Learn All About Career Astrology using the 2nd, 6th, & 10th Houses

Astrology can be used to help you with many areas of life, and that includes your career.

In fact, it’s incredibly helpful to assess the professional astrology houses of your birth chart and see if your career choices are aligned with your natal positions. Your ultimate career choices will make sense in all areas.

But what are they?

The professional astrology houses are:

There are 12 houses in astrology, and each governs different parts of your life. These three houses are the ones that are used in career astrology. First, you’ll want to assess the signs each house falls in and any planets located in that house.

Career Astrology: The 2nd, 6th & 10th Houses

10th House Astrology: House of Career

We’ll start with the 10th house of career. This is the single most important house for your career choices. If you focus on nothing else, focus on your 10th house.

The 10th house is the highest part of your chart and correlates to your goals and aspirations. This is what you strive to be and achieve.

Use the sign of your 10th house and planets in the 10th house to get a baseline for your career choices astrologically. This is really where you start. Your career is usually directly tied to your 10th house sign and/or planets.

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6th House Astrology: House of Work

The 6th house governs your work life. It’s the work environment you want to be in and the kind of general jobs you have (the jobs that are just jobs, and not necessarily your career).

You want to satisfy the 6th house by ensuring your career choice provides you with the kind of environment your 6th house demands.

Once you’ve used your 10th house to get a baseline for your career choices, you can use the 6th house to winnow your choices down or get more specific with the choices you have.

2nd House Astrology: House of Money

The 2nd house governs your finances and shows how you can make money. This is money you have and make rather than money you get from others (or make with others).

To satisfy the 2nd house, you want your career choices to allow you to make money in ways through the 2nd house. You can use your 2nd house to help drill down even more after you’ve assessed your 10th and 6th houses.

The Signs & Planets in the Career Houses

Let’s review what it would mean for you professionally by the Sun signs and correlated planets in the houses. Remember, you’ll want a career choice that satisfies all three signs (and potentially whatever planets are also involved).

If you have many planets in your career houses, that means two things:

  1. Your professional life is very important to you.
  2. You have lots of options to choose from.


A career-minded person who links up with a leader or becomes a leader. Highly ambitious, can work well on your own, and may need a physically demanding profession. Can become heavily invested in your career once chosen.


Motivated by what you love and the pleasures of the senses, living comfortably, and routine, you need a career that provides stability and security, where you feel appreciated. You may work better in a beautiful/aesthetically pleasing environment.


A natural communicator who can handle a lot of information. You tend to be in social roles and need a career that uses your intellectual energy and provides lots of mental stimulation.

You may prefer a lot of change or have two different ways of making money (2nd), two different work environments (6th), or two different careers (10th).


Often want to work with family, and children or do something home-related. You need a nurturing career and/or others with that you connect on an emotional level. You may connect with others emotionally through your work.


A natural leader, you aim to be the boss and not have restrictions. You need a career where you get attention or where you can be highly creative. You strongly identify with your career and often feel it is an extension of yourself.


Often the taskmaster who loves to fix problems and organize. You like helping others but need a career to pay attention to the details and keep busy. You might become an expert or work in health.


You like to uphold justice and improve relationships in your work. Hopeless romantics, you love to work with people and need a career where you’re working with/for others or focusing on the beauty in some way.


Any field where you get to dig deep to uncover truths will allow you to channel your energy well. You need a career you can get obsessed with, where you can transform something, or where you’re revealing what’s underneath.

Could work well in the sciences.


Lovers of philosophy and motivated by big ideas instead of material gains. You are adventurous and need a career that gives you lots of room to roam, where you can share your wisdom, or that you are physically active.

Can work well in travel, writing, or teaching.


Responsible and practical, you see and understand how to work your way up even if it requires a long time to succeed. You need a career that you can rise high with, that puts you in a position of authority or gives you some status.

You may be (or may have been) a professional late bloomer.


You love to work outside of the box of conventionality and help humanity with original ideas. You need a career where you’re able to do things differently, unconventional, independent, or working with groups.

May work well in technology.


You like variety and artistically freeing positions. You prefer a career that allows for creativity in some way, where you’re helping others, or that is spiritual/metaphysical. You might work with water or animals.

The Career Formula

So it goes:  10th house + 6th house + 2nd house

To review:

  1. 10th house (come up with career choices)
  2. 6th house (focus on career choices that provide the work environment you need or tailor your career choices to fit the work environment)
  3. 2nd house (focus on the choices that allow you to make money in the way the 2nd house wants)

What Do the Houses Have In Store For You?

Deciding on a career can be one of the most important choices you make in your life!

Choosing wrong can lead to going in the wrong direction for a while, and choosing right can lead to great achievements and overall life satisfaction. Use astrology to help guide the way to your destined career path. If you’re interested in learning more beyond this article, contact an experienced and trusted astrologer with Astrology Answers.

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