This Astrological Transit is About to Improve Your Love Life

A sense of rebellion accompanies the sign of Aquarius, a desire for spontaneity that coats each moment in uncertainty and excitement. And when Venus – the planet of love – moves into Aquarius on January 2nd, 2023. You can expect these themes to trickle into your love life!

Let’s take a look at how romantic Venus in intellectual Aquarius will affect your own love life.

About Venus in Aquarius

Before we look at the themes you can expect from Venus in Aquarius, let’s break this transit down a bit…

Venus is the planet associated with love, relationships, romance, and pleasure. Venus is all about bringing people together, helping them connect, and encouraging them to have a good time.

On the other hand, Aquarius is an Air sign – intellectual, spontaneous, and a little rebellious. Aquarius is compassionate and humanitarian, and it won’t stop until it’s done its part to make the world a better place for our global community. It wants to shake things up, to affect change – thanks, in part, to its subversive ruling planet, Uranus.

Air, which is Aquarius’ ruling element, encourages the intelligent and thoughtful nature of Aquarius to truly shine. However, all that deep thought can make it difficult for this sign to connect to their emotions.

Aquarius is also a Fixed sign, making them stable, trustworthy, and idealistic. While this sign may not be the most likely to shower you with affection, they don’t let go easily once they’ve committed to someone.

Further, Aquarius is a sign that embraces eccentricity and bucks the system.

They don’t want to have the same experience as everyone else. They want to lap up the unusual, tread new territory, and discover oddities around the world. Therefore, when Venus is in Aquarius, we desire something new, unique, and maybe even a bit unusual when it comes to love.

This transit will encourage you to explore the world around you, seek out the odd and unusual in love, and have unique experiences with the people you care about – to let your freak flag fly.

How to Enhance Your Relationships With Venus in Aquarius

One of the greatest things about astrology is that it can help you navigate certain moods or themes in your life. And when Venus is in Aquarius, you should do a few things to make sure your relationships are running as smoothly as possible, whether romantic, platonic, or otherwise.

1. Embrace the Unusual

This is the time to embrace adventure with your partner or the people closest to you. If you’re in a romantic relationship, you’ll build a deeper, stronger bond with your partner during this transit by trying new things and embracing the unusual.

Attempt a new recipe or cuisine. Watch a movie that falls outside of each of your interests. Try an activity together that previously seemed far too weird to enjoy – you might love it this time around!


2. Be Spontaneous

While Aquarius is thoughtful, it isn’t a very plan-oriented sign: This sign is much more likely to follow their heart and live in the moment than stick to a rigid plan or schedule. Therefore, when interacting with your partner or loved ones, you may feel overwhelmed or irritated with too much structure.

This is the time to let the moment take over, to follow the trail of excitement and enthusiastic energy whenever (and wherever) it leads.

3. Command Compassion

Aquarius isn’t the most emotional sign, but that can be advantageous for such compassionate energy. This sign can help those around them without letting negativity or melancholy energy take over their mood.

If you’re in a relationship, this is the time to focus on the compassion you feel and do what you can to support and be there for your partner. Think about what you can do for them, and make sure to infuse acts of service into your love language.

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Venus in Aquarius 2022: Create Better Relationships, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Curious about ideas and activities to build deeper bonds (with yourself or others) that are more specific to your own Sun sign? Find your zodiac sign:


  • If single, update your online dating profile to include something unique or unusual about yourself.
  • If coupled up, do something together that is new for both of you.
  • Join online groups or forums to network safely and meet like-minded people.


  • Make changes to the routines and responsibilities that you have involving other people.
  • Reach out to your loved ones to build a deeper bond.
  • Connect with a new mentor through social media or a relevant website.


  • If you’re coupled up, try taking an online class together to learn a new skill.
  • If you’re single, take this time to sharpen your craft and be creative.
  • Read a book that you’ve always wanted to pick up this month.


  • Be more open and vulnerable with your partner or loved ones to create more intimacy.
  • Share your feelings even when it seems overwhelming.
  • Embrace changes in relationships to create a deeper connection.


  • If you’re single, engage your inner child in adventures and creative activities.
  • In relationships, try to focus more on the other person and their feelings.
  • Shine light on any issues in your relationships that have been ignored.


  • Volunteer to do your part for your community.
  • Ask yourself which areas of your relationships need tidying or organization.
  • Try to share your affection and admiration with those you love more.

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  • Try to take your relationships and commitments more seriously.
  • If you’re single, enjoy the time to yourself and do the things you love most.
  • If you’re in a relationship, recreate your first date to rekindle the romance.


  • Don’t be scared to share your feelings and emotions with others or ask for support.
  • Reach out to family and check in to build deeper bonds.
  • Explore philosophies and ideals that may change the world.


  • Use essential oils to improve mental connections in relationships.
  • Try to gravitate towards conversations and connections that stimulate you on an intellectual level.
  • Embrace your eccentricity and be yourself.


  • Make time for fun as well as hard work to allow yourself to unwind.
  • Remind yourself that connections are just as important as success.
  • If you’re coupled up, try experimenting with physical intimacy with your partner.


  • Be wholly and unabashedly yourself, rebellion and all.
  • Focus on self-love and positive affirmations.
  • Make sure to share your affection with those you love.


  • Release past upsets or heartaches.
  • Let your imagination help you manifest the connections you seek.
  • Don’t be afraid of healthy boundaries.

Get Ready for Love!

Venus in Aquarius gives us all the chance to make some love changes!

It’s time to improve your relationships, amplify self-love, and embrace your eccentricities and those of your loved ones. How will you use this exciting energy?

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