Do You Know Your Second Ruling Planet?

If you’re a fan of astrology you will know that each sign has a ruling planet that watches over it and bestows it with unique gifts.

Libra is ruled by Venus, Capricorn by Saturn, Gemini by Mercury and so forth. Some signs are ruled by two planets (their modern and ancient one): Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.

However, there is a specific second ruling planet for each sign that not many know about.

The second ruling planet is in Esoteric Astrology and it represents your astrological make-up based on a soul level.

What is Esoteric Astrology?

As a bit of a review, this is astrology of the soul. Western Astrology primarily focuses on our personality – issues such as career, relationships, health, etc. Esoteric Astrology concentrates on the deeper meaning – our soul purpose and why we came to earth.

So, when we have a ruling planet in Esoteric Astrology, the intention of this ruling planet is to provide support for us at a spiritual level.

As you can imagine, the ruling planets in spiritual astrology and traditional astrology are very different.

The Difference Between the Traditional Ruler & the Esoteric Ruler

Your traditional ruler in astrology is the planet that rules your Sun sign. Your Esoteric ruler in astrology is the planet that rules your Rising sign.

Let’s say your Sun sign is Libra and your Rising sign is Aries.

Your traditional ruling planet is Venus (which rules Libra) and your Esoteric ruler is Mercury (which rules Aries).

The traditional ruler bestows you with attributes and qualities that help the core of who you are – your personality. The Esoteric ruler bestows you with attributes and qualities that help your spiritual purpose and evolution – your soul.

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The Importance of the Ascendant

In Esoteric Astrology, it is the Ascending (Rising) sign which is considered the most important sign.

This is because at the hour of your birth a sign was rising, and this Rising sign matched the energetic levels of your soul as it was transcending into the physical world. Therefore, your ascendent represents the vibrational levels of your soul.

Esoteric Astrology places a lot of emphasis on the Rising sign. The Sun and Moon Signs are also important, but it is the ascendant that gives clues as to why you came to this world and what your spiritual purpose is.

It can take a while to come to realize your soul’s purpose because you have to battle through the ego to find it. This is why so many people experience a “mid-life crisis” or spiritual awakening beyond their 30’s. It is around this time that the soul is well-equipped enough to make its intentions known.

What is Your Second Ruling Planet?


Traditionally ruled by MARS, the Esoteric ruler of Aries is MERCURY.

While Mars gives Aries passion and confidence, Mercury enables Aries Rising to be sensitive to others’ needs mentally. Aries is a sign of dynamism and fire. This fire, when out of control, can descend into a wildfire of destruction.

Mercury endows the Aries Rising with a mental strength that enables them to identify with others and, when at their best, harness their inner fire and teach others the values of strength, courage and determination.


Traditionally ruled by VENUS, the esoteric ruler of Taurus is VULCAN.

Vulcan is not acknowledged in traditional astrology, but in soul astrology it is a sacred planet which identifies with the Law of Vibration. Venus gives Taurus an appreciation of the physical world, but Vulcan gives steely determination and an ability to see things through till the end.

At their best, a Taurus Rising is able to teach others to help themselves and stand strong against any storm with the assistance of Vulcan’s influence.


Traditionally ruled by MERCURY, the esoteric ruler of Gemini is VENUS.

Mercury is all about communication and this is why it rules over quick-witted, clever Gemini. In Esoteric Astrology, it is Venus, the planet of love and beauty, that rules this Air sign. This is because Gemini Rising is learning to communicate love and the higher meaning of life to the wider world.

When a Gemini Rising is at their best, they are able to influence and teach others using the benevolent, loving influence of Venus.


Traditionally ruled by THE MOON, the esoteric ruler of Cancer is NEPTUNE.

The Moon is all about emotions and magic, and this is why Cancer is such an emotional and sensitive sign. The hard shell on the crab’s back also represents strength and protectiveness. In Esoteric Astrology, Neptune rules this Water sign.

Neptune bestows inspiration and encourages Cancer Rising to use their emotions and imagination to improve the lives of others. When Cancer Rising is at their best, they are able to harness their creative spirit to help heal and inspire others.


Traditionally ruled by THE SUN, the esoteric ruler of Leo is also THE SUN.

Leo is ruled by the Sun in both traditional and soul astrology. It is believed that in Esoteric Astrology, two signs come to Earth to engage in battle with the Self – Leo and Scorpio. Leo is the battle for the personality and Scorpio is the battle for the soul.

The Sun is a mighty force.

When used in its most benevolent aspect, it shines a light in the darkness. When used in its negative pole, it becomes domineering, tyrannical – and burns! At their best, Leo Rising learn to master their ego and they use their gifts to heal others and the world at large.


Traditionally ruled by MERCURY, the esoteric ruler of Virgo is THE MOON.

Mercury bestows Virgo with powerful logic and reasoning power. In Esoteric Astrology, The Moon brings this practical Earth sign the deeper meaning behind their powers of analysis and enables Virgo Rising to use these earthly gifts for the greater good of humanity.

At their best, Virgo Rising is able to use merge the rational mind with the intuitive one – as represented by The Moon – and use these talents in service of the world and to others.

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Traditionally ruled by VENUS, the esoteric ruler of Libra is URANUS.

Under the traditional rule of Venus, Libra learns the value of peace, love, harmony and beauty. With the esoteric leadership of Uranus, Libra must learn to merge her sense of fairness and justice with the progression of mankind.

When Libra Rising is at their best, they are able to use their talents of balancing opposites in order to progress humanity further towards a place of love and compassion.


Traditionally ruled by MARS and PLUTO, the esoteric ruler of Scorpio is MARS.

In Scorpio, the soul finds itself caught in an intense battle between the soul and ego. With Mars as the ruling planet in both traditional and spiritual astrology, Scorpio must learn to merge light and dark as one in order to push mankind towards becoming the best of itself.

Many esoteric astrologers consider Scorpio Rising the most difficult ascendant of all. Scorpio Rising must endure much hardship and this is why Mars is the ruler – Mars is the warrior planet that bestows its signs with strength and courage.

At their best, Scorpio Rising complete the necessary transformations and become a beacon of light for others.


Traditionally ruled by JUPITER, the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius is THE EARTH.

The Earth does not rule over any planets in traditional astrology, but it rules over the Fire sign of Sagittarius in spiritual astrology. Jupiter bestows Sagittarius with the desire for truth-seeking throughout the physical plane.

With Earth as its esoteric ruler, Sagittarius is able to gain an understanding of intuition and apply it to the physical world; Earth grounds Sagittarius and enables this sign to use their higher wisdom in tangible ways.

At their best, Sagittarius Rising becomes a beacon of truth for others and finds realistic ways of conveying their knowledge and wisdom to the wider world.


Traditionally ruled by SATURN, the esoteric ruler of Capricorn is also SATURN.

Saturn bestows discipline and hard work to its sign and encourages Capricorn to practice patience and endurance. In both traditional and spiritual astrology, Saturn is the ruler.

Saturn often represents an uphill battle towards success and when applied to soul astrology, this culminates in an ability to use the wisdom and knowledge they have gained to serve humanity.

At their best, Capricorn Rising are able to harness their learned wisdom to set others free in the same way they have set themselves free.


Traditionally ruled by SATURN and URANUS, the esoteric ruler of Aquarius is JUPITER.

Uranus is the planet of open-minded progression and traditionally bestows Aquarius with the ability to apply original thought to their life and wider world – creative energy which can push humanity forward. Saturn endows them with the discipline to do this.

In Esoteric Astrology, benevolent Jupiter is the ruler and brings a strong sense of humanity to the desire for progression.

At their best, Aquarius Rising are able to use their creative energy and original thought to help others and push humanity forward, not just for the sake of progression, but for the sake of compassion.


Traditionally ruled by NEPTUNE and JUPITER, the esoteric ruler of Pisces is PLUTO.

In traditional astrology, Neptune gives Pisces idealism and imagination while Jupiter bestows them with their famous sympathy and compassion for others. In Esoteric Astrology, Pluto is the ruler of Pisces.

Pluto represents everything that is dark and hidden and the challenge for Pisces is to face the dark side of life while maintaining their warm benevolence; their other challenge is not to run from the challenges that Pluto brings.

At their best, Pisces Rising is a sign that inspires and uplifts the whole of humanity, proving that the power of love and compassion can transcend any suffering on Earth.

What Is Your Second Ruling Planet?

Esoteric Astrology delves into a branch of astrology that can provide us with a wealth of information at a deeper and more spiritual level. When you understand the significance of your soul sign, you are then able to understand at a deeper level why things happen the way they do, and the evolution of your own personal spiritual path.

Are things beginning to make sense now?

You may have always felt more curious about your Rising sign and the significant impact it has on you, but now that you are learning more about it, certain things may be unraveling and you may have a thirst to know more.

This is your soul telling you there is more to know! And the more you know, the more you can help your soul on its journey. Don’t be frustrated if it seems complicated or difficult to take in at first. The journey is a slow one and patience is simply a part of it.

Trust in yourself and trust in your soul.

Esoteric Astrology is here to help you find the deeper meaning, which can be especially helpful in times of challenge. Which esoteric planet rules you? Can you identify more with it now?

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