Sun in Libra Love Horoscopes – Blessed are the Peacemakers in Love

With a tough eclipse season of change behind us, farewell Summer 2018, we are heading into a much more blissful and peace-filled series of transits from the Universe. THANK you!

Life and love are starting to find a more balanced and harmonious perspective. Along comes Fall! Fall is a wonderful time of the year; a favourite season for many, and not just because of the spackling of paint Mother Nature colours the Earth with. On the day that Sun enters Libra, we find a moment where dawn and evening are equal. Ahhhh… balance. This is why the Cardinal sign of the Air signs Libra is considered the peacemaker. The diplomatic party. The Secretary of State of the Universe. And this is all energy that you can apply to your love life, and that you will find in your love horoscopes this season.

As the peacemaker of the zodiac, and the relationship oriented sign that rules the seventh house, Libra wants us all to just love each other. Romantically, spiritually, and yes, even physically! Communicator Mercury also enters Libra on September 23, and we have lover Venus and lucky Jupiter in saucy Scorpio. If Summer lovin’ passed you by, don’t fret. There’s a reason for that. The stars are aligned for you now to gift you with a spectacular love-fest if you want it. Here’s what the stars have in store for your love horoscopes when the Sun enters Libra.

Aries – Blessed are the peacekeepers.

You are in a good position when it comes to love this Fall, Aries, when your fellow Cardinal sign Libra enters your seventh house of true love. You are all about just keeping the peace no matter what, regardless of your relationship status. This could be difficult for you as you are prone to drive change as a Cardinal Sign. But right now, your romantic life just needs some balance. Blessed are the peacekeepers, Aries. Just keep the peace. There is a time to hold them, and a time to fold them. If you need to take action in love, do so in a way that evokes harmony. That brings beauty AND true love into your romantic affairs. Your seventh house is the house of true love. It is there. Follow that heart but keep the peace, and sparks will fly.

Taurus – Look for happy accidents.

You love Libra energy, Taurus, because you are both ruled by lover Venus. As such, pretty things and all things that bling could appear in your love matters. Trinkets and shiny things are great things to use to enhance your love affairs, whether you are single or attached. Beautify your home in a way that makes you feel good if you are single, or use little details to show your partner that you are looking out for the little things. When Sun enters Libra, it enters your sixth house of little details, and it will be all about the little things that keep the peace when it comes to improving your relationships. Work is a focus for you under this energy, but you just never know what little surprises Universe has in store for you with Sun in Libra. Look for happy accidents, and don’t overlook them! Love surprises are hiding underneath. Do enjoy.

Gemini – Have fun, but keep it simple.

With the Sun in Libra, Gemini, you have some romance happening in your fifth house of pleasures. It’s all about the little things that make you feel good. This is also your house of children, so spending time with children could actually help improve your love matters. This child-like energy is the kind of energy that you want to bring into romance, but not in an immature way. It’s just about following that free spirit, and not getting into your head. When you just enjoy the moment, romantic sparks ignite under peaceful Libra’s watch. Have fun, don’t overthink it, and keep it to the simple things. A picnic in the park, a walk on the beach, the little things in life that don’t exude luxury are more romantic right now than anything else in the world.

Cancer – Happy homes ignite sparks in love.

You share many qualities with fellow Cardinal sign Libra, Cancer, and as such, you have opportunities to really follow through with some love changes right now. When the Sun enters relationship minded Libra this month, it is working in your fourth house of roots and foundations, which is your house of home and family. This is the Sun shining on some areas where you can bring balance and love into your home base. This could be your actual home as well. Relocating or moving in with a lover is not out of the question now, and actually is favoured with good outcomes if this is something you are considering. Mars is also leaving your relationship house this month, and that brings some relief, actually. That excess energy is no longer muddling your thinking. With this relief comes peace at home in every way, and you are going to use this energy to restore some chemistry in all of the right places. Start at the home base and work from there. You’ll be pleasantly and romantically surprised.

Leo – Well aren’t you a chatty one!

They say communication is the key to success in any kind of relationship, Leo, and you are going to be the shining example of the zodiac once Sun enters Libra. The Sun is working your third house of communication, Mars has your house of true love lit up through early November, and lover Venus and lucky Jupiter are in your house of home. Home matters are lucky, Mars is stoking your saucy desires with The One, and communication of all kinds is favoured under this love energy for you this month. Reach out and touch someone! Again and again and again. When you do, you deepen existing love bonds, ignite sexual chemistry under Mars, and discover exactly who you want to be with. For forever. Be unconventional and understanding under this peace-filled transit of Libra. When you do, harmony finds its way in every facet of your yummy love life, through November!

Virgo – Show them your money makers!

With multiple planets in Libra and working your money house right now, Virgo, you have money high on your mind. Maybe too much so, you may be preoccupied with it. The Sun enters Libra and reminds you of the balance of life. It’s time for you to give and take in love, and maybe sharing the wealth or showing your partners or potential partners your money makers is the right thing to do. If you are working so hard to pile up some resources for Winter, why not splurge a little bit on the ones you love. Or, on the ones that you want to love you. When you do, you may well be surprised at the results. Lucky Jupiter rewards generosity shared in good karma. The Full Moon allows you to bring an emotional love chapter to a close. Love feels like it’s falling in all of the right places. Use your money vibes in love too, Virgo. It’s okay to have some pretty things in life. There’s no point in working so hard if you can’t share it with the ones you love.

Libra – Your time to shine!

After an intense eclipse season, the Sun is shining on you, Libra! Your first house of Self is amplified in many ways, with multiple planets celebrating your birthday. If you are looking for love, you have the upper advantage in all situations where you take the lead. Uranus in Taurus is working your eighth house of transformations and all things taboo, and your inner saucy is interested in exploring unique opportunities in love. If you are single, your dating pool is, well, unconventional to say the least. The attached Libra is enjoying some intriguing opportunities behind closed doors when you take the lead. You may see a long distance romance flourish in some super sexy ways, or you may have alternative sexual preferences that meet your needs. Anything that is not the norm flourishes in your love life right now, and with the Sun in your corner, Universe is giving you a big fat YES on all love counts.

Scorpio – It’s the end of an era.

When Libra activity moves in, your twelfth house of spirituality and endings is uplifted, Scorpio. That means you are in a cycle of endings for a little while. That’s okay with you. Even though the Fixed signs don’t like change, you of all of them are rolling with it as you rule the eighth house of transformations and regeneration. The eclipse season was heavy on you, no? Now it’s time for some relief, especially in love, and you have some advantages here. You are gearing up for a change. Single Scorpio may see new life or a new love. Don’t forget that Uranus is in your seventh house for seven years, and unconventional love is the only kind you are considering. Attached Scorpio is experiencing a new plane in love with your current amour. It feels good. And this time it might really just stick. When Sun enters Libra on September 23, you are shedding some skin for a few weeks and trying something new on, but first, you must deal with a cycle ending. Your twelfth house guardian angel is on call. And, you have that Full Moon in your corner. Lover Venus is on your side now, and so is lucky Jupiter in your sign. It’s the end of an era. And you love it.

Sagittarius – You’ve got friends in high places.

Commitment isn’t exactly the first thing you think about when it comes to love, Sag. But you might start thinking about it now. When the Sun enters harmonious Libra, you may be forced to. But you definitely won’t be alone. Expect your social calendar to be very busy when the Sun enters your eleventh house of groups and friendships. Single Sag can find love at that party you almost didn’t go to. Attached Sag will find an improved playing field when you head out with your honey at some unique destinations. Just try something new! You are working pretty hard right now, but you don’t want to mix business and pleasure this month. Karma is king with Libra, and life has a way of balancing things out, and not necessarily in your favour. Use your social networks or try some online experiences if you are fresh out of ideas on how to improve romance. You’ve got friends in high places, Sag. You just need to look for them. It’s very possible the love of your life is right in front of you.

Capricorn – Just be real.

The emotions of Summer eclipse season along with a bevy of retrograde planets has hit you and your romantic affairs pretty hard, Capricorn. But you’ve got this. Emotions are still running high and although turning to feelings words isn’t exactly your forte, it will really help you now. You have buried yourself in work or practical matters to get away from it, and somebody has noticed. When the Sun enters Libra, your tenth house of career is activated, and well, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Work is work, and work is money, and you definitely need to follow that train. But that doesn’t mean love won’t be good to you. You are definitely in line for a work romance if you are single, just be careful here and be real in your intentions. The same goes for attached Capricorn. If work has you burning the midnight oil a little bit, create a romantic schedule with your honey. Date night time. Plan it. Not exactly the most romantic, but, well, you need to make your money for your honey and love them too. You’ll figure it out, and romance will be just fine, so long as you don’t forget about it. Just be real. It’s okay to have a job. If someone has a problem with that, well then, that’s a whole other show, as Oprah would say.

Aquarius – Somewhere out there…

Your mind is anywhere but here when the Sun enters Libra, Aquarius. This transit, along with many others during Libra season, is working your ninth house of freedom and philosophy. This is also a house of travel. Travelling for romance or with someone special is favoured over the next few weeks. And if you are attached and in a bit of a rut, planning a vacay with that sweet baboo of yours is definitely favoured as well. Venus and Jupiter are working together to enhance your social network and social profiles, so online dating is lucky for you if you are single. Think big, and don’t restrict your options to the home planet. It’s a big, wide world, Aquarius. With relationship-oriented Libra working your house of travel, you will have many options in love, whether you are single or attached. Freedom from love, or with love, is out there somewhere. You just need to think big, which comes naturally to our Einstein-like Aquarius.

Pisces – Out with the old…

Libra energy is working your eighth house of transformations, Pisces, and this means that you are thinking a lot about a big change in love. This is also your house of all things taboo, and your house of secrets. It’s the house that Pluto rules, which means you may be thinking about tearing something completely down and rebuilding it from scratch. If this is the case, this could mean a new love or a new playing field in an existing relationship. You will do so with peace and harmony, and your renowned sense of compassion. When you do, you will find some very surprising miracles. At the same time, you are undergoing a rebirth in many ways, with the Full Moon the day after Sun enters Libra. It’s out with the old way of doing things for you when it comes to love, and in with the new. Remember that this is a very karmic time, so your intentions matter. Keep them clean, and rebuild only if it will improve your Higher Self. Don’t tear something down just because you’re mad at someone. Regenerate and transform a situation because it is the best for all parties. But most importantly, your Higher Self. New things are happening, old things are going away forever. It’s a little awkward. But you see the bigger picture, because this isn’t a passing thing for you.

Concluding thoughts…

When Sun enters Libra, the Sun is entering the relationship-oriented zodiac sign and the peacemaker and balance-keeper of the Universe. This is nothing but good news for your love matters! Make sure you are aligning your Higher Self with karmic Libra’s good love intentions, and keep your intentions pure in all love matters. When you do, you will be rewarded in love and all things romance.

Be sure that you are following our love horoscopes and weekly SexScopes under this harmonious time, and your love matters will surely soar. Let us know where the abundance of love finds you this season. We are rooting for you! To your love success!

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