All About the Lucky Planet Jupiter

Not only is Jupiter the biggest planet in your solar system, but it is also one of the most liked. The truth is, Jupiter is just so likable and lucky that you can’t help but smile when you think of it!

If you imagine the planets as people, you can get a good idea of what Jupiter is like. Take a look at the schoolyard:

Mars is like that fiery kid everyone’s afraid of, but who’ll stand up against the bullies when everyone else is too scared to; Venus is the pretty, popular one with dozens of admirers; Neptune is the dreamy one who goes around with a smile on their face, quoting from books and spouting poetry; Mercury talks lots and acts on it; Uranus is the wacky-looking one who’s obsessed with gadgets; Pluto is the strange kid in the corner who wears all black and likes to talk about morbid things; Saturn is the stern and boring one who sends everyone up when they’re breaking the rules; and Jupiter?

Jupiter is that happy, smiley kid who gets along with everybody, is always happy to help, and brings a ray of sunshine wherever they go! Whether you’re the tough one, the popular one, the odd one, the stern one – you simply cannot help but like Jupiter.

This is why Jupiter is known as a benefic planet. It is known to bring good fortune and expansion. Wherever Jupiter is in your natal chart is often where you will experience the most fortune.

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All About The Lucky Planet

Jupiter is the largest planet, and so its effects on our lives are humongous. As the “God of the Gods,” he is the keeper of the big picture. In Greek mythology, Jupiter was aligned with Zeus, the king of gods.

Jupiter & Money

Jupiter rules gain and increase, which makes it an excellent ally in money matters.

Jupiter also gives clues as to where you are most likely to make your fortune. For example, if you have Jupiter in Pisces, then this combination means that wealth will come to you through showing benevolence and compassion to others.

If Jupiter is in your second house, then this is extra lucky for you, as this is the house concerning money matters.

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Jupiter & Love

Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, it’s a wonderful companion to have when you’re trying to catch someone’s eye.

If Jupiter falls in your fourth or seventh house, you may experience benevolence and closeness in your relationships. The fourth house is the house of the home, and the seventh house is the house of relationships.

Jupiter thrives here because it can expand its love and guidance to others.

The Positions of Jupiter

Sign of Dignity: Sagittarius & Pisces

These are the signs ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter bestows optimism, adventure, and the desire for freedom to Sagittarius, while Pisces gets the bulk of his kindness and benevolence.

All of these traits are shown in the Tarot card, Temperance, which represents Jupiter’s qualities at their best – the aiming of a higher ideal and merging differences as one.

Sign of Detriment: Gemini

Jupiter is detrimental in Gemini, which is opposite Sagittarius.

Jupiter can struggle in Gemini more than any other sign because Gemini keeps presenting Jupiter’s choices, and Jupiter struggles to find answers to match its ideals.

Sign of Exaltation: Cancer

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and is very happy here!

In the sign of this nurturing crab, Jupiter can expand on all the watery goodness that Cancer possesses. Jupiter in Cancer makes one more loving, kind, and generous than they already are.

Sign of Fall: Capricorn

Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn, which is opposite Cancer. Jupiter struggles in Capricorn, which is ruled by strict Saturn.

Jupiter is all about freedom and expansion, while Saturn is about restriction and limitation.

Therefore, in Capricorn, Jupiter’s influence is limited, and there can be difficult struggles. However, as the person grows older, they learn to work with Jupiter and find a balance between freedom and restriction.

Jupiter’s Major Planetary Aspects

1. Opposition

During various times of the year, Jupiter opposes many planets, which can be challenging for Jupiter.

Opposition transits are usually challenging. When a planet opposes Jupiter, Jupiter’s natural energies are stifled. There may be trouble expressing oneself freely or experiencing restrictions of some kind.

2. Direct

Jupiter direct is always a welcome event because it means Jupiter has come out of retrograde, which can slow down and delay its progress.

Jupiter direct frees Jupiter’s energies, and we can reflect on our wealth, abundance, and happiness. We may also experience freedom from negative feelings or emotions that have been weighing us down.

3. Square

When Jupiter squares off to a planet, this is not always the best news. Jupiter’s negative qualities are triggered, such as extravagance and a lack of stability or focus.

During a Jupiter square transit, it’s important to maintain an inner balance so you don’t get thrown off by the competing and conflicting energies.

4. Trine

Jupiter trine is a lovely aspect and enhances Jupiter’s natural qualities. When Jupiter trines with another planet, fortune, and peace are usually guaranteed.

Often, it means finding peace and harmony during conflicting times.

5. Conjunct

Jupiter conjunct often promises good times as two planets merge to make one and bring out the best of each other.

Even where Jupiter is conjunct with a conflicting planet – like Saturn – the upheaval that is experienced shall pave the way to better things.

6. Sextile

Jupiter sextile is not as powerful as Jupiter trine but is still a very good aspect to experience.

Sextile is about opening paths to growth, and as Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, when he sextiles another planet, then growth (especially of the spiritual kind) is on the way.

7. Retrograde

Jupiter retrograde indicates a powerful time of reflection and often brings about great change, especially in finance and relationships. Jupiter retrograde is not always easy but brings about the changes that are necessary to move forward.

This transit happens every year and lasts around four months. When Jupiter turns retrograde, we are encouraged to focus on money matters, spruce up our learning skills, and exercise moderation.

It’s important we don’t do things in excess, engage in destructive spending, narrow our ways of thinking (such as joining a cult or committing to one zealous frame of mind), and be lazy. These are all signs of Jupiter’s “dark side,” and we are susceptible to the shadow side of this planet during this time.

With Jupiter retrograde, there is a danger of being excessive, self-indulgent, and neglectful, especially of the physical body and money matters. We can become careless, and then, when Jupiter turns direct again, we think, “Oh no – what did I do?”

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8. Return

Jupiter return occurs every twelve years, and this is when Jupiter will return to the place he started in when you were born. In Chinese Astrology, Jupiter will return every year that your sign dominates.

So if you were born in the Year of the Rat, Jupiter would return in the next Year of the Rat, and the next one, and the next one …

There is a misconception that Jupiter is the planet of luck and that Jupiter’s return automatically means it will be a lucky time. But as a matter of fact, sometimes Jupiter must shatter current foundations to make way for better ones.

If something during this twelve-year period is restricting you and hindering you from progress, Jupiter return will tear it down so that you can truly expand and become a better version of yourself. This is sometimes a painful process, but it is a necessary one.

Think of what you went through at age 12, then 24, then 36, and so forth. Significant changes and thinking patterns happen to break down a new structure and make way for a new one.

Jupiter Through the Zodiac Signs

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries means it is a time to take leadership and innovation seriously, but to bear in mind that leadership should not be driven by force. A person with Jupiter in Aries will attract the most fortune by showing benevolent leadership to others.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus means it is time to think of how your wealth and finances can help the world around you. A person with Jupiter in Taurus will attract the most fortune when displaying charitable actions towards others.

Jupiter in Taurus must be especially careful during Jupiter retrograde because this is when their self-indulgent sign comes out.

Jupiter in Gemini

In Gemini, Jupiter means it is time to use your wit and communication skills to generate greater harmony and prosperity. A person with Jupiter in Gemini attracts the most fortune when they are using the gift of the gab (or other means of communication) to help others.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer means it’s time to reconnect with your higher self and recognize the need for compassion and benevolence in all you do. A person with Jupiter in Cancer attracts the best fortune when they are giving and nurturing towards others.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo means it’s time to show the world your confidence and let your personality shine bright. A person with Jupiter in Leo attracts the best fortune when they inspire others’ confidence and motivate those around them.

Jupiter in Virgo

In Virgo, Jupiter means it’s time to help others through practical thinking and help restore order where necessary. A person with Jupiter in Virgo attracts the best fortune when using their practical skills to help others and the world around them.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra means it’s time to use your sense of right and wrong to bring greater harmony and understanding. A person with Jupiter in Libra attracts the best fortune when using their sense of justice to help the misfortunate and vulnerable.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio means it’s time to give it your all and use your inner strength to help others. A person with Jupiter in Scorpio will attract the most fortune when using their Scorpionic strength to guide and assist others.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius means it is time to inspire, be generous, and practice what you preach. A person with Jupiter in Sagittarius will attract the most fortune when they are using their higher ideals and aspirations to benefit the good of all.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn means it’s time to practice greater integrity and ethics. A person with Jupiter in Capricorn attracts the best fortune when they use their ethics and organizational skills for the greater good and not for selfish reasons.

Jupiter in Aquarius

In Aquarius, Jupiter means it’s time to challenge the status quo if unjust and implement fairness and equality. A person with Jupiter in Aquarius attracts the best fortune when they think outside the box and use their original thinking for the higher good.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces means it’s time to be charitable and kind and look out for the underdog. A person with Jupiter in Pisces attracts the best fortune when using their creative gifts and kind nature to help others, especially the misfortunate.

Look to Jupiter for Luck!

Jupiter is a benevolent planet, and everyone loves Jupiter!

The largest planet in our solar system also rules Thursday, so if you want a little bit of extra luck, schedule something for that day.

Remember, don’t get too cocky with Jupiter’s benevolent energy! One of the downsides to a benefic planet is that the individual can become careless or lazy, failing to harness their gifts and talents to the fullest extent because things just happen easily for them.

We see this with people who have a Grand Trine, which, while highly fortunate, can backfire when the individual allows themselves to become lazy and indulgent.

Next time you look up at the sky, say a bit thank you to our friend Jupiter.

His influence truly is one of benevolence, compassion, and higher thinking. We can learn a lot from him. Wherever Jupiter falls in your birth chart, focus on this area, and if you need help, just ask him!

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