May 2023 Astrology Calendar

This astrology calendar outlines all of the major astrological aspects for 2023, helping you plan for the year!

You’ll find the major planetary transits, retrograde periods, all phases in the lunar cycle including New moons, Full Moons, and Quarter moons, zodiac sign changes, as well as what it all means for you this month.

Note: this calendar uses the Eastern time zone.

May 2023 Astrological Transits


Pluto Retrograde Begins in Aquarius 

Pluto begins to move backward in Aquarius, and Pluto is retrograde for a few months. Pluto retrograde is different from the other retrogrades because it’s usually a more positive time, and we can adjust to the major transformations that have come to pass in the last few months, which have likely been quite big with Pluto moving into a new sign.

Sun in Taurus Conjunct Mercury in Taurus

This is a great period for starting something new you can work on for the next 5-8 weeks. Focus on what you’re excited about, and get moving quickly.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo


Moon Enters Libra

Spending more time with the people you care about can help you feel more emotionally secure. You can enjoy focusing on them and what they’re dealing with.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo/Libra


Moon in Libra Square Mars in Cancer 

There may be extra energy that needs to be used up. Otherwise, you can get frustrated and easily irritated. Try to have a healthy physical outlet for this energy.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Libra


Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

Boundaries may be fluid, and this can leave you vulnerable. Focus on improving your boundaries to be healthy and support yourself.

Moon Enters Scorpio 

Work to get to the heart of something, and you can uncover what you didn’t realize was there. This can help you understand and put together solutions.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Scorpio


Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse can bring out major emotional energy and deeply held issues, and this can be unsettling if you try to run from it. Face your fears, get to the core, and try to understand, and you can emerge stronger and more empowered.

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Venus in Gemini Sextile Jupiter in Aries 

It can be easy to get along well with others, and you may find that you have more opportunities with others. You can feel a little lucky, too, and want to look at the bright side.


Moon in Sagittarius 

Your outlook can be extra positive, and you can focus on what’s going right. You can open up to new experiences, and share your wisdom with others.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius


Venus Enters Cancer 

Emotional connections in love can be more important with Venus in Cancer over the coming weeks. You can work to improve emotional connections in existing relationships and prioritize emotional understanding in new connections. You can also improve home and family matters and enjoy staying within your comfort zone.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius


Moon Enters Capricorn 

Long-term plans can be worked on, and you can take a practical approach with them. You can be realistic, and this helps you craft great plans.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn


Sun in Taurus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Your independence and individuality can be embraced, and you can focus on what makes you unique. This can help you stand out.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn


Moon Enters Aquarius

The future can be on your mind, and you can focus on what you hope it will look like. You may work on plans for changes that get you closer.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius


Moon in Aquarius Square Mercury in Taurus

Communication may be challenging, and genuinely listening may not be in fashion, but it could help. Keep your ears open.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Aquarius


Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 

There may be something you work to let go of quickly over the next week, and this can lead to an unexpected development or change, but it can ultimately be helpful for you in the long run.

Mercury in Taurus Sextile Saturn in Pisces

Focusing can be easier for you, and you can use mental discipline to work on your plans and make progress with your goals.

Mercury in Taurus Sextile Venus in Cancer

Compromise can be easy, and you can find the right words to say to win people over, soothe fights, and keep the peace.


Venus in Cancer Trine Saturn in Pisces

Striving to achieve and succeed can be of focus, and you can benefit from your connections and make new ones that help you get to where you want to be.

Moon Enters Pisces

Spiritual projects and topics can get more attention, and you can take some time to be alone and venture into whatever interests you.

Waning Crescent Moon in Aquarius/Pisces


Mercury Direct in Taurus 

With the end of Mercury retrograde, you can start to get on track again in the coming days/weeks. You can work to get unstuck and get some movement going again. 

Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces


Mars in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces

Pursuing spiritual projects and ventures can be great, and you can have extra energy for what you connect with spiritually.

Moon Enters Aries

There can be energy for new beginnings and new ventures, and you can focus on something that you’re enthusiastic about and ready to get started with right away.

Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces/Aries


Jupiter Enters Taurus

Jupiter moving into Taurus for the rest of the year is a big deal and puts expansive Jupiter in the sign of grounding, stability, security, and confidence. You can pursue opportunities to improve all of that and can feel more connected to the physical world and more abundant.

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Waning Crescent Moon in Aries


Jupiter in Taurus Square Pluto in Aquarius

With both Jupiter and Pluto fresh in new signs, they kick this off at a hard angle to one another, and you may have to fight over power and control of something. Being more connected to your own personal power, making transformations, and grounding yourself can all help.

Moon Enters Taurus

With Jupiter having just entered Taurus, the Moon brings emotional focus to this sign, and you can feel emotionally invested in improving stability, security, and confidence.

Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus


Sun in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces

Intuition can be strong, and you can connect to your spiritual self and subconscious mind. You can be more compassionate and want to help others.


New Moon in Taurus 

The Taurus New Moon can help with pursuing financial opportunities, improving abundance, being more sensual and connected to the physical world, and making use of stability and security. It can be a great time to ground and slow.

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Mercury in Taurus Sextile Saturn in Pisces

Disciplined mental energy can be helpful, and you can focus on the plans for your goals. You can merge the details with the big picture and see things clearly.

Moon Enters Gemini

An idea may get more attention now, and you can gather information, get advice, and work on short-term plans to get started.


Mars Enters Leo 

Energy can surge for creative projects and ventures over the coming weeks, and you can pick up new hobbies and make more time for existing ones. Leo rules love and the heart, so there can be more energy for showing affection, being romantic, and letting your heart lead.

Mars in Leo Opposite Pluto in Aquarius

Mars, freshly in Leo, comes to a hard angle to Pluto, and there can be extra fighting. You may struggle with trying to find a middle ground or being understanding and may be taking something out on others that have nothing to do with the, so try to be honest with yourself.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini


Sun Enters Gemini 

Ideas, plans, communication, and variety can get extra attention during Gemini season, and you can keep yourself busy and work on various projects and ventures. You can get excited by your ideas and want to talk things through.

Sun in Gemini Trine Pluto in Aquarius

You can find more power within and make transformations that allow you more power and control without fighting for it so hard. You can be comfortable with the power you already have.

Moon Enters Cancer

Focus on strengthening your internal foundation, and this can help stabilize you. You can also strengthen the foundation of projects and relationships.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini/Cancer


Sun in Gemini Sextile Mars in Leo

Energy can be abundant, and you can enjoy focusing on doing physical activities. You may want to get out for a run, a hike, dancing, or anything that can use up your physical energy.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer


Mars in Leo Square Jupiter in Taurus

It can be challenging to find the motivation to take action, and you may feel so good that you don’t want to get moving at all, or you may be so stuck in your position that you’re inflexible. Try to open up to small movements.


Moon Enters Leo

Creative projects, ventures, and hobbies can get more attention, and you can work on what allows you to be as creative as possible. You may want to inject creativity into everything you do.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer/Leo


Moon in Leo Square Mercury in Taurus

This may not be the best time for communication, and it can be a period of bad news and misunderstandings. Think over your words carefully.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo


Venus in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

New people can come into your life, and you can be open to those who are unconventional free spirits. You can enjoy expanding your social circle and getting to know new people.

Moon Enters Virgo

It can be a good time to tend to routine maintenance, whether your technology, car, or body. Take care of the little things, which can prevent something bigger down the road.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo/Virgo


First Quarter Moon in Virgo 

Small adjustments with the details may be required over the next week, and this may be more work than you think it will be initially, but you can see it through and get it done.


Sun in Gemini Square Saturn in Pisces

Hard work and responsibilities may not be of interest to you, and you may want to get a break from everything that’s been overwhelming you. If you can’t, try looking at things differently.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo


Moon Enters Libra

The people in your life may require more attention and help from you, and you can do your best to provide that. This can help you feel better emotionally as well.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo/Libra


Moon in Libra Trine Sun in Gemini

You can take care of your own wants and needs, and you can feel more at ease and comfortable as a result. Give yourself priority.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Libra


Moon Enters Scorpio

Sharing may be helpful for you, and you can share what you have with others who need it and use what other people have to help yourself. This flowing both ways can prove to be beneficial.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Libra/Scorpio

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