scorpio enter your life, or maybe you are a Scorpio and are working on a big change. Profound change, transformation, and new beginnings are the promise of this card.

Many people often think the worst when they see this card and fear death will enter their day. This is simply not the case. Your relationship may go from single to engaged, for example, when you see this card. This Major Arcana card is about a major change that will be a turning point in your life.

And the best part? The Sun will come out as the next card in the Tarot, and it will be amazing.


The Death card is often an ominous-feeling card to many that get a Tarot reading, but it shouldn’t be taken that way. This myth needs to be rebuffed because the Death card is not necessarily sad and, in fact, rarely symbolizes an actual death in your life.

The Death card directly corresponds with Scorpio,  a Water sign about deep and personal transformations. This is not even a dark card, as the figures are almost in black and white, but for the Sun that is glowing brightly on the horizon. So the message of this card is not death at all but the end of a way of living. There is a transformation in play in your life when you see this card, and you will encounter this change in a way that makes you a different person. Every change is uncomfortable. Of course, that is what it is to be human. The Death Tarot card promises that once you put the old you behind, the Sun is on the horizon, ready to welcome this new experience in your life.

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