What is a Trine? When Mercury, Pluto, & Lucky Jupiter Come Out to Play

We are entering a week where there is some jolly good news on the way, along with some big ideas, big change, and a wealth of information to work with, if you want it. If things have been a little stressful lately, you can thank Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto for all of the grandiose events happening in your life.

On Saturday, September 15, Mercury is going to trine Pluto, and then link up with Jupiter in a sextile the next day. If that sentence was all Greek to you, don’t worry, we’re about to explain!

This event launches with a trine, which is something we don’t talk about often here. If you follow your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes here, you will find out exactly how this trine is going to impact your life this week. It’s all good for you!

What is a trine?

Technically speaking, a trine is one of the aspects in astrology, and aspects refer to the geometric angular degrees between planets. In a trine, two planets are 120 degrees apart in the zodiac sign that the launching planet is in. So, if Mercury finds himself in a trine with Pluto, Mercury is 120 apart from Pluto. Because Mercury is in Virgo, that means the trine is happening in Virgo.

A sextile, on the other hand, is half of that angle. In other words, it is a 60-degree angle. So, the day after communicator Mercury trines Pluto, Mercury will be forming a sextile, or 60-degree angle with lucky Jupiter. A Grand Trine, which we speak about often here, is when 3 planets are in this 120-degree angle, thus forming a triangle. In the trine and sextile combo we have over September 15 and September 16, we are not working with a Grand Trine, whose effects are greater, we are working with a standard trine. But with Mercury and Jupiter and Pluto involved over a 24 hour period you can bank on the fact that these changes will be very positive for you.

Trines and sextiles are always favourable aspects or alignments because they are not sharp angles. When a planet forms a 90-degree or 180-degree aspect with another, we are working with a square or opposition, and these are sharp angles. You may find some uncomfortable experiences or events on these days. But trines and sextiles are always bearing good news. Consider it as if the planets are giving each other a big hug during a trine or sextile, and having a bit of a square off or challenge during squares or oppositions.

What does the Mercury and Pluto trine mean?

Mercury is currently in Mutable Earth sign of Virgo, and Pluto is in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. This means that the Mercury and Pluto trine is going to be very “Earthy” or take on Earth sign themes. This involves work matters, money matters, things that have you grounded in your roots and practical issues in your life. It’s a very “real” alignment, where facts are sound, and big leadership like decisions are made thanks to Capricorn.

The next day, we have a Mercury and Jupiter sextile. Jupiter is in the intense Water sign Scorpio. This is a very compatible alignment between Water and Earth, and you are going to feel both grounded and very loving at the same time using Scorpio’s intense capacity for compassion, healing, and love.

In a trine, as we say it’s like the planets giving each other a big hug. The planets are encouraging and supporting each other in other words. So both planets are going to essentially stimulate each other into goodness. Mercury is the planet of intellect, inspiration, communication, and big ideas. Mercury is very curious. Then we have Pluto, the break-down and shake-down planet. Pluto is called the planet of death and transformation, which is not a scary thing. Pluto breaks down the walls that we need to be broken down to move through change in our lives.

In a trine, the break down is going to be very gentle. Mercury’s big ideas and communication matters are going to hug Pluto gently into creating change in our lives. The planets are in harmony with each other. Then we have both planets in Earth signs, which means two planets are working in harmony on real matters, practical issues, and Earth Sign themes which are very grounded.

So this is an aspect of helping. Mercury and Pluto may lead you into asking someone for help or helping someone yourselves. It may involve you using a big idea for a big change, and it’s a great time for communicating something you really want. For example, if this trine touches your love life, you may have “The Talk” in a loving and gentle way that leads to some exciting success. Don’t forget, we have Mercury hugging Jupiter the next day! That’s plenty of luck coming your way.

To get an idea of this, celebrities with Mercury and Pluto trines in their natal charts include big talkers that create change like Larry King, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Brad Pitt. Celebrities that have lucky chatty energy in their charts with a favourable Mercury and Jupiter aspect include Jennifer Aniston, who is very funny like Mercury can be, Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Oprah Winfrey.

When Mercury, Pluto, & Jupiter come out to play… for you!

Now that you understand what is going to happen during these favourable transits, you want to know how you can use that to your lucky and positive advantage. Under this transit, Mercury is going to give you some very BIG ideas, thanks to Jupiter. Pluto is going to help you use these big ideas for a harmonious change in your life. You can see the Big Picture now, and use Pluto to create change that gets you closer to that Big Picture.

Jupiter is going to bring some optimism and generosity into the picture to help you see the lucky side of life. The danger here is thinking too big, as expansive Jupiter can have you going overboard very easily. Hang on to those big ideas, take them far, but not… too far.

Concluding thoughts…

When you see the Mercury and Pluto trine in your Weekly Horoscopes and Daily Horoscopes, have a look at what house this aspect is working in your day-to-day affairs. You may be seeing some luck in your love matters, money matters, or all of the above! Expect to have a very good weekend, or at least a weekend where you begin to feel good about life in general. Good news is coming! And you are going to have some very big ideas about your Big Picture in the very near future. Let us know how that goes for you!

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