How to Use Your Numerology Reading & Myers-Briggs Type for Full-on #GirlBoss Game

So you want to be a #GirlBoss? Well here’s an insider secret about how to nail a career path that best fits your personality and natural strengths by combining your numerology reading and Myers-Briggs type. Each one unlocks your unique personality blueprint so you can adjust things you’d like to balance and know your strengths so you can use them.

Literally any female has the potential to unlock her “She-wolf,” as singer Shakira calls it. Have you seen the movie The Matrix? Many people believe it was way ahead of its time because it revealed a programmed reality that most people didn’t know about. Similarly, numerology is a system that taps us into another layer of reality where we are able to easily see the unique types of strengths and weaknesses a person is born with.

What Is Numerology?

There are layers of reality that our waking mind cannot see without a map. Numerology reveals that map, and it allows us to navigate the essence of our soul, its purpose, its lessons to learn, and its uniqueness. Interestingly, each of us has a soul blueprint in numerology called a life path number which falls from 1 through 9, 11, 22. We will gravitate towards certain roles in our careers and get along with others based on which number we are.

What is a Life Path Number & Which Career Field is Perfect For Each?

Your life path number reveals a clear theme for your life (calculated using your date of birth). Your personality, strengths, and weaknesses are clearly depicted in your life path number, which is considered the most important number in numerology.

Our goal today is to show you how to align your own life path number with the best possible career path based on your personal gifts and the unique lens your number lets you perceive the world through. I taught a class once where we looked at the strengths of our life path numbers and brainstormed careers that utilized those strengths. What we found was that it always led directly to what had always been in our hearts. Now it’s time for you to see that you’ve always known inside what you’re naturally good at and what your purpose is.

If you don’t know your life path number yet, you can calculate it right here.

Life Path 1: The Leader

You welcome a challenge and you will always step up to the plate to lead. You’re content when you are your own boss. Working in politics, owning a business, being a teacher, writer, public speaker, manager, or director are great roles for you. You enjoy conquering the things that challenge you so businesses that are in developing industries will inspire you. These high-energy individuals excel in sports as well.

Life Path 2: The Mediator

You’re an incredible peacemaker and you have a strong neutral mind that can make opposing viewpoints work together. You are also inquisitive, artistic, and caring, which makes you a great candidate for jobs in counselling, the arts, law, medicine, hospitality, horticulture, environmentalism, social work, and non-profit work. You’re capable of so much when your heart is in the right place. You’re more about doing the right thing than about being recognized for what you do. Jobs where you can reduce conflict, like the Peace Corps, will call to you.

Life Path 3: The Communicator

Because of your ability to create relationships with others, you excel in positions where you use your communication tools. You’ll do well in public speaking, writing, performing, working for startups, caring for animals, teaching, writing, and positions that allow you to motivate others. Try working with languages, translating, storytelling, painting, directing, martial arts, and filmmaking. You like to express your creativity, and this makes you magnetic. Fashion, jewelry, costuming, dance, design and creative pursuits fuel your fire.

Life Path 4: The Teacher

Being a person of organization and vision, you make a great architect, builder, business owner, politician, or inventor. You are grounded and reliable, someone that can complete projects. You can work independently because you have a strong work ethic so you’re likely to be given a management position. You like having tasks and will do well when there are many moving parts you must keep up with. You like to work with your hands or work with complex systems, meaning you could work as an engineer, civic service position, software designer, researcher, or professor. Your mind is highly developed for ordering complex information. Publishing, lawmaking, or carpentry are also things you can excel at with your strong work ethic.

Life Path 5: The Freedom Seeker

This life path number loves jobs where they are in new environments, are exposed to a variety of tasks, and get to travel. Travel agent jobs, journalism, production, event management, music, wilderness guides, adventure guides, tour guides, yoga teachers, freelancers, skydive instructors, scuba dive instructors, wild animal trainers, digital nomads, filmmakers, dancers, festival staff, humanitarian workers, international relief workers, and more. You probably don’t like jobs with much repetition because your active, big-picture mind can get bored easily. You like to work for yourself and have as much freedom as possible over your schedule.

Life Path 6: The Nurturer

You make a great caregiver, nurse, teacher, counsellor, social worker, healer, or daycare operator. You love to foster friendships, happy homes, and children’s development within your community. You can excel when you feel you are helping and doing purposeful work because of your high levels of empathy and compassion. You see the world through your own lens of love and understanding, allowing you to work well with people in recovery, troubled youth, and homeless populations. You’d make a great chef or nutritionist, doctor, or holistic health practitioner.

Life Path 7: The Seeker

This life path loves to explore the furthest realms of consciousness and is mostly concerned with the ways thoughts, information and ideas are presented to society in helpful ways. Seven-ers become great professors, writers, researchers, scientists, inventors, astrologers, and excel in other careers that involve a highly developed intellect. You have a great capacity for abstract thinking and can discover new things with your drive and inquisitive passion. This life path contains many of the geniuses we see depicted in films!

Life Path 8: The Powerhouse

Voted most likely to be the head of a major corporation, this life path number is the hardest working and has the strongest desire to be successful. They do well in business, can easily help a company grow and is always willing to go the extra mile. Their mind is geared to make numbers multiply and they are suited for executive leadership positions. With your organization and vision, you can start and sell many companies.

Life Path 9: The Humanitarian

This big-hearted human has almost no sense of ego. You will always align yourself with work for the people because you care so deeply about the well being of others. You are inclined to humanitarian work, disaster relief, paramedic work, spiritual or healing work, working with underserved populations, or contributing to non-profits. You can be relied on to always do the right thing and can be called into activism, law, or human rights work as well.

What Is Your Soul Urge Number?

Also called the heart’s desire number, the soul urge number reveals the characteristics you do not know yet but will need to develop in order to complete your soul’s purpose here. Without growing these traits, you’ll feel as if you’re missing out or like you’re on the wrong path.

The soul urge or heart’s desire number is calculated by adding the numerical values of the vowels in your given birth name. Calculate your soul urge number here!

What is Your Expression or Destiny Number?

The expression or destiny number helps to reveal the talents that you naturally possess. These gifts can be used to help yourself live a very fulfilling and successful life. This number can reveal the goal that is closest to your heart but that may have been hidden or lost somewhere along the way in your life.

The expression or destiny number is calculated by adding the numbers of your given name. Add the numbers of your first name, then your middle name, then your last name. Then add those together and reduce them to a single digit.

What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a questionnaire that reveals how your mind perceives the world. The way you answer the questions groups your unique personality into four subcategories which reveal your preferences and help categorize your mind as one of 16 personality types. This is a modern application of personality profiling that is relevant to today’s working society.

If you don’t know your Myers-Briggs type, you can find out for free right here.

What Are the 4 Preferences?

These are basically how you perceive reality, relate to people, process information, as well as how you see potential in the future. This will help you understand both how you perceive things as well as how others perceive things so that you can find common ground and understand each of our unique viewpoints. This can make it much easier to have conversations and approach tasks at work and in your personal relationships in a way that makes sense to everyone. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helps us to understand that each person speaks their own language, but we can learn to understand each other.

Extraversion vs. Introversion

This is about how we engage with others and interact in the world. If you tend to pay attention to the world around you and love taking in information or engaging with the external world, you’re more extroverted. If you tend to focus inwardly on your own thoughts and feelings and find it necessary to step away from the world to recharge once in a while, you’re more introverted. We each do introverted and extroverted things, but we often do more of one than the other.

Sensing vs. Intuition

This is about how you gather information. Either you gather information with the logic side of your brain and come to conclusions that way (sensing), or you go moment-by-moment based on how you feel, letting your emotions take the temperature of what course of action is best for you (intuition). You tend to rely more on one of these than the other.

Thinking vs. Feeling

This is about how you navigate and make decisions. The way we make decisions is either factually-based (thinking) or emotionally-based (feeling). You’re either guided by facts or feelings. Your desires can be guided by reason or by your inner creative insights. This can alter the way you interact with people. Further, you may take a job because it makes sense (thinking) or because it just feels right (feeling). You may develop relationships because of someone’s intellect (thinking) or because of the way they make you feel (feeling).

Judging vs. Perceiving

This distinction is about whether you prefer spontaneity or to have a plan. You either want to control the outcome (judging) or prefer to trust the unfolding of the process naturally (perceiving). This has to do with how you plan your future and how steadfast you are to sticking to that plan.

Which of the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types are You?

The Inspector – ISTJ Personality

You are introverted, sensitive, thinking, and judging. You observe reality but don’t overly engage in it. You feel good having a plan based on logic and you prefer your future to be planned out in a risk-averse way. You’re not overly emotional and tend to stick to things. You want to know all the facts before moving forward as you are always calculated.

The Counselor – INFJ Personality

You’re introverted, intuitive, feelings-based, and like to be in control of your future. This means you are stimulated by your inner life, you have a strong intuition about others and situations, and you also tend to base your conclusions on your feelings more than facts. You tend to plan your own future instead of letting someone tell you what to do or go with the flow. You feel things deeply and want to use your empathy to help others.

The Mastermind – INTJ Personality

You’re introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. This means you’re a thinker and notice how things make you feel. You also tend to make decisions by gathering facts and then coming up with a plan. You’re less spontaneous than you are methodic about how you use your time to accomplish goals which you always have. You have a strong mind you can apply to societal problems and the heart to do it.

The Giver – ENFJ Personality

You are extroverted, intuitive, feelings-based, and judgemental. This means you’re in contact with your environment more often than not. You’re in touch with your feelings and can come up with new ideas. You’re also more inclined to take control of your destiny instead of letting others tell you what to do. You like to apply your creativity to help others.

The Craftsman – ISTP Personality

You’re introverted, sensing, thinking, and planning. This means you tend to think through every decision without asking others for advice. You may take your time making decisions but you’re wise and practical. You are organized and knowledgeable. You can accomplish large tasks that take time because you’re meticulous and can see all the parts.

The Provider – ESFJ Personality

You’re extroverted, sensing, feelings-based, and judgmental. This means you spend time interacting with the environment more than you spend time alone. You like to know your facts and are run by your feelings. You’re a leader for others because you always have a plan. You want to do good for others by working hard for your goals.

The Idealist – INFP Personality

You’re introverted, intuitive, feelings-based, and perceiving. This means you don’t have to control your future and you trust that the right things will come when your energy and feelings are in alignment. You tend to be spiritual and can self-entertain. You may find it harder to stick to a long-term plan but you can perceive what is best for you and others through your creative mind.

The Performer – ESFP Personality

You’re extroverted, sensing, feelings-based, and perceiving. You like change and love new experiences. You have lots of emotional energy to draw upon and you try to make logical decisions. You’re usually swayed by heart over logic. You have a magnetic charm and love to love.

The Champion – ENFP Personality

This person is extroverted, intuitive, feelings-based, and perceiving. They enjoy being around people and being active. They are in tune with other people’s feelings and decide based on their gut instincts. They aren’t afraid to set goals based on what they perceive intuitively to be right. They will change their goals if they are no longer excited about them.

The Doer – ESTP Personality

This person is extroverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. They tend to be talkative and hyper-organized, always thinking and analyzing. They are able to change their plans and go with the flow making them someone that can always come in handy in times of crisis.

The Supervisor – ESTJ Personality

This person is extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judgemental. They like to have a plan and make things go according to it. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind and want people to be able to explain why they do things. They are logic based with strong leadership abilities. They are not shy.

The Commander – ENTJ Personality

They are extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and judgemental. While they love being around people and learning through their experiences, they also are creative and able to come up with new ideas. They tend to make logic-based decisions and work towards their goals.

The Thinker – INTP Personality

You are introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. You live in your head but this makes you a good analyzer. You are intuitive as well as logical. You come up with plans and stick to them. Thinkers are those rare people that are both creative and analytical. They can accomplish their goals by using their creativity.

The Nurturer – ISFJ Personality

This person is introverted, sensing, feelings-based, and judging. They tend to recharge alone and order the information they have to create their plan. They are more inclined to make decisions based on their feelings that their mind and have the ability to focus and execute. They are aware of what people need and moved by that.

The Visionary – ENTP Personality

You are extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. This means you are able to live moment-to-moment without having to control everything. You share your ideas, follow your intuition, and then take a logical approach to your life. You want to solve problems and aren’t afraid to try.

The Composer – ISFP Personality

This person is introverted, sensing, feelings-based, and perceiving. Here we have someone who is brilliant. They live more in their head than in the real world. They navigate facts more than their intuition, giving them the ability to work with systems. They also are motivated by their heart and can adapt to changing plans. They are able to use their brain, self-entertain, and make the right decisions without needed to be in control of everything.

How to Use Numerology & Myers-Briggs To Be a Boss In Your Workplace

Allow yourself to see where the overlaps are between your life path number and your Myers-Briggs type. What roles come to mind when you think of your life path number and really make you feel alive? Make a list for yourself. Then do the same for your Myers-Briggs personality type and see where there are common roles on the lists. This can help filter out your skills and the best applications for them.

Oh, and hey! Why not listen to that Shakira song and see if it doesn’t get you in gear to use this knowledge to activate your inner #GirlBoss? For a bonus round, check out this awesome article for more ideas on careers related to your life path number.
Changing Careers? A Numerology Calculator Can Help You Ace The Shift, as well as this article, Careers That Match Your Life Path Number.

Learn More About Numerology and Calculating Your Life Path Number!

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