These are the WORST Zodiac Love Matches

A couple in denim shirts stand next to each other, looking away with consternated expressions on their faces.

Ah, love! Inevitably, some zodiac signs are more compatible with one another than others.

Looking at how your zodiac signs measure up can help you determine if this love is meant to last. While it might not tell you the whole story, it can definitely offer a foundational starting point, helping you understand one another better.

So, what are the least compatible zodiac signs? Who (gasp!) maybe shouldn’t you continue or start a relationship with? Let’s take a look!

The Least Compatible Zodiac Signs

The truth is we aren’t all compatible. We might jive with certain types of people more than others.

But the good news is that there are about seven billion people on this planet, so if you don’t mesh well with one person, don’t despair! There’s plenty more to choose from. 

But which zodiac love pairings might not last? Here are a few!

1. Aries & Taurus

As with most of these pairings, there are instances where they could work out. This is exactly the case with Aries and Taurus. Inevitably, there will likely be sparks. But when it comes to a long-term commitment, there are more than a few issues that could arise.

With an Aries-Taurus pairing, a Taurus’s stubborn will might interfere with an Aries’s take-charge attitude.

Additionally, Taurus’ possessive nature might get under Aries’ skin. Yet, this doesn’t mean this can’t work. It just means it might be difficult for most!

2. Gemini & Capricorn

The Gemini-Capricorn match-up is a rare sight. And it’s no secret why.

These two have many differences, such as Capricorn being more thoughtful and not rushing, whereas a Gemini might think quickly and rush into things. A Gemini might also be prone to using intellectual words to spin things in arguments, leading to much bigger disagreements than necessary.

A Gemini might also want to go out more at night than a Capricorn, creating friction and, again, arguments.

3. Taurus & Sagittarius 

This is one intense pairing! But as quickly as it intensifies, it can also be squashed by these two zodiac signs’ undeniable differences.

All in all, in a Taurus-Sagittarius match, Taurus will often dream of taming a Sagittarius. Yet, a Sagittarius, quite frankly, can’t really be tamed.

Additionally, these two won’t see eye to eye on the pace of doing things. Where a Taurus takes things slow, Sagittarius might view this slowness as literally dragging them down.

On top of this, Sagittarius might get annoyed by the obsession of a Taurus, leading to many issues within this complex relationship.

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4. Cancer & Aquarius

Cancer doesn’t really match up well with signs that don’t get their emotional side. And this is the very case with a Cancer-Aquarius pairing.

All poor ol’ emotional Cancer wants is to feel understood. But other signs aren’t as capable of giving this to Cancer and might view them as being overly “emotional.” 

Meanwhile, Cancer tends to love going by their rules. Yet, Aquarius has their own way of doing things and doesn’t get Cancer’s need to lead the way.

In other words, these two signs might face serious power struggles and fail to understand each other, leading to an inevitable decline in their potentially close bond.

5. Leo & Scorpio

Another intense match-up! But with intensity comes some serious fire.

Both of the signs in a Leo-Scorpio match can be seriously stubborn, leading to neither side being willing to compromise. On top of this, Leo can be a bit of a flirt, which Scorpio won’t appreciate in the slightest. 

Scorpio has an all-or-nothing kind of vibe. And if they feel Leo isn’t giving that, they will willfully and happily walk away.

Meanwhile, Leo has to understand that Scorpio won’t go all in initially or give them what they need right off the bat. This usually means that good communication can go a long way here, or this match will quickly fizzle out!

6. Virgo & Libra

Oh, a Virgo and Libra zodiac love match! It’s what they write about in fairytales, that is unless it goes awry. The problem? Both of these signs have very high standards. So, if one doesn’t keep up, it’s going to end badly.

The Virgo-Libra match also has different views and approaches to love and understanding. This means that mass miscommunications can lead to very turbulent times. Neither one appreciates the other’s way of handling these conflicts, leading to a downward spiral that usually and ultimately ends.

Be careful getting into this love match!

7. Pisces & Leo

Water and Fire come to a standstill in this zodiac love pairing. While these two can learn a lot from one another, they can also overwhelm one another, leading to fallouts and disagreements.

With Leo’s flirtatious nature, Pisces won’t be too keen and will potentially start an argument out of it. This is another tough one that only a few are able to navigate.

Moon & Venus Signs

You may also use your Moon and Venus signs to determine zodiac compatibility.

For instance, Moon signs can help you determine if you’re emotionally compatible. Meanwhile, Venus signs can help you determine what you each need and how that may compare, as well as what you each look for in a partner.

This can help you match up even better with that next new relationship!

Tread Lightly With Your Love Matches!

As always, it’s best to approach any new love match with some caution. There’s a balance that has to be struck.

At the same time, good communication truly divides the couples that stand the test of time from the ones that don’t. So, maybe a better question than whether or not zodiac love matches add up is, “how good of a communicator are you and your partner?”

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