Saturn in Aquarius: Make Career Dreams Reality

Saturn is making a move into a new sign, Air sign Aquarius, and its time in Earth sign Capricorn will soon come to a close. Saturn is the planet that naturally rules your career and professional goals, so when Saturn moves into a new sign, this can impact the way we all approach professional goals and use ambition.

Saturn is the natural ruling planet for Capricorn, so it’s been at home here, and ambition has been pretty focused. With Saturn in Aquarius, this can change, especially since Aquarius governs change! So we may experience literal change professionally and change our goals or careers completely.

Aquarius is focused on the future, and so the changes we make professionally are likely because we’re looking at our future and want to be on the path to achieve the future we dream of. Those future career dreams you’ve had? They can become important now!

The Saturn in Aquarius Personality

Let’s first touch on what it means if you were born with Saturn in Aquarius. Born with Saturn in Aquarius makes you quite the original individual, but this tends to be something you steer away from when young. Over time, you can start to see your uniqueness as an asset, and the more you embrace it, the more success you can have in every facet of life.

Saturn in Aquarius individuals tend to be highly intelligent, at least in some way. They can be problem-solvers, experts in their field, and have a unique way of looking at situations, projects, challenges, and relationships.

Saturn in Aquarius natives can understand what needs to be done and how to do it, even when everyone else has trouble seeing it. They can be very helpful and have a big impact on the world.

Don’t know your Saturn sign? Use the free birth chart calculator to find out!

Saturn Return in Aquarius

A return occurs when a planet comes back to the exact location in the zodiac it was at when you were born. This can signal an important period for the planet involved. Saturn returns are perhaps the most fabled. With Saturn being the Lord of karma, this is no surprise!

Your Saturn return occurs every 27 – 32 years, so we experience 2 – 3 in our lives. The first Saturn return is often the one that brings major lessons, and we have to face things we’ve been avoiding and come to terms with what has been weighing on us. It’s one of the astrological transits signaling the turn to adulthood, and it tends to be quite serious. Your second and third Saturn returns are supposed to be easier – if you’ve learned the lessons, anyway!

If you were born with Saturn in Aquarius, you’ll experience your Saturn return at some point in the next 3 years. This may be a time when you have to work on embracing individuality, stay true to yourself, develop confidence in your intelligence, and secure your place in the world.

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Saturn in Aquarius Career Horoscope

What can you expect from Saturn in Aquarius professionally for your zodiac sign? Let’s go through them:


This can be an important period for you to focus on the dreams you have, including professionally, and get serious about what you want. You may think that some of your dreams aren’t realistic, but if you’re really invested, then try to put together realistic plans. That alone can help you make them real, and make great progress professionally.


Aquarius lights up your professional sector, so Saturn in Aquarius can bring a period where you achieve great success with the things you’ve already been working hard at. If you haven’t, you may experience setbacks and delays and have to change your course in some way in order to get back on track. When you’re going in the right direction, you can achieve great heights.


You may find you have to focus on the big ideas you have professionally and bring some practical energy to them. You can sort through the ideas and pick out the ones that you can get serious about, and take a steady approach. When you do things right, you can unlock more opportunities for yourself and get yourself on a road that leads to great success.


This may be a period where you have to get serious about business partnerships, joint finances, and mutually-beneficial ventures professionally. Working with others who haven’t done things right or where there’s a major power imbalance can create big problems, so strive to have solid partnerships. Those that are positive can become stronger.


Your relationships may take a lot of your attention with Saturn in Aquarius, and you may find that you’re not dealing with other people as much professionally. The ones that you do work with, if they’re positive connections, can become more beneficial for you. If they’re not positive, you may find they fall out of your life.


Saturn in Aquarius can be a great period for you to focus on your work life and doing work that you’re really invested in and care about. If you don’t, you can become much more dissatisfied, and may have struggled with your work. If you already do something you love, and you’re doing it the right way, this can be a great time for progress and recognition.


This period is likely focused on love for you, so professionally, you need to be doing something you love. If you don’t, you may hate it more. You can channel creative energy productively, and this can help you avoid creative blocks that may try to come up. A good connection to your heart can help you manage this time better.


Saturn in Aquarius traverses the bottom of your birth chart, so this can be a time focused on the foundation. That can be your personal, internal foundation as well as the foundation for every aspect of your life, including professionally. You may feel that you’re starting from the ground up in some ways, and you can reach heights in about fifteen years.


You can be an idea person at times, and Saturn in Aquarius wants you to drill down on those ideas and do something tangible with them. Focus on the ideas you really care about and use them to make progress professionally and create the kind of career you want. Using your mind and intellect can be an asset to you.


Saturn moves out of your sign, which can be a bit of a relief! You can now focus on maintaining stability and security, and you can give a lot of attention to your finances to do so. This is a time for saving and thinking about your long-term financial plans, and you can pursue professional opportunities that you feel benefit you financially.


Saturn moves into your sign in Aquarius, and this can be a time when you’re taking on lots of responsibilities and assessing your life, including professionally. You can be more goal-oriented, and this can help you focus on goals and use ambition properly. You do have to approach your goals in the right way and for the right reasons.


Saturn in Aquarius can be a time of deep purging in your life, and you’re releasing a lot of baggage that’s been holding you back over the next few years. You may be more comfortable in the background professionally as a result and can stay out of the spotlight for now. You can focus on letting go of things that have had a negative impact on you professionally as well.


Saturn in Aquarius starts a whole new chapter for all of us! Saturn is in Aquarius March 21 to July 1, and then re-enters Aquarius December 17, to stay until March 2023.

Be ready!

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