The Sun Card

The Sun


When you see The Sun appear in your Tarot reading or your daily Tarot pull, you know it will be a great day! The Sun is shining on you! This day is the summer of your life, and The Sun Tarot card embodies success, abundance, and an optimistic feel to the situation that can not be matched by anything else. Success is not just probable. It is inevitable. There is confidence aligned with this bright picture. Like the child on top of the horse, you are on top of the world, and victory is yours for the taking. This is also not an internal success. This is the kind of success that the world sees and admires. You and your life and the situation at hand is indeed enlightened, and the abundance or prosperity you seek in this situation will soon surround you like the beautiful flowers in this card.


The Sun is one of the happiest cards in the Tarot, if not the happiest one to see in any reading. It almost doesn’t matter where The Sun Tarot card falls in a reading—if it appears, it’s always a good omen in any position or placement. This bright card has the Sun as the biggest symbol on it. Flowers are growing that symbolize abundance and joy and the abundance that comes from having light in your world. A child decorated with the wreath of laurels that signify success plays on a white horse representing purity, joy, and innocence. A bright orange wreath suggests action and movement will occur in the situation, making you feel like you are on top of the world. You may create this action, or something wonderful may find its way to you. In any event, The Sun is shining on you and your situation, telling you that the answer is an absolute yes. 

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