Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Receiving Reiki

Reiki is becoming more mainstream with each passing moment (thank you to all the higher beings!). Reiki healing enables us to restore balance to our physical, mental, and emotional health, which then allows us to expand and ascend further into our spiritual bodies. In my previous article, How Reiki Changes Your Life Exactly As It Should, I share more in-depth what reiki is and how we use it.

In a nutshell, reiki is the practice of allowing a stream of Divine Universal Energy to move through us and be shared with the person or situation that is receiving this pure light. It helps us establish a deeper connection with ourselves and our truth, and raises your vibration to live in an elevated frequency.

You can think of yourself as a radio station – always tuned to a certain station on a specific frequency. With every interaction and action we take, the dial of the station changes. The higher the radio station (frequency) we are tuned into, the more we are able to experience life in a way that is aligned with our highest selves. Experiences like synchronicity, bliss, fulfillment, and unconditional love are some of the things found on this station.

Reiki is really special and powerful in that it is going to provide you with what you really need in the moment and every session will be different from the next since we are all always changing from one moment to the next. There are some practices we can use to make the most out of our reiki sessions whether they be in person or distant sessions we thought it would be of value to share.

5 Ways To Make Sure You Are Getting The Most Out Of Your Receiving Reiki:

1. Feel Into the Healer You Will Be Working With – Develop A Warm Trust

With reiki becoming more popular and those being called to learn reiki walking on their path and beginning to share, there are a lot of options now available of who to receive reiki from and who to work with as a trusted healer for yourself. Now I say this with so much love and reassurance that as reiki practitioners – we can do no harm with reiki; it is pure Divine light which has no malicious components in its being, so you are safe. However, healers are people (or Earth angels as I like to call us) and so you will find those you feel naturally more inclined to connect with and feel a sense of trust and security with. The people you are drawn to naturally and who feel like sunshine are great signs they are someone that you are meant to work with! Reiki should always be a relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable experience, so setting yourself up from the start by working with someone who makes you feel that way is key.

2. Hydrate Yourself

Water is such a beautiful thing. It hydrates and purifies us… so I am very PRO water all day every day! But to stay focused on reiki, let’s chat about how hydration works with reiki. Our bodies are made up of over 80% water, and when we are working with reiki we are helping the waves of energy that are flowing through your body balance out and restore. There is an amplified purification process that is happening through these waves of energy moving through the body. When we are hydrated, the water in our body is cleaner and allows energy to move through our entire system, from head to toe, much faster and clearer. Coming into a reiki session hydrated is going to have your body and mind best prepared to receive.

Side note: Drink lots of water after your session too!

3. Set an Intention For Your Reiki Session

As I mentioned before, reiki is a beautiful thing that allows us to receive what it is we need at that moment. We can also take some time to reflect on an intention we have for the session. Is there something specific you want to receive clarity on? Is there a physical ailment that needs extra attention and release? By spending a little bit of time before your session giving yourself clarity on what are some important things you would like to receive from this time you have gifted yourself allows the Universe to dance with you to make that happen even more. Need some extra assistance setting intentions? There is a great power that comes with hearing what we desire and stating the intention. Once we have clarity of what we desire, then it is time to let it go.

4. Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart, Release Expectations

Release expectations? But didn’t you just tell us to set an intention? Yes, and I am going to encourage anyone preparing for a session to trust that you are going to get exactly what you need and the intention you set will be fulfilled at the exact right time and way that it is meant to. It’s when we begin to create expectations of how things are going to go or the way something “should” be that we start to create boundaries around what the Universe can bring into our lives. In order to dance with the magic of vibrational energy and manifestation, we must live with open hearts and minds, walking each step in the belief that it is real. We can’t experience something we don’t believe in… it is just the way it is. So open yourself up, get excited, and trust you are about to have some amazing shifts in your life.

5. Receive

When you settle in for your session (whether in person or otherwise), get comfortable and receive! Allow yourself to begin to relax and let go of everything other than the present as soon as you begin to move into the space of your session. As you take off your shoes, let go. Setting up your couch or bed for a distant session – play soft music and light a candle that allows you to relax. Reiki is such a nourishing and rejuvenating gift that we can give ourselves. And it is a huge opportunity to give ourselves the practice of receiving.

We are all worthy and able to receive everything that we desire in the world. But first, we must allow it. Reiki helps us to learn to receive and elevate our vibration to manifest those things we truly desire. I wish you all the best of sessions and manifesting.

About The Author

Kelly Keefe

Following the guidance of her heart for the past 11 years, Kelly has developed a strong foundation in the space of spiritual teaching, energy healing, and empowerment coaching. Living as a Reiki master, ceremonialist, coach, and student of life, she works with individuals and groups to tap into their highest truths and live in alignment with their heart’s desires. She has traveled the world studying with indigenous elders in Guatemala, and while in India, the 2016-2017 #1 Reiki Master in the World.A fun fact about Kelly is that she is known for her bear hugs and random dancing! She lives each day with the intention to inspire and help others raise their vibrations and live from their heart space. Kelly leads by example that we are fully capable of creating the life that we desire.Our hearts are singing to have Kelly as a part of our Astrology Answers team. She has worked with many companies such as WeWork and Rituals and works with individuals ready to level up and ignite their magic. Her meditations can be found online and you can follow her vibration-lifting content on her Instagram @iamkellykeefe.
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