Taurus & Sagittarius Compatibility

Opposites attract with a Taurus Sagittarius love match. There is actually little in common between the two of these zodiac signs! That will be the initial impression from a Taurus Sagittarius pairing, but that does not mean this pair can not make it for the long haul.

Both are very passionate and sensual and will have no problem creating sparks with each other from the get-go. The fact that there are differences between these two zodiac signs is what will make the relationship work. These two will love what they learn about each other and will become stronger as individuals and as a couple together through the years.

The Pros

Although there seem to be a lot of differences between the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus and the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius, the differences between this pair will fuel the sparks.

Venus, the goddess of love, rules Taurus, and Jupiter, the planet of luck, rules Sagittarius. This love match will be loving and beautiful, with the sensuality of Taurus combined with the fiery sexuality of Sagittarius. This pair will not be able to keep their hands off each other! With Jupiter's influence, this couple will also find many lucky streaks and lucky breaks coming their way, which will only bode well for them.

The Cons

This Taurus Scorpio love match will be intense. Taurus is a Fixed sign with eyes for one person and one person only. On the other hand, Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, always getting up and going to some place or flirting with someone else. It could be very innocent for Sagittarius, but Taurus will not like this at all.

Taurus is also very slow and steady in their approach, and Sagittarius is anything but. Sagittarius will get upset by the delays they feel Taurus is causing, and Taurus will become annoyed with how Sagittarius rushes into everything. Sagittarius will also not like how obsessed Taurus can be at times, and Taurus will not enjoy why Sagittarius doesn't get this.

Opposites are great when it is great, but when it goes sour, the fire and the bull will go head to head.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

For the Taurus Sagittarius love match to truly take off, each individual must acknowledge their weaknesses and make a concerted effort to overcome them for the other. The Taurus' jealousy needs to be kept at bay as much as possible, which can be accomplished when Taurus gives Sagittarius a little bit of freedom on occasion.

Keeping Sagittarius on a leash is the surest way to send them running. On the other hand, Sagittarius needs to put a rein on the flirts that occur around anyone but their partner. If Sagittarius wants Taurus to stick around, loyalty must be their most significant gift in this union. If both parties in the Taurus Sagittarius match can provide each other the room they need to grow, this love match has some exciting roads ahead.

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