Homecoming: A 5-Minute Overview of the Astrological Houses

Are you interested in learning more about astrology, but feeling overwhelmed by all of the new information you’re trying to keep track of? If you answered “yes,” this quick guide on the astrological houses is for you.

Astrology involves a lot more than just your daily horoscope, and when you’re beginning to study astrology, it may seem like a daunting task. But, if you learn to digest astrological information in small, bite-sized chunks, the art of celestial studies is a lot more manageable. This guide is a quick introduction to everything you need to know about the astrological houses.

The 12 Houses of Astrology

Houses represent the sections of the astrological wheel – there are 12 houses, with each house representing a certain aspect of our lives. The specific house that a certain sign rests in on your natal chart determines how that sign will influence your life. The astrological wheel begins with Aries and moves counterclockwise, all the way around to the end of the wheel, which is Pisces.

Understanding more about the astrological houses can help you better interpret your own birth chart – get yours here!

The Meaning of Each Astrological House:

1st House

The first house represents the self and defines who you are as a person. This house is associated with Aries, which is ruled by the assertive planet Mars.

This house determines your physical characteristics and overall personality. Planets within this house will likely influence your life in a deep and meaningful way.

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2nd House

The second house is associated with Taurus – ruled by social Venus.

This house focuses on material concerns and personal security. The energy of the second house within our chart helps shape our relationship to money and value. A second house containing natal planets indicates an individual who seeks security through material comfort.

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3rd House

Associated with Gemini, the third house is concerned with Mercurial matters – communication, expression, transportation, and community.

This house depicts the journey of information, whether through verbal communication or the information superhighway. Natal planets within this house indicate a strong sense of self-expression, the desire to learn, and the ability to network.

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4th House

The fourth house is associated with Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon.

This house is most concerned with domestic matters: family, home life, and familial relationships. When natal planets fall within the fourth house, this can point to revelations about one’s relationship to one’s mother. Looking into the fourth house within your chart can show you more about the family life you truly desire.

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5th House

Leo is the sign associated with the fifth house, which is ruled by the Sun.

The fifth house is like a playground amidst the other houses, where creativity and fun reign. This house is connected to our sense of artistic expression. When natal planets fall in the fifth house, you’re likely to have a strong creative urge and drive to bring something beautiful into the world.

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6th House

The sixth house is linked to Virgo, another zodiac sign ruled by Mercury (like Gemini).

Akin to the energy of Virgo, this house is concerned with health and responsibility. The sixth house represents our daily routines for both taking care of our physical being and our work-related responsibilities. Those with increased activity in the sixth house are likely to be organized and hard-working.

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7th House

Libra, a sign ruled by social Venus, is associated with the seventh house.

It’s no wonder, then, that the seventh house deals with the realm of marriage and relationships. This house can give you insight into your romantic life or even your soul mate. If you have planets within your seventh house, you may find yourself more preoccupied with your romantic life than those around you.

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8th House

The eighth house is the most mysterious and perhaps intriguing of the astrological houses. Linked to Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, this house represents transformation, sex, life, and death.

This house contemplates all of life’s greater mysteries. Those with an active eighth house are typically drawn towards metaphysical subject, matters of the occult, and the supernatural.

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9th House

The expansive planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius – the planet linked to the ninth house.

And as such, this house deals with matters of mental expansion, physical travel, higher education, and philosophy. This house seeks wisdom in every corner of life. If you have natal planets in this house, you are most likely drawn towards intellectual topics, travel, and deep conversations.

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10th House

Capricorn, a sign ruled by sensible Saturn, is the sign associated with the tenth house. The tenth house oversees your career goals, public image, personal definition of success.

This house deals with your motivation levels and your specific purpose. Lively activity in the tenth house within a natal chart may indicate a tenacious, ambitious individual who will work to achieve great things.

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11th House

The eleventh house is linked to the communal sign Aquarius, ruled by innovative Uranus.

This house deals with our social sphere – our circle of friends, as well as groups or organizations we might be involved with. The eleventh house is also associated with humanitarian efforts, such as volunteering. Natal planets within the eleventh house can point to a giving personality that draws people in and incites change.

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12th House

Pisces is the dreamy sign linked with the twelfth house, ruled by intuitive Neptune.

The twelfth house is associated with the “unseen realm” – the space wherein dreams exist and our spirituality blossoms. This house also deals with psychic abilities, like extrasensory perception. Natal Planets in this house may reveal a highly intuitive, spiritual, and very imaginative person – often someone with creative prowess or artistic abilities.

Read more about the twelfth house here.

Understanding Your Chart

While learning more about the houses and what they mean can help you better understand your chart, there may be factors that you’re missing, especially if you’re new to the world of the zodiac. The easiest way to gain an accurate understanding of your astrological profile as a beginner is to contact an experienced astrologer and ask them to cast your natal chart.

There are many different factors involved in each person’s birth chart, from sign placement to the houses they fall under and the aspects between each planet. An astrologer can interpret these aspects and placements for you, helping you discover more about yourself, even if you aren’t yet an astrology expert.

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