The Best Crystals for Jupiter Retrograde: Luck & Labradorite

Most of us are well aware of the challenging emotions that the notorious Mercury retrograde transit brings, but you may be interested to learn that there are many retrograde transits throughout the year. This month, it’s Jupiter’s turn.

Jupiter goes retrograde on May 14th, where it will remain until September 12th of this year. As Jupiter is a benevolent, expansive planet, this retrograde can be much more pleasant than other retrograde periods. However, while it may not feel as intense as the havoc-wreaking Mercury retrograde transit, it can still present challenges.

Crystal healing is one of the best ways to find the balanced energy you need during any challenging astrological transit – especially when working with crystals that connect to the specific planet that seems to be causing problems.

Before we explore the perfect crystals to work with during this Jupiter retrograde, it would be useful to explore the energy presented by this planetary influence.

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What Is Jupiter Retrograde?

Jupiter undergoes a retrograde period once every 13 months. This period lasts for about 4 months, and causes an optical illusion that makes it appear as though Jupiter is moving backwards. It’s more accurate, however, to think of a retrograde period as one where a planet is at a standstill and its energy becomes more stagnant.

Jupiter is an expansive planet that seeks to bring more experiences and abundance to our lives. Yet, when this planet is retrograde, it can feel like our fortune is less bountiful than usual. Success may take a backseat during this time, and you may have to deal with certain issues involving your career or resources.

This planet is typically very sociable and friendly, encouraging connection with friends and family. When Jupiter is retrograde, however, you may feel more solitary, valuing your independence and freedom above all else. This can be great for exploring your own internal world, but you may feel disconnected from your loved ones.

Jupiter is also a spiritual, philosophical planet that seeks expansion of the mind as well as the wallet. During this retrograde, Jupiter may need to teach you a lesson about your own personal growth. There may arise issues that force you to reevaluate your spiritual or philosophical nature.

By the time Jupiter begins to move direct once more, you will have hopefully moved beyond these issues, allowing Jupiter to begin shining its benevolence and abundance upon you once more.

The Perfect Crystals for Jupiter Rx


Citrine is a stone that perfectly aligns with the energy of Jupiter – buoyant, friendly, abundant, lucky, happy, and so on. Citrine is one of the most powerfully cleansing stones – in fact, this stone is so great at cleansing negative energy that it’s one of the few crystals that never needs to be cleansed itself. How magical is that?

Citrine will help attract the abundance that usually flows from Jupiter’s giving energy. Meditating with citrine will help you snap out of a bad mood, lifting your spirits and helping you focus on optimism.

You can also place a piece of citrine in your purse, wallet, or even near your piggy bank to attract more monetary flow and fortune. Citrine is a notoriously lucky stone, known as the merchant’s stone due to its ability to manifest abundance. So, even if Jupiter can’t be there to help the money flow into your life right now, citrine will be happy to take its place.


Labradorite connects to the deeply spiritual nature of Jupiter, increasing your intuition and your connection to your spirit. Labradorite is also a mystical stone, known as the stone of magic for its ability to attract opportunity and magical energy.

When Jupiter is retrograde, you might feel like retreating into your own internal world, which can lead to feelings of loneliness or isolation. Working with labradorite will help you make the most of your solitude, connecting to your own center of wisdom. If you begin to feel lost, hold a piece of labradorite in your left hand to encourage spiritual growth and a deeper connection to yourself.

This is also a great stone to use for healing the Third Eye chakra, that rules over intuition and mental depth.

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Moonstone is one of the best crystals to work with when diving deep into your inner fantasies and emotions. This is a reflective stone, best known for its association with the Moon. However, this crystal will help you navigate your way through any lessons that Jupiter may have to teach you right now.

For deeper, more healing introspective work, try placing a piece of moonstone near the left side of your body. This allows moonstone to penetrate and heal any emotional wounds that may be buried within.

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Green Aventurine

Known as the stone of opportunity, green aventurine is another great crystal to work with when manifesting abundance and fortune. Spending time near green aventurine helps the Universe open new doors of opportunity for you.

If this Jupiter retrograde period feels a barren wasteland when it comes to money and opportunity, then pick up the green aventurine and make a list of everything you want to manifest in your life. This stone will help exciting, unique opportunities and fortunate moments flow easily into your life.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is an excellent stone to work with during moments of stress and frustration. This stone is called the master healer of the crystal realm because of its ability to heal emotional wounds and help your energy flow towards positivity.

If you’re feeling down or blue, place a piece of clear quartz in your left pocket or hand to soak up its healing vibrations. This stone also amplifies your own intentions, making it perfect for manifestation work.

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Embracing Jupiter’s Lessons

While any retrograde period can bring challenges, it’s important to note that Jupiter is a planet that wants you to grow and evolve. Any challenges faced during this period are meant to help you expand and transform as an individual, so try to embrace the lessons flowing towards you.

At the end of this retrograde period, Jupiter will go right back to showering you with abundance and spiritual energy, but until then, try to find an appreciation for this time of growth and learning.

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