Rebellion Reigns Supreme With Anaretic Jupiter in Aquarius

On May 5th, the planet Jupiter in Aquarius turns anaretic, entering the anaretic degree as it’s gearing up to move into Pisces. This means big energy is here!

Jupiter in Aquarius began in December 2020 and will be on and off until December 2021. This is the first time we’ll experience anaretic Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021, but it will actually happen twice more, three times total.

This is significant energy we’ll have to work through. In 2020, Saturn turned anaretic three times, adding to the wonky energy of that year. Hopefully, it’s not so bad this year!

What is the Anaretic Degree?

In astrology, there are 30 degrees in every sign and 360 degrees total (30 times 12). The degrees help us place planets and other bodies at specific locations in the zodiac sign and are important for determining aspects.

Some degrees are considered special because of how strong they are, and the anaretic degree is number one on the list. A planet or body is anaretic when it’s located at 29 degrees of any sign, which is the very last degree of any sign.

The anaretic degree is considered a point of crisis energy, where we have tons of energy available but may struggle with using it properly. When you have a natal planet at 29 degrees, that’s a position that can be a huge asset and source of talent for you, but it may be one that comes with a lot of baggage, past trauma, and general insecurity keeping you from really using it.

It’s slightly different when a transit (moving) planet is anaretic (as with Jupiter now).

This is considered highly challenging energy. Because we can’t get billions of people to all work together to make the most of an astrological transit, we tend to see the hardest possible impact on the world.

What Does Jupiter in Aquarius Mean?

Jupiter is pretty comfortable in the sign of Aquarius. Both Jupiter and Aquarius are open to the new and different, excited about possibilities and opportunities, and willing to take chances in big ways.

Since Jupiter began its transit in Aquarius, we’ve been a lot more open in general. We can be more concerned for the world and more focused on the future we hope to create.

This is also a period of major change, and much of this change is specifically for that dream future we have. We hope that what we do now will eventually lead us to a place where our dreams come true.

We’re far more idealistic (maybe too much at times) and want to embrace innovation, invention, independence, and individuality.

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Impact of Anaretic Jupiter in Aquarius

So how is Jupiter in Aquarius impacted by being at the anaretic degree? First off, it creates some serious rebellion among us, and we may be in a big mood for change.

The change can be a good thing, but we may be restless, impatient, and impractical about it, which leads to trouble making it happen at all. We have to calm this energy and try to be more logical, reasonable, and understanding.

This can be a big-time to push a cause, and you can get a big group behind you, but it’s important to be mindful of your approach again. Have a plan and do your research first, and don’t rush into anything too fast.

We may feel like pushing against those who we feel are boxing us in, and this actually can be good energy for getting out of a rut or unstuck if that’s something you’ve been struggling with.

But again: be smart, make plans, do homework, and don’t rush too much.

Do you see it’s pretty much the same advice all around? We’re in such a rush. We want to run without looking, we don’t want to listen to reason, and we’re not thinking things through clearly.

If you want to avoid the crises that the anaretic degree can create, then you have to avoid doing those things.

With anaretic Jupiter, we may be focused on what we believe in strongly and feel what we believe is right. We may not be as open to other beliefs, so if you find yourself trying to bend others to your side without affording them the same courtesy, then you may experience some bigger challenges.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and can be lazy and indulgent. Issues that arise may grow bigger fast thanks to that expansive energy, and we may be too lazy to actually do anything about it so that it can blow up quickly.

Jupiter is also the optimistic planet, but anaretic might bring us to extremes. We can be way too pessimistic and not see the good at all, or we can be too optimistic and out of touch with reality.

Jupiter is the happy planet, so even with the challenges, there is often an opportunity to turn things around. It doesn’t usually take as much effort as the other planets. Take action, and try to find a middle ground and moderation.

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Anaretic Jupiter in Aquarius Dates

This anaretic Jupiter in Aquarius period starts on May 5th and lasts until May 13. It actually comes with Venus in Taurus making a square to Jupiter on May 8th, and both are anaretic.

There may be extra challenges with the people in our lives, with our relationships, those from the past, generally getting along, compromising and mediating, finding balance, being grounded, or being stubborn.

We’ll need to work on opening up more.

The next anaretic Jupiter in the Aquarius period comes July 28th – August 6th, with Jupiter retrograde. Jupiter retrograde can help us work on karma and spiritual issues, which will likely be strong during this anaretic period.

Mars in Leo will oppose Jupiter on July 29 with both anaretic. This may elevate laziness, indulgence, and excess, or feelings of being right about everything and preaching, but it can also accelerate the good if we get some momentum.

The final anaretic Jupiter in Aquarius period comes December 23rd – 28th, and it’s the shortest as Jupiter changes signs. This would be the time to close the book of all of your Jupiter in Aquarius pursuits and ready for the new transit.

What passes for you may be the same or connected somehow during each period, so pay close attention to what your focus is on right now.

Psst, use the free astrology calendar to stay on top of the planets!

Anaretic Jupiter in Aquarius by Natal Planet

Anaretic Jupiter impacts any planets in your natal chart at 29 degrees in Aquarius. When it comes to the anaretic degree, it almost doesn’t matter what the aspect is or what sign your natal planet is in; the anaretic degree connection sets it off in a big way no matter what.

Your Aquarius planets at 29 degrees will be hit the strongest, though. That likely steals all of your attention right now!

While any anaretic natal planets may face challenges, understand that the challenges you’re facing with them are trying to push you to change, to grow, to learn, and to mature. Don’t accept it as it is, and think about how you can do better.

Look up your anaretic natal planets below for potential impact (and if you don’t know if you have any planets at 29 degrees, use the free birth chart generator (see!).

The Sun

With the Sun, this period may challenge you in a personal way to be more of your true self.

You can focus on your identity, what makes you who you are, and how you can express yourself more authentically. You may benefit from creative ventures and may get more attention from others.

The Moon

With the Moon, this period may challenge you emotionally, and you can find yourself in situations that force you to confront emotional issues.

You can focus on strengthening yourself emotionally and internally, developing more emotional security and stability, and may benefit from a more solid support system and lots of comforts.


With Mercury, this period may challenge you mentally, and you may find yourself in situations where you’re confronted with trying to speak up, share what’s on your mind, and communicate more openly.

Proper communication and expression can be a good focus, and you may benefit from using your mind, learning, teaching, writing, or speaking.


With Venus, this period may challenge you in your dealings with others, and you may encounter many difficulties with the people in your life.

Working on relationship issues, compromising and mediating, restoring balance, being grounded, and having greater stability and security can be a good thing now. Try to avoid stubbornness.


With Mars, this period may challenge you to stand up for yourself more, be more assertive, and not back down.

You may end up in situations where you want to run away or keep quiet, but learning to defend yourself, take control, and feel confident in your positions can be of huge benefit. Just make sure to avoid the argumentative and aggressive side of Mars.


This period may challenge you when it comes to what you believe, and you may question your beliefs, or you may go too far with them.

Try to find a good place with your beliefs, where you feel they jive with who you are now, but also where you’re comfortable and secure enough not to want to force them on others. Try to avoid major excess of anything.

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This period may challenge you to learn your lessons, and any lessons you haven’t learned, you may be more keenly, painfully aware of now.

You may be thrown into situations that make it obvious you haven’t learned certain lessons yet, and it’s important to face them, but without being too hard on yourself for having them.


With Uranus, this period may challenge you to be more of who you really are and allow others to be themselves as well.

You may feel rebelling and pushing the envelope, but try to consider if something less extreme would work better for you and have the same result you’re looking for. Try to avoid being erratic or giving too much time to erratic people.


With Neptune, this period may challenge you to erect better boundaries in all areas of your life. You may feel the need to give too much and may find yourself in situations where your first instinct is to sacrifice yourself, but pause and try to figure out where that instinct is coming from and if it’s really the right call for both you and them.

You may be extra vulnerable now and need to protect yourself. You may also benefit from spiritual pursuits and strengthened intuition.


With Pluto, this period may challenge you to find more personal power. It’s within you, and you don’t need to fight with others over it, giving too much of it away or taking too much from others.

You’re a powerful being without needing to dominate others in an unhealthy way or with others controlling you. This may be a time to transform.


With Chiron, this period may challenge you to focus on your wounds, and you may find yourself in situations where wounds you haven’t worked on are ripped back open.

This can be painful, but it’s bringing awareness to areas you need to bring healing to and have likely been avoiding. Nurturing yourself and connecting to your soul may be of benefit.


This period may challenge you to work on being more of yourself externally and finding a balance between focus on the self and focus on others. You may encounter situations where you’re giving too much to one and nothing to the other, and a middle ground sort of balance is often needed.


This period may challenge you to find a balance between the personal and professional, internal and external, and strengthen the foundation for your life.

You may feel like the foundation for your life is shifting, and you have to make adjustments as you go so you’re not letting the personal/internal be ignored and the professional/external become overwhelming.

Take Control of the Anaretic Energy Now!

You don’t have to let the planets bat you around. Take control now and try to use the anaretic degree to your advantage as best as you can.

Remember that this is on and off to December 2021, and while it may push you to be rebellious and impulsive, you need to control that and be smart.

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