You Pulled The Sun Tarot Card – Now What?

The planetary Sun nourishes everything around us and illuminates the shadows in our lives. It has this in common with the 19th card in the Major Arcana: the Sun!

The Sun Tarot card always brings good vibes in a reading (unless surrounded by grim cards or cards sending a grim message). As a Major, it has a powerful impact on a reading, just the same way that the actual Sun has on our world.

The Sun represents life.

The Sun brings light and heat to us. It gives life and promotes growth and warmth. We cannot exist without it.

But at the same time, the Sun scorches and burns. Stay too long in the Sun, and you’re bound to get sunburnt!

What Does the Sun Card Mean?

In readings, the Sun is a card of enlightenment. It is a realization of the truth, that “Aha!” moment when you acknowledge the truth behind the chaos and discover that breakthrough that can often be life-changing.

The Sun, in most decks, looks like a happy card hence why it tends to bring positive energy to readings.

The Sun card can also mean that you are experiencing greatness. This does not have to be a great gesture where everyone is lauding and applauding you. It can be greatness that you are experiencing within your Self.

This card also means you are given a new boost of motivation or enthusiasm. Like a withering plant in the dark, you are experiencing new vitality and life when the Sun comes out.

If there’s one word to epitomize the Sun, it’s confidence.

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What Does the Sun Mean in Love & Relationships?

In a love and relationship reading, the Sun tarot card meaning is a very positive card.

In the position of feelings, it can mean someone literally thinks, “You are my sunshine.” It can also mean someone thinks you are smoking hot!

In relationships, the Sun card can mean that you have achieved a breakthrough together as a couple. It indicates that things will take a positive turn, which can be especially welcome in a reading if things have been challenging.

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What Does the Sun Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, the Sun card could literally mean you will take a job in a bright sunny place! It could mean relocation to a warmer area or country.

The Sun also means achieving prominence at work. People are happy with you and admire you for what you have achieved. Enjoy the spotlight because it is yours!

This is also a card that indicates the possibility for great success, so if you are asking about the outcome of a career reading, it is looking extremely positive. In this case, the Sun is shining on you.

You will be successful in your endeavors.

What About the Sun as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle, the Sun could mean that you are too optimistic about what you want and refusing to look at the potential negatives.

It could mean fooling yourself into seeing something because you are only focusing on the positives. The Sun is warning you not to focus on the good side but to look at the potential difficulties.

However, even as an obstacle, the Sun card is not necessarily “bad.” It could simply mean taking a new perspective on something so that you have a more grounded and realistic view of things.

Its placement as an obstacle usually means that something is hidden that needs to come to light before you can make further progress. In other words, it’s time for everything to come out into the open, whether you are ready or not.

What About the Sun in Reverse?

A reversed Sun is trying to send you a message.

Often, it can mean that it is time to release your inner child. The Sun is warm and playful in a very childlike way! When the Sun appears in reverse, it could mean that you are being too ‘adult’ and not allowing your inner child to be free. There is a sense of nostalgia associated with this card to help us get through past struggles and manifest a better future.

It can also mean that you are struggling to see the bright side of things. Are you focusing too much on doom and gloom? A reversed Sun is reminding you that things are not as bad as you think!

Conversely, it can also mean that you are too optimistic. Staying positive is a wonderful thing, but it can be harmful to you in the long term when the negatives are not acknowledged.

Don’t be afraid to face the negative aspects, too. A healthy dose of realism will turn that Sun right-side-up again!

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How to Make the Sun Card Work For You

There are a few ways to bring the powerful energy of the Sun into your life:

1. Meditate on the Card

Spend some time looking at the imagery on the Sun card. What is it trying to tell you?

If you can do this in a quiet environment with some soothing meditation music, all the better! Write down what words spring to mind, and don’t worry about it being “your imagination.” This is how your intuition works: words, images, or sounds pop into your mind out of nowhere.

That’s your intuition talking!

2. Place The Card On Your Alter

If you have an altar, place the Sun card on it and let its energy flow freely through your environment. To accompany this, you may want to add elements of this card, such as things that bring you joy, a candle to represent heat, and Sun-charged crystals.

You may find sudden thoughts entering your mind throughout your day or boosts of optimism or motivation soaring through you.

3. Create Positive Affirmations

Think of the confidence and joy that the Sun represents. The context of the card is so important when forming affirmations inspired by its energy.

Think, how do I heed the Sun’s messages and build myself stronger from this reading? What positive affirmations does the Sun inspire in you?

Here are some examples:

  • “I am bright and full of light today.”
  • “Things are going well, and I will continue to…”
  • “I will succeed in my goals.”
  • “A new adventure is ahead of me.”

The Sun inspires these vibrant energies and allows them to flow freely. If you are struggling to find the words within yourself, feel free to customize these and make them your own.

Use the Power of the Sun in 2021

The world continues to struggle in the fight against the global pandemic, and if we ever need the light of the Sun to guide us, it is now.

But we are winning this fight. Lockdowns are easing, countries are assisting one another, and people are doing what they can to help others. Positivity and optimism are reigning. Collectively, we know we are going to beat it.

This is what the Sun is: radiance, optimism, and success. When you are feeling down, or the darkness overwhelms you, let the light of the Sun shine on you. It never leaves us, even when it sets.

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