Is Your Zodiac Sign More Left or Right Brained?

Astrology is a powerful tool you can use to understand yourself and others so you can navigate the world with greater ease and deepen your interpersonal relationships. Some of the practical uses of understanding astrology include getting along better with partners, ease in building relationships with your colleagues and bosses, and understanding the likes and dislikes of your loved ones. There are so many practical ways astrology can help us.

When you first get to know the zodiac signs, you start by learning each sign’s basic characteristics. We start with the Sun sign, which makes up the core personality. Today, we will look at how each sign is either more logic based (left-brained) or creative (right-brained). This will allow you to get a lot of information about someone just by knowing their sign, and will help you understand why you think the way that you do.

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Left-Brained Zodiac Signs

Left-brained people use more analytical skills to navigate life. They are usually practical, communicate with deductive reasoning, and are cautious in their decision making. They often think about what could go wrong and make sure they are prepared for those circumstances. They are intellectual and rely on facts, science, and reason to find motivation and understand the world around them. They don’t value emotions, intuition, and spirituality as much as they do tangible evidence, sound plans, and long-term investments.


Capricorn is an Earth sign and is known to be the hardest working sign in the zodiac. They have a mind for business and often end up working in finance. Capricorns are meticulous about their budget and feel safe when they have a long-term plan they can stick to. They make great business partners and often find success comes easily to them. They see the big picture of how large systems work and harness those systems to work efficiently.


Virgo is an Earth element sign that always has an itinerary on a trip, spends time cleaning before relaxing, and likes to have everything organized. They feel comfortable when everything around them is organized and in its place. They look for ways to fix things because they are natural tinkerers. They make great engineers and accountants. They are the ones that create high-quality goods and can handle detailed work well.


Taurus is an Earth element sign that is known to be practical grounded and good with their hands. They can build things that they can see and touch and often become great bakers or chefs. They live through the five senses and enjoy shaping the world around them through decorating to increase aesthetic appeal. They weigh the pros and cons of any major decision before making a move because of their highly analytical mind. They are known to scheme because they see life as a series of causes and effects.


Librans use words, debate, and their intellect to prove their worth. They tend to be well versed in societal issues and want to know all the facts so they can have a sound argument. They will often speak about what is right and wrong and work with law, literature or non-profits that help the less fortunate in our society. Librans are also very much involved in the lives of their friends and live vicariously through those friendships where they can use their logic and reason to inspire their friends to do good in the world. They are positive people who point out what they have and are grateful for it.


This curious and intellectually minded Air sign is usually academically inclined. They like to discuss many topics and have a talent for seeing all sides of an issue, making them extremely adept in social situations. Geminis want to know more at all times and consume knowledge from conversations and anywhere they can find it. They are always moving about trying to see how things work and are motivated to spread knowledge and information.

Right-Brained Zodiac Signs

Right-brained signs are more creative by nature. They tend to relate to the world through feelings and are drawn to the arts, spiritual topics, and relationship-oriented roles. They are people who are motivated to help others feel good and are sensitive and in tune with their own emotions. They value emotions and intuition more than logic or scientific facts. They are fueled and impassioned by things that ring true and feel right. They understand the world through colours, stories, and emotions.


This intuitive Water sign is able to easily know how others are feeling. Cancers often feel overwhelmed by their emotions, making them seem overly sensitive or victimized. When they harness their intuition they often become healers, counsellors, and teachers. They are nurturing people who like to be in cozy homes to avoid being bombarded and overwhelmed by other people’s emotions.


This passionate Water sign needs a channel for all of their emotions. They are deep thinkers in that they want to know people’s feelings, especially the ones that people don’t want others to see. They like to understand people’s deepest motivations, fears, and desires. Scorpios love the feeling of passion and encourage others to embrace their emotions more.


This Water sign is one of the most artistic signs because they see the world as if it was only the present moment. Pisceans are known to live as if there were no tomorrow and shamelessly share love with people because it makes them feel happy too. They love music, dancing, and sometimes have one too many glasses of wine because they want to keep the good vibes flowing.


Leos are known to let their emotions rule because they motivate them and give them a lot of energy. They are positive and charismatic, feeding on other people’s enthusiasm. They are like powerplants of emotions that other people are often impressed by because of the amount of energy they bring to daily life. A Leo makes a great performer because of their larger-than-life personas and their love for a good story with a surprise ending. They laugh hard, cry hard, and play hard, throwing caution to the wind.

Zodiac Signs That Use Both

While all signs use the left and right brain to a certain extent, these signs consistently use quite a bit of both. They are both creative and logic, based allowing them the versatility to accomplish a lot in life. They also understand people who fall on both sides of the track, allowing them to get along with just about anyone.


This Fire sign is philosophical and tends to be reason-based; they like to explore ideas by travelling to see how people interact with the world. They want to understand the systems of the world that people work within but they also want to understand why people do what they do from a spiritual perspective. They have both hemispheres of the brain active because they are spiritual and grounded.


This sign is an Air element sign that has a great level of empathy for the world so much that they can feel the pain of large groups. Their right brain is fueled by a strong left brain, which can connect the dots in practical ways to see how to help those that are suffering. Unique Aquarian minds often become revolutionaries because they understand what motivates people and can take action.


An Aries is someone who can get things moving because they release their emotional energy like a whirling dervish. They are both emotionally sensitive and aware of the power of their words on others while at the same time they have a strong sense of reason and logic in their core. Aries are rare in that they can use both sides of the brain to accomplish great tasks that seem daunting to others in a short amount of time.

Concluding Thoughts…

Take a look at your birth chart to see if you have more left-brained or right-brained signs that show up, you can also see your own personality on a deeper scale. Understanding your birth chart as a whole adds specificity and depth to your understanding of yourself. However, you can work to balance both hemispheres of your brain by practicing things that don’t come naturally you to. This can help you become a more balanced person.

Once you know if someone is more right or left brained, you can start to look at how the element of their sign affects their personality. Do they move quickly or slowly? Are they cautious or risk takers? Do they have a lot of emotions or ideas? The elements are a great layer to add after seeing if someone is more creative or logic based because they reveal a layer through which we can start to understand people’s core behaviours and motivations. That means when one person prioritizes reading a book all day and one person does a million and one things without blinking an eye, you can understand appreciate both types of people.

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