How to Woo Your Crush, Based on Their Venus Sign

Not everyone appreciates Valentine’s Day.

I totally get it! Why be reminded that you’re single (if you are) or have to buy an obligatory gift or dinner out for your partner (if you are in a relationship)?

All things considered, regardless of if it’s near Valentine’s day or not, what one finds beautiful or pleasurable is unique to each person. Astrology can help us learn more about these aspects of ourselves, or others, by learning more about the planet Venus in our charts!

Venus astrology is not just the planet of love and beauty. It can also be associated with money, the arts, harmony, and much more! When in a more negative vibe, Venus can be lustful, indulgent, and vain.

We’re going to be talking about how to “woo” someone based on their Venus placement in their birth chart.

It is important to state that the Venus placement is only one consideration. You can discover much more by also investigating its house placement and aspects to other planets.

Because of this, I recommend getting an astrological reading to learn more about your natal (or birth chart).

It is also my ethical duty to remind you that you should make them aware of what you are doing when investigating another person’s natal chart (especially your crush’s astrology!). Obviously, you would already be in conversations with them about it because you would need their birth information to produce a birth chart, but the below tips should by no means be used as a manipulation tactic. They are more of a way to have fun and provide inspiration.

Lastly, even if you aren’t in a relationship or dating, I hope the below ideas can help you discover more about yourself!

After all, learning more about yourself will help you love yourself more, making you a super attractor of others and goodness. Try any of the activities below solo and journal your experience afterward.

How Do I Find Venus in My Birth Chart?

Make sure to get your free birth chart if you don’t already have one handy.

If you are looking up someone else’s (always with their permission), you will need the birth date, time, and location. You will now need to locate Venus. You can do this by finding the glyph, or symbol, of Venus in the chart.

From there, it’s as simple as seeing what zodiac sign it’s located in. Again, you can do this for yourself and/or your partner.

Keep reading once you have the zodiac sign the planet Venus is in. As always, if something doesn’t resonate, then don’t spend time dwelling on it, but hopefully, you will learn how to get their attention.

Perhaps reading other zodiac signs will help you come up with some fun ideas!

For even more insights, make sure to check out: Exploring Venus Through Your Birth Chart

How to Woo Them, Based on Their Venus Sign


Aries is a get-up and go zodiac sign! When Venus is in this zodiac, your partner wants to share a physical experience with you. Given this energy, perhaps take an online dance class together.

If you want more privacy, you can always skip the lesson, create a playlist, and you two can dance the night away, enjoying the rhythm of the music and each other.


Venus is a very happy planet when in Taurus, so you already have a hunch of your partner’s capacity for sensuality. Why don’t you find a recipe for a dessert or meal you’d both like to make together?

The only thing hotter than fresh, warm bread to a Venus in Taurus is being close to the one they love while sharing in their creation together.


Venus in Gemini likes variety and is quite the intellectual conversationalist. Begin the evening by placing questions in a bowl and taking turns drawing and reading them to each other.

Remember to make sure that both people answer the question. The Venus in Gemini person wants to learn just as much about you as you do them.


Who doesn’t like acting like a kid now and then? With a Venus in Cancer lover, you can both share in that childlike spirit by building a fort.

Grab as many plush pillows and blankets as you can, drape a sheet over the couch and chairs, and turn off the lights. You can both then spend the evening in your little playhouse you build together.

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Time to get creative and indulge in some vanities. For your Venus in Leo companion, hold a photoshoot! They can get dressed up, wear a costume, or model for you as if they were living their daily life.

When you’re done, have a glass of your beverage of choice and look through the photos together. It should provide for some good laughs and stories!


This may not at first seem romantic, but for a Venus in Virgo placement, do some goal planning together.

The goals can be for a specific event, like a trip, or more general, like the next three years, but a Virgo Venus partner will want to help you make plans for your goals. Doing it together only further solidifies your intentions for the relationship.


Coordinate a group game night. You can go classic with an online version of a board or card game, but you can also try charades or trivia.

Sometimes with a person who has Venus in Libra, the more people involved, the merrier! Being social with the other important people in your partner’s life will show your partner you care for them.


Take a trip down memory lane if your partner has Venus in Scorpio.

Not everyone is completely open about their past, but sharing two or three highlights can certainly help your partner open up more emotionally (and connecting on a deeper level is important with any Scorpio placements). Use old photos to help jog your memories!


Venus in Sagittarius is open to having a good time and very interested in philosophy and travel. Watch a movie or documentary together on a subject or place you both find fascinating.

After it’s done, spend time talking about it. You’ll be surprised by how much your partner may get turned on by your ideas.

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Capricorn Venuses are to the point and very logical, but you have probably already discovered that they are also extremely committed and loyal.

Help your partner feels as secure as you are in the relationship by writing down some qualities you love about them. Share this list with them in a note so that they can reference it often.


For the Venus in Aquarius, they want to know what causes you are passionate about. Is it social justice, environmental activism, or fighting poverty?

Take an evening to discuss the charitable causes you both value. Surprise them later by donating to a cause in their honor. This will really show you listened and care enough to take action.


Plan an arts and crafts night for you and your Venus in Pisces partner. You can both paint, color, or make a vision board.

Whimsy and creativity are an expression of this planet in Pisces, so being creative together is not only fun but also a major turn-on for them. See how messy you both can be together.

Where Will Your Venus Sign Take You?

It’s important to note that the above ideas consider the current state of the world.

Many around the world are still in lockdown or have some restrictions on the day-to-day. All the activities we discuss can be done at home and/or online, so even if you’re not physically together, you can still have a meaningful connection.

Oh, and all ideas are PG rated. Maybe try a different site if you’d like other ideas…happy romancing!


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Caroline first learned about astrology at a very young age. She initially began to shy away from the practice based on some foundational beliefs in her family’s religion. However, she realized the energy that formed the Universe is the same energy from which each of us is formed. The Moon affects the tides, so each of us can experience this same energetic pull from all the heavenly bodies.Now knowing that astrology is so much more than a fortune-telling tool and having experienced unique insights into her own life, Caroline embraces astrology wholeheartedly and can point to specific breakthroughs it’s helped her have about herself!You can find Caroline on her Instagram page: @carolinecapungcol.
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