What Happens When Saturn Squares Uranus in 2021?

In 2020, we all felt the contraction of Saturn in Capricorn. Our social circles, the economic outlook, and your ability to travel all got smaller. It’s been tough, but there is hope.

On December 21st, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn aligned in Aquarius, heralding social innovation and thoughtful growth here on Earth. The arrival of Saturn in Aquarius also activated Uranus in Taurus.

The Saturn-Uranus square is a signature transit of 2021.

It will peak three times. On February 17th, 2021, June 14th, 2021, and December 24th, 2021, but consider it active all year long.

Let’s dive into what this transit means for you moving forward into this year!

Saturn in Aquarius

We had a brief taste of Saturn in Aquarius from May 12th to July 3rd, 2020. What was happening in your life at that time? Notice any themes that emerged during that period because these stories will develop for you in 2021.

Think working from home, think Zoom meetings, think online shopping, think online everything. That’s Saturn in Aquarius bringing practical social solutions to the problems identified by Saturn in Capricorn. The problem itself doesn’t necessarily go away, but we apply innovative thinking and find a new way forward.

Aquarius is a progressive sign with a humanitarian streak seeking to make the world better and fairer for all.

Aquarius offers an intellectual approach because it is an Air sign. Don’t be fooled by the water-bearer’s image, like Gemini and Libra, Aquarius is an Air sign and, traditionally ruled by Saturn, focuses on collective ideals and passing on knowledge.

Saturn moving out of Earth sign Capricorn and into an Air sign Aquarius is significant.

It’s a once-in-29-year opportunity to feel into the different expression of this planet moving between the signs it has ruled since ancient times. It’s time to change your approach from survival to innovation, find new ways of connecting, make new friends (they’ll be quirky types), and experiment with fresh ideas.

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Uranus in Taurus

Uranus has been in Taurus for a while now (since May 2018), and perhaps we’ve become somewhat comfortable with this electric energy in the luxurious sensual sign of Taurus.

Uranus doesn’t do comfort; he’s more like an alarm clock that wakes you up to shake things up. Uranus will create turbulence and test all the wonderful ideas that Saturn in Aquarius brings to the table.

Think of Uranus as the devil’s advocate, the rebel in the room that tests the limits that Saturn imposes with authority.

“That won’t work,” says Uranus. “That’s not right,” says Uranus. “Why should I? Actually, I’m just going to do this instead. You can’t stop me.”

And off he goes.

Saturn in Aquarius wants to create an inclusive utopian based on stable principles. Uranus cares not for rules of any kind and will seek freedom at all costs.

The Saturn-Uranus Square

When planets form a square, they see each other. They understand what the other planet is saying; they just don’t like what they hear, and conflict arises.

Aquarius and Taurus are both Fixed signs.

They are incredibly reliable and committed, but the flip side of these positive qualities is stubbornness and resistance to change.

This doesn’t sit easily for the planet of change, Uranus – and yet you have almost three years of experience with Uranus in Taurus. You’re familiar with the sudden changes in your material world and hopefully have come to appreciate the greater freedoms that come with it.

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Apart from that short stint in mid-2020, you’re not so familiar with Saturn in Aquarius, so it will take a while to understand how this energy will express itself on a collective level and also how it will activate your own natal chart (this is something one of our astrologers can help you with).

So there’s a three-round battle between Saturn and Uranus as Saturn seeks to create the “new normal” we keep hearing so much about, and Uranus keeps shaking up the status quo.

Keep an open mind, and don’t become rigid in your ideology. That is one of the downsides of Saturn in Aquarius, inflexible thinking.

Be secure enough in your mind to be able to hear outside viewpoints – Uranus could bring some really way-out concepts your way – and assess them without emotion. Aquarius is cool as a cucumber and doesn’t get swept up in feelings; ideas, on the other hand…

Uranus in Taurus asks that you be prepared to make changes to your material world.

There will be surprises – to land and environment, to work and labor, to food and resources. What is lost in consistency and predictability (which Taurus loves) is made up of technological advancement and innovation.

Find your sweet spot between comfort and change. Align with your true desire for freedom and authenticity. Be willing to experiment and work towards creating meaningful new foundations for your life in 2021.

Working with Saturn & Uranus in 2021

  • Embrace and create change in your life
  • Create new traditions
  • Question authority
  • Start a personal revolution
  • Become a rebel with a cause
  • Upgrade your tech skills
  • Re-evaluate your past

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