THIS Transit Will Help You Take Action & Reach Your Goals

Have you been waiting for your time to shine? Has brain fog and mental fatigue been weighing you down and causing you to lose focus?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, this article is for you because we’re here today to talk about the magic that happens when communicative Mercury enters motivated, passionate Aries – a transit that brings a quick wit and charming demeanor.

Mercury moves through another sign just about once a month, and it takes on the energy of the sign that it’s in. Aries, on the other hand, is a constellation that represents fire and creativity. When these two energies meet, you can expect a boost of confidence in your communication.

Keep reading if you want to learn everything you need to know about Mercury in Aries and how you can make this transit work to bring magic and connection into your life!

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Mercury in Aries Dates

This year, Mercury will move into Aries on March 19th, 2023..This gives you nearly three weeks to enjoy the uplifting and conversational energy of this transit.

What is Mercury in Aries?

Mercury is the planet of communication, the mind, and intelligence. This planet was named after the Roman messenger of the gods, who had to get a message from one location to another at lightning speed.

That’s why when Mercury is retrograde – moving so slowly that it appears to be moving backward to the naked eye – we feel mentally sluggish and confused, as Mercury isn’t moving quite as fast as usual, slowing the movement of information.

Aries a Fire sign – along with Leo and Sagittarius – which is the element of the zodiac associated with passion, creativity, and heightened instincts. Someone with Aries energy is impulsive, motivated, and always looking for new experiences.

The marriage of these two energies brings a storm of creative ideas flooding the forefront of the mind. Inspiration flows in from all angles and directions, pushing you towards creative new solutions to old problems and bright, fiery conversations with others.

This is not an energy to take advantage of or waste! So, how can you make sure to soak in every single drop of this buoyant and uplifting energy? We’re glad you asked!

How to Reach Your Goals With Mercury in Aries

If you want to have the most scintillating conversations and inspired ideas of the whole year, follow these tips and tricks to get the most out of Mercury in Aries.

1. Get Clear With Goals & Make Lists

This energy is prime for getting clear on your goals. It’s the perfect time to start making lists to tackle projects you’ve put on the back burner.

What do you want to accomplish? What is something you’ve been wanting to do?

2. Be True to Yourself

Aries is a fiercely independent sign that follows its heart in all situations, and you’re being called upon to do the same. Are there any areas of your life where you might be selling yourself short or following a path that doesn’t speak to your heart?

Now is the time to sit down with yourself and have a serious conversation about self-expression and identity. If you’ve been holding yourself back, you’re being nudged to express yourself fully and genuinely now.

3. Think Before Speaking

One thing about Aries is that it’s an impulsive sign – if an Aries has something to say, they usually blurt it out without a second thought. But this can also get you into trouble right now, especially when everyone is under the influence of this assertive transit.

That’s why we all need to take a moment to think before we speak right now.

While you may have a certain thought or idea pop up in your mind that feels too important not to share, it would be wise to take a moment and imagine the consequences or impact of sharing that idea. By thinking before you speak, you can avoid quite a few confrontations during this transit.

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4. Thicken Your Skin

We all feel a bit more independent and hot-headed when Mercury is in the sign of Aries, so you might want to prepare yourself for hearing some things that you don’t want to hear right now – like the word “no.” We all feel more comfortable sticking up for ourselves during this transit, so you might find that people aren’t quite as agreeable as they used to be.

Take a deep breath and try to thicken your skin in these situations. Remember that it’s not personal, and we all deserve the space and freedom to set boundaries.

5. Get Creative

Aries is a passionate sign that lights up your creative center like a Christmas tree. Embrace that creative passion by expressing yourself through your favorite artistic activities and endeavors. Break out the coloring books, sit down with your paints and your favorite playlist, and let your spirit come to life.

Letting yourself get creative and expressive might even trigger some brilliant new ideas to emerge.

And listening to the music that motivates you is critical right now, particularly when you’re creating. Music is an art form in itself, and it helps your artistic side spring to life and let out a little song of its own.

6. Express Your Admiration

When it comes to romance and love compatibility, Mercury in Aries offers a bold new perspective that helps you put yourself out there.

That means if you’re used to keeping your feelings to yourself, it’s time to unleash them on the world! If you have a crush, it’s time to tell them how you feel. And if you’re already in a relationship, let them know how much you care for and appreciate them, for goodness’ sake!

When you put love out there in the Universe, you get love in return. And who doesn’t want even more electric love in their life?

Sink Into the Energy of Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries provides some scintillating conversation, inspired creativity, and passionate energy that we can all benefit from. The world is alive with sparkling connection and motivated creativity during this time that just begs our inner children to come out, play, and have a ball.

Don’t you want to enjoy some of the most engaging exchanges with others that you can have this year? Then sink into the energy of Mercury in Aries, where the sparks fly, and the words flow like wine.

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