Zodiac Signs that are Most Compatible with Easygoing Pisces

One of the most loving signs of the zodiac is easy-going Pisces. Pisces are a gift to this world because of their ability to see beauty where others would not. Their creative, open minds allow them a unique sensory experience of being human – so the zodiac signs that are compatible with the Pisces horoscope are in for a treat when they link up with a Fish.

Opposites do very often balance each other out, but just as oil and water don’t mix, you’ll find that certain signs seem to repel each other while other signs that are compatible are magnetically drawn to each other. There is always a chance that any two people of any zodiac signs can make romance work, but signs that are compatible with each other astrologically speaking will typically face fewer challenges.

Understanding horoscope compatibility to find out the astrology signs that are compatible with one another is helpful no matter which way you look at it, but we encourage you not to let it control your expectation of a relationship before it happens. Rather, put this wisdom to use with a grain of salt and focus on developing a relationship through growth and mutual understanding.

We’ve come up with a road map of sorts so you can learn about the zodiac signs that are compatible with Pisces. See it as an invitation to look deeper into the birth chart and learn more aspects of the personality beyond the Sun sign.

How a Pisces Loves

Being in a relationship with a Pisces can be intoxicating or challenging, depending on zodiac compatibility.

According to the Pisces horoscope, the Fish love to indulge in their senses and whims, unrestricted by societal conventions and unhindered by fear of judgement. To those who enjoy living life on the wild side, a Pisces is a welcomed friend. For those who need to learn, the Fish can be a great guide and mentor. Pisces loves without worrying about the future because they are so good at being present and staying in a loving state of mind.

Pisces often talk about their feelings openly and unapologetically, which is comforting for the zodiac signs that are compatible with Pisces. But for others, this can feel draining. For some, they are a dream to behold, and for others, a headache.

Let’s look at the zodiac signs that are compatible with this colorful muse of a sign.

Zodiac Signs that are Compatible with Pisces:

The first tier of signs that are compatible with a Pisces includes Scorpio, Cancer and Capricorn.

The second tier of compatibility includes other Pisces, Sagittarius, and Taurus. Aquarius almost makes the second tier, but not quite. These are the signs that allow a Pisces to be themselves without really stretching either sign to change their core beliefs.

Knowing Pisces horoscope compatibility helps you feel like you’re not walking into a relationship wearing a blindfold. Signs that are compatible with each other are likely to have great love that lasts.

Let’s take a closer look at the signs that are compatible with Pisces!

Pisces & Cancer

Pisces and Cancer are both Water signs, which means they are equally intuitive and sensitive. They develop a fast, almost psychic bond and will enjoy the deep emotional intimacy that is possible between these two signs. A Pisces/Cancer relationship would allow for easy understanding of how the other operates, which, for both signs, is often changeable because they both manage fluctuating, sometimes overwhelming emotional states. Crabs and Fish are loving and imaginative signs that tend to enjoy similar hobbies because they think alike. Cancers are nurturing, extremely understanding, and compassionate and love to spoil their partners by cooking and predicting their needs with their intuition. Cancers form a strong emotional bond that allows them to commit to someone with all their heart, which is exactly the kind of love a Piscean wants.

Pisces & Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility is close to a match made in heaven. These two Water signs have an intensity that would blend together instantly. They can easily talk well into the night and lose track of time in deep conversations. Their hearts beat to the same rhythm and their fearlessness in loving passionately is unmatched by other signs.

Scorpios love intimacy and are very romantic partners. They are also all-or-nothing types, meaning that once they decide to be with someone, they will devote themselves and their soul to that person. Scorpios are able to accept the not-so-pretty parts of Pisces, which makes these two signs an ideal match.

Pisces & Capricorn

Pisces/Capricorn pairings are the perfect example of opposites that attract.

Because Pisces hate making plans and Capricorns hate not making plans, they can balance each other out and find the joy of compromise that warms the heart. Capricorn loves luxury and the pleasures of a secure, stable lifestyle, and a Pisces appreciates the good things in life without shame as well.

These two signs are an odd couple that often work well together, accepting their differences and respecting them. Capricorns are loyal, protective, and usually very good at providing financially because they love offering security and are naturally hardworking.

Pisces & Sagittarius

This could be a fun and invigorating match that could do very well indeed. The adventurous spirit of these two signs meshes well as does the philosophical and spiritual nature they both wear on their sleeves. A Pisces/Sagittarius relationship would likely involve lots of travel and little routine as both signs are known to be spontaneous. They would very much get each other and understand how the other operates so they each feel accepted in the relationship.

Sagittarius is known as the evolved soul, and like the Pisces, they are positive, gregarious, and kind. A Sagittarius partner would support the artistic goals a Pisces often has and not try to force them into conventional ways.

Pisces & Pisces

A Pisces and another Pisces can certainly make a good match – it could almost feel like dating yourself! The quick bond formed between two Pisceans often leads to a relationship that blossoms quickly as it feels like you’ve finally found your soulmate because the resonance is so similar. There will be a strong, imaginative energy between you that inspires both to be more of yourselves instead of trying to fit into society. Pisces is a very sacrificing partner because they value love above everything else.

Pisces & Taurus

Pisces finds a kindred spirit in the only other sign that enjoys indulgence as much as they do, which is our dear friend the Taurus. Taurus loves to live through their senses -through food, music, and good times with friends. A Pisces and a Taurus will have a fun relationship surrounded by many friends because they both crave social affection through friendships as well. The Taurus is caring, intuitive, and loyal, making them one of the best partners for a Pisces.

Signs that Aren’t So Compatible with Pisces

Now we come to the signs that will have more of a challenge getting on with a Pisces (though it’s not impossible).

These signs think differently and have a different set of life goals making it harder to see eye to eye. Their preferences regarding routines, use of time, and money could be at odds with the free-spirited Pisces, making these matches a bit rough around the edges. But, knowing what you’re up against can arm you with the tools to make it worth if you’re a glass-half-full type of person.

Pisces & Aries

A Pisces is often blown around by the changing winds, and this can really ruffle the feathers of an Aries who can be a bit controlling and dominating. The fire of an Aries can upset or unintentionally offend the sensitive Pisces. An Aries has a direct way of communicating that may be off-putting to the Pisces who wants to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

If a Fish and a Ram do want to make it work, Aries will need to learn how to be less reactive and loosen their need to control while Pisces will need to learn to stick to their word and not take their partner’s moods personally.

Pisces & Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius can be at odds when it comes to how they use their time. Because a Pisces wants to live for now and an Aquarius wants to live for the future, there is often a disconnect when it comes to priorities. Additionally, rebellious Aquarians can be very overwhelming and stressful for the sensitive and often quiet Piscean.

That said, the humanitarian-minded Water-Bearer can be very appealing to the Fish because Aquarians do care so deeply for the world around them. If they can find respect for their different approaches to altruism, Pisces and Aquarius can find they have more in common than they think.

Pisces & Libra

A Pisces/Libra match could have a difficult time right off the bat because both of these signs are famous for their indecision. Additionally, diplomatic Libra tends to prefer black-and-white hard lines while adaptive Pisces welcomes shades of gray.

In the communication sector, if the Fish and the Scales want to make it work, they would need to study how the other sign thinks and operates. Both of these signs have considerable intuition and can maintain deep, intimate friendships, so they could build a lively social life as a couple.

Pisces & Leo

This combo can have power struggles because they are both independent by nature. Pisces typically isn’t impressed by Leo’s dominating, sometimes over-the-top dramatics. Likewise, Leos would rather not slow themselves down to match the pace of the average Piscean.

Finding ways to be accepting of one another would be challenging, but does offer growth for both parties. A Leo could motivate their Pisces partner to push themselves out of their comfort zones, while Pisces offers a much-needed soft place to land for excitable Leos.

Pisces & Virgo

This might be one of the least compatible pairs of the zodiac, although no match is impossible if both parties commit to self-reflection. Virgo loves organization and planning, two things Pisces just usually aren’t interested in. Virgos are dedicated, analytical, detail-oriented people, quite different than the whimsical, play-it-by-ear, and often messy Pisces.

If Pisces and Virgo want to find common ground, they will have to appreciate each other’s strengths and give each other room to be themselves. Virgos will need to loosen up a bit, and Pisces will need to learn a thing or two about planning.

Pisces & Gemini

This pair is like a whirling dervish – full of ideas with little ability to execute. When Air and Water signs combine, they may find their partnership stressful because neither one particularly wants to, shall we say, “wear the pants.” Both Mutable signs are incredibly flexible, so it could be difficult for this relationship to progress as both the Twins and the Fish prefer to go with the current, perhaps resulting in stagnation before the relationship gets off the ground.

These signs certainly enjoy conversation together as their dual natures enable them both to imagine different perspectives. If a Pisces/Gemini pair wants to make it work in love, they both need to add structure and some routine to their partnership.

Concluding Thoughts…

The success of a relationship is influenced by signs that are compatible with one another, but not determined by it. The Sun signs that are compatible are heavily influenced by the other planetary players in an individual’s birth chart, so be sure to take the rest of the planets and the astrological houses into account when determining zodiac compatibility. It is said that we can only meet someone at the level which we have met ourselves. The more self-awareness we have (which can be gained through astrology) the easier a time we will have navigating relationships.

Astrology and zodiac compatibility allows us to understand ourselves and other humans on a deeper level – it explains how we are all connected to one another despite our differences. We encourage you to continue to learn about signs that are compatible to improve all the relationships in your life.

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