What To Do When Your Weekly Love Horoscope Doesn’t Look So Bright

If your weekly love horoscope doesn’t look so bright, you can still have an incredible week. You can always embrace the energy you find yourself in and find a way to trust that everything is happening just as it should to teach you something. Every time we are challenged, we can use it to train our brains to renew our intentions to be loving no matter what towards others and ourselves. Often what we perceive as negative is the biggest blessing because something better is being prepared for us.

Look at an unexpected weekly love horoscope as a heads-up about the energy available so you can train your mind to always communicate with love. Our relationships mirror the energy we are giving out into the world, so an apparently negative love horoscope could be revealing how you can start shifting your own energy to be more selfless. It’s extremely empowering!

What if we stopped perceiving things as positive or negative and instead started finding the lessons that allow us to take more responsibility for how we think and what we allow into our minds and lives? If each situation is a lesson to grow from, the most challenging situations will offer the most wisdom. A failure becomes a goldmine to help us use the compass of experience with more skill. We can’t always see what is coming, but there’s no need to force things. When our energy is high vibration, the best possible outcome will continue to unfold. When something ends, it’s because something better is coming.

“In every difficult situation is potential value. Believe this and then start looking for it.” -Norman Vincent Peale

First Thing’s First: Take a Step Back & Breathe, Everything Will Be Alright

First of all, it’s important to remember that each person that writes a horoscope is writing through their own filter and astrological experience. Some people are able to tap into the positive ways you can use the energy available to you even if there are difficult aspects like squares happening. Other people might have a tendency to be more focused on less empowering information that is fear-based. You don’t have to take the advice in your weekly love horoscope (or any horoscope, for that matter) as the absolute truth. There are always opportunities for growth that come up, so approach them with love, kindness, and compassion.

We often think of change as bad, but we must allow certain things to end in order for something new to begin. When I’m offering a tarot card reading, I look at cards some people would perceive as negative (such as the death card, the devil card, and the tower card) as majorly helpful. For example, the devil card reveals there’s something or someone in your life tempting you away from what is best for you, which is very helpful information. The tower card means you’re letting go of belief systems that no longer serve you. The death card means you’re letting go of a psychological part of yourself you no longer need. All of these are very empowering rights of passage that provide you more wisdom.

How to Interpret a “Bad” Horoscope Reading

Let’s say your love horoscope says something along the lines of an impending breakup, for example. You don’t have to take it literally and start panicking! You can take it as one potential outcome if you allow your energy to be toxic and negative. In that way, it could be a valuable reminder to speak words of love and be more patient and considerate. A “bad” love horoscope could encourage you to communicate what you feel without fear but with the utmost kindness and gentleness.

If your love horoscope suggests that your partner has a secret, this could simply mean they have a hidden talent or they finally trust you enough to share more with you and be vulnerable. You can always sit with the information and ask your higher self to help you interpret it in a way that can help you see how your own energy could be better crafted to make people feel more accepted and loved.

Sometimes a horoscope that spells doom and gloom might mean you’re dodging a bullet. Sometimes when a date cancels on us, when we don’t hear back from someone, or when we find out their true nature, it’s keeping us from more heartache down the road. Divine timing is always working things out behind the scenes such as major life changes we may not be aware are coming and so when something is blocked, just accept that you’re protected and your path is blessed instead of resisting and getting sad. Keep your vibration up and trust that the Universe has your back.

Use Your Horoscope As a Guide, Not As a Prophecy of Doom

Let’s say that the current planetary energy is stirring things up for you more than usual. Maybe it’s bringing up childhood issues, maybe it’s making you more temperamental, maybe it’s helping you see your calling and the parts of your life that are not in alignment with it. No matter what, you always have free will and you can always do what you feel is best in your heart.

You can use the energy from any of the planets to heal and channel your own energy into the highest good of all. That is your personal superpower, which will allow you to always see beyond the gloom and doom language that some writers sensationalize astrology with. When we go into the depths of our mind and take responsibility for the negativity we allow in our lives, we emerge with more light and less negativity.

Do Not Let Your Mind Think Your Life Is Over

Do not allow your love horoscope to make you believe something bad is going to happen, and especially don’t believe that you have no control over those things. Know that the future is never written in stone. It’s actually like having a superpower to know when and why certain feelings may show up for you so you can divert your energy and choose to remain positive.

When you are in the midst of a relationship, it can be hard to determine if it’s good for you. Sometimes just allowing your intuition to interpret your horoscope can actually allow a deeper truth to arise. You might surprise yourself!

Ponder the Horoscope

When you read your weekly love horoscope, allow your mind to bring any relevant parts of your own story to light. If you’re being warned about spats and fights, step back and reflect; you might realize you’ve been extra reactive recently. Perhaps just sitting quietly with your intuition and asking why? will help you find the empowering perspective of the horoscope because it’s unique to you.

Plan to Work On the Negative Things During the Week

Often when people tell me of something bothering them, it’s already really bothering them so much that it’s getting in the way of their day. Usually, the Universe sends us these experiences that stand out to mirror some place in our self that we need to send more love to. If someone angers you, understand that this is a chance for you to shift your perspective to send love instead of anger. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to train your mind to stay in a high vibration.

It may be easy to stay in a high vibration around easy-going people, what about but those high-strung co-workers that push your buttons or that friend who is late all the time? Consider that these people are ruffling your feathers so you can see more opportunities to train your mind to stay positive. Your perception of the world is your reality, so when we train our minds to stay positive, regardless of our surroundings, we experience a freedom beyond what money can buy.

Remember, It’s a Great Opportunity to Review & Improve

Sometimes weekly horoscopes ask more of us and try to shake things up so we can see our routine ways of thinking that are not helping us. Sometimes we have started power struggles, playing the victim, or are insecure because we are clinging to someone for happiness. We need to take time to get our minds back to a more empowered and positive state. Even the most subtle places we focus on helps us build positive energy, and it’s important we make sure we stay in a mindset of ‘what can I give’ instead of ‘what can I get.’ If we become selfish, the world will reflect that same energy back to us because of the Universal Law of Attraction: like attracts like.

Horoscopes Exist to Help You Grow, Not to Destroy Your Life

You always have a choice not to live in fear and to trust that you are growing as a spirit having a physical experience. The changes in our lives test our ability to maintain self-love, grace in our words, and trust that we are on our path. As you continue to tap into your higher consciousness for guidance on how to navigate the world and begin to see how astrological cycles paint your emotional colours, you can look at each cycle of life as a learning ground for your soul.

In the End What Really Matters Is How You Interpret It

I like to read what the daily astrological climate is from my favourite horoscope sources, then I sit with the information and see how it can help me take responsibility for my own energy and redirect it. For example, I read that starting relationships was not in the cards for the time being, yet I tried to start one. Looking deeper, I realized I was meeting men that I had to chase and it always felt like unrequited love. I noticed that there was a pattern revealing a deeper spiritual lesson. I went deep within and asked what I was supposed to learn about myself in order to break this pattern.

Going deeper and looking at my own intentions made me realize how I was trained to behave towards others needed some work. I realized we learn lessons like this so we can get real with our intentions and make sure we are thinking not just of ourselves, but tuning into how we can be there for others with all our heart. I see the astrological situations related to love as incredible ways to evolve on a soul level and hopefully also increase the wisdom I can share with others to help them have healthy relationships with themselves and others.


You can start practicing this new approach to reading your weekly love horoscope by planning to meditate with a journal in the morning and night each day, asking for higher guidance on the horoscope. Look at it as a gateway to your higher consciousness and a tool to help you connect to your intuition. Take the opportunity to develop a relationship with the planets, your heart, and your spirit. In time, it will be for you as it is for me – my favourite love affair.

If you feel the horoscopes you are reading are just not resonating and fill you with fear then check out other weekly horoscopes. Do not limit yourself to just one as the Astrologer’s perspective may be on a different frequency than yours and you may need something else. If you feel like you’re growing, you’ll naturally want to check it! Astrology gives you insight on how everyone is feeling so we can decide how we want to feel. Always remember that and remind your friends that astrological predictions do not condemn them to bad days but rather present opportunities to shift their energy in a direct, positive, and focused way.

Do not hang on your weekly love horoscope’s every word. It is only meant to help you to connect more to your soul’s purpose and redirect your energy in a way that will open you up to love and success. That being said, is is the love we give to others that is the true source of our happiness, and what will ultimately help you to attract good, healthy relationships. into your life.

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