Mars Enters Aquarius – Where Dreams & Passions Collide by the Zodiac Sign

It’s time to start thinking of some dreams again! Just when things in life started to feel a little draggy, thanks Saturn, energy picks up steam again. We’ve had multiple planets in retrograde status over the Summer months, and life has been slow moving in all directions. Or at least that is how it feels. But now the planets are waking up, and moving forward. Two planets went forward in the slower moving Cardinal Sign of the Earth Signs, Capricorn.

Starting the end of August, Mars went from retrograde into direct motion in Capricorn, and Saturn went direct in Capricorn in early September. This has put some slower moving, but more successful energy into our big dreams and plans. Now, Mars is changing direction again in direct motion, and moving on into airy Aquarius.

From September 11 into November 15, Mars enters Aquarius. It may sound simple, but it’s not. This is where your dreams and passions will collide. Mars is the action and passion planet, and Aquarius rules the eleventh house where some of your biggest dreams reside. It is also the house of the collective consciousness. You’ll now have the energy and the passion to pursue some of those big dreams, and you will win when you focus on the global picture at large. But how will this impact you and your life? Well let’s talk about that.

Mars in Aquarius – Passion Meets Big Dreams

Mars is the planet that rules the themes of passion, drive, ambition, and yes even anger. Mars is at the center of your biggest desires. It brings out your inner animal. So you can see how this could get you into trouble sometimes, if you are acting on a Mars impulse.

Aquarius is just the opposite. As the Fixed Sign of the Air Signs, Aquarius is a bit of a stubborn one, and also a thinker in every single way. Aquarius digs their heels in and that is their Fixed side coming in. But they also obsess and worry over every little thing. But at the same time, Aquarius rules the eleventh house, which is your house of big dreams. The eleventh house is also your house of social networks, group settings and experiences, and your friendship connections. This is the house where “your people” are connected to.

This means that Aquarius does things for others, usually before they do things for themselves, to an extent. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the freedom lover. And Aquarius is Aquarius and you can’t change them. When you do, or try, you will be unsuccessful. As a huge believer in human rights, Aquarius fights for their own first. And then, they cater to the world’s at large. And that’s how Aquarius sees some of their biggest dreams come true. When Mars enters Aquarius, that’s how you are going to see some of your biggest dreams come true, when you keep these themes in mind.

Let’s look at exactly how, by the zodiac sign.

Aries – The Pursuit of Justice

Mars in Aquarius is working your 11th house of groups and friendships, Aries, and this means the number 11 has a powerful play under this transit. The number 11 is also the number of the Justice card in Tarot, and Aquarius is all about human rights and pursuing justice for all, and for one. With your ruler in Aquarius, you are going to be undergoing a serious of actions and events that will help you to pursue a common cause and engage in group experiences. Justice, human rights, global connections, and the group at large, are all going to be themes you experience in order to see some big dreams coming true. You also are going to be pursuing this for yourself. Stay on the path of integrity, do not cater to Mars’ shadow side, and those big dreams may just become real. Or, you may become the center of attention.

Taurus – The Pursuit of Rising Stars

With Mars entering Aquarius, Taurus, Mars is activating your tenth house of career destiny and public image for a few weeks. This is also your house of reputation, and this is going to put a lot of energy into your work product for a long time. You are going to be passionate and driven when it comes to work, and many eyes will be on you through this process. As with all other zodiac signs, you need to stay in the light on this one. Your energy will be as quick as your temper. Flying off the handle will have all eyes on you in a very negative way. You have a real opportunity to not just reach for the stars, but grab them! Stay in that lane!

Gemini – The Pursuit of Global Affairs

Mars entering Aquarius is working your 9th house of foreign matters, Gemini, and this means matters from afar are going to play a significant role in your life over the next several weeks. You need to be very careful with this one. Being wishy-washy or glossing over facts in the pursuit of a common goal is just not going to work for you. You will have the energy to do these things, and maybe even a little bit of anger too. Do not let anger fuel you here or you are going to lose big time. To see your big dreams come true, you need to rein in the anger and let the passion guide the fact-finding. Become obsessed like an Aquarius, and not obsessed with feeding that Ego.

Cancer –The Pursuit of Transformations

Transformations are going to play a significant role in your life over the next few weeks, Cancer, and you are going to be leading many of them. You have a reputation for being a bit of a crab, and this is not the way you want to lead the path to your big dreams. Passions and drive, yes. Be as obsessed with them as you are about winning. Be fixed like an Aquarius. But don’t go in with an angry face. Mars in Aquarius is working your 8th house of transformations, and this is also your house of secrets and shared resources. Information, financial affairs, and secrets are going to play a role in whether or not you attain some big dreams. Use these matters wisely, and powerful transformations that lead to some realized dreams is absolutely possible.

Leo – The Pursuit of True Love

True love dreams are definitely possible for you when Mars enters Aquarius and works your 7th house of long-term relationships, Leo. Whether you are single or attached, you have some very big dreams when it comes to your romantic situation. With Mars in Aquarius, that can happen now! Mars is very passionate and wants to send you some serious signals when it comes to love, and you will be ignited to pursue every single one of them. Don’t. Mars is sending you some tricks, and your passions will get the better of you like they have in other times. Be a thinker like Aquarius, and bring your rational side with you in all love scenarios. Think of the bigger picture while following those passions, and don’t forget to remember the human rights of all parties in love scenarios. When you engage that, some real and bona fide true love dreams will come true. Act on them!

Virgo – The Pursuit of the Little Things

You are really going to enjoy Mars in Aquarius, Virgo, as it is working the house that you rule. Mars entering Aquarius is working your 6th house of work and everyday details, which is also your house of health. So you are going to be looking at engaging some big dreams when it comes to your health, the little details in your everyday routines, and also the little things in your work life. You’re also going to be looking at pursuing the little things, and when you do that, you will win some of those big dreams. This is how the little things become the big things. Remember, Mars is the temper planet, so exploding over a little thing will also have the same effect. Being passionate about little things yields big dreams, being passionate about a fight over the toilet seat being left up will likewise have a negative effect. Pursue the little things with passion and integrity, and you’ve got some big dreams on the way.

Libra – The Pursuit of Pleasure

Pleasure in all forms and matters related to children will be a predominant theme when it comes to Mars in fellow Airsdign Aquarius, Libra. Mars is working your 5th house of pleasures and romance while in Aquarius, which is also the house where children reside as well. This is also your house of free-spirited fun! You are going to have a lot of energy for focusing on some of the more fun things in life over the next few weeks, Libra. You won’t just have the energy to pursue them, you will also have the passions and drive to pursue them. This is where you may run into some trouble. You may pursue pleasure at all costs. Don’t. And don’t let your temper get in a knot when pleasurable things are interfered with or stopped. Stay in the fun zone, use the Aquarian theme of realizing the goals and ideals of others around you, but still follow those passions. You will find more peace and resolution at the end of the day when you do, and more fun too. You may even realize that seeing dreams come true is super fun!

Scorpio – The Pursuit of a Happy Home

Home matters are going to become a significant focus for you when Mars is in Aquarius for the next several weeks, Scorpio. Mars entering Aquarius is working your 4th house of roots and family, so your actual home building and family matters are going to be taking up a lot of energy and passion. You may be working on some resolution here, or just have more energy to focus on more home and family matters. This is the kind of energy where big renovation projects or relocations occur. It can also be energy where big resolutions can occur, which can be a big dream in itself. Your ruler Mars is in play here though, and this could mean that some tempers are flying. Cater to that side of things and you will only create a hot mess for yourself. Stay in the path of integrity and don’t let your frustrations take you to the dark side. When you do, Aquarian themes of freedom may help you realize some really big dreams.

Sagittarius – The Pursuit of Information

Information is going to become a superpower when it comes to Mars in Aquarius, Sagittarius. This transit is working your 3rd house of communication and information, and so you are going to have the passions and drive to really focus on communicating with others, and collecting and disseminating information. Mars is driving you to get this information, and Aquarius is inspiring you to use it with humanity or groups at large with an overall sense of justice. When you do this, this is how you will see some big dreams come true. If you use information or communication in the heat of anger, to feed an Ego, or for any false purpose or gain, the dreams are going to likely be met for someone else. Don’t let your Ego get in the way of this one, as the Aquarian theme of the world at large is the bigger picture in determining your big dreams.

Capricorn – The Pursuit of Financial Freedom

You are on a serious money mission, Capricorn! With Mars in Aquarius, this transit is working your 2nd house of earned income and gifts and talents. You are going to be driven to succeed to increase that bottom line of yours. You may also be very passionate about sharing your special gifts and talents when it comes to improving any financial matters of yours. Whether your money situation is good or bad, you want to see some fancy finances happening in your life to improve it one way or the other. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you may see your temper go into overdrive if things don’t necessarily work your way. You may also use nefarious means to increase your money load, and this is not the way to see your big dreams manifest. Aquarius generally follows the cause of human justice, and so using this theme in your financial affairs will help you to improve your overall money life. Be real and exercise your freedom, but not at the cost of others. This is your path to financial freedom under this transit.

Aquarius – The Pursuit of Happiness

You are feeling on fire under this Mars transit, Aquarius. With Mars being retrograde for so long over the Summer, you have had your mind on some serious goals and big dreams. They may not even be big dreams. You may just want one small thing. Big or small, Mars in your sign is shining on your sense of Self, and your house of new beginnings. Mars is inspiring you to be the leader on this matter, and take an issue into your own hands. You may get a little fired up about it, you may even be angry. It’s okay to be angry, Aquarius, it’s not okay to be mean. In fact, in this case, you may need to be angry. Use it to conquer some big goals and go after some big dreams. Pursue the things that make your sense of Self shine in the world. You need to feel good about a big issue, that could manifest into a big dream of yours. What is it? Don’t be a bully, don’t be hot-headed in a way that turns a little thing into a negative thing. Take control warrior-style, just like Mars would. Do so in the way that makes YOU shine in this great world. Then your biggest dreams have a real opportunity to come true! A lot of 12th house energy has been getting you down with Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. It’s time for that new beginning and that pursuit of happiness. Own it, Aquarius, it’s your time to shine.

Pisces – The Pursuit of the Divine

You have Mars in Aquarius working your 12th house of endings and secrets, Pisces, and this is also your house of the Divine. This will be a highly spiritual time for you, one where you will find your passions and drives fueled more in alone time than in anything else. You may find yourself preoccupied with themes of endings and death as well during this time, but it may not necessarily be death specifically. You may just find that you are looking for certain things to end in your life, or seeking big changes. This is what will drive you and what will fuel your big dreams. Like every other zodiac sign, you need to stay in the light to ensure these big dreams come true. Secrets could also play a role, and you may need to make decisions on what to do with them. This is a heavy karma house, so you really need to weigh every decision carefully. You’ll have a 12th house angel by your side to help you here. Follow your intuition and listen for cues and signs. Your 12th house angel wants you to stay in the light, and will only guide you on light-filled paths. Those decisions are the ones that will lead you into some big dreams manifesting. Call on that angel and ask for signs when you need direction on getting closer to those big dreams.

Concluding thoughts…

When it comes to Mars in Aquarius, big dreams are on the ticket for you if you follow the drives, passions, and intuitive impulses that Mars sends your way. Stick to Aquarian themes of being obsessed with your goals and dreams, and what makes you a little different in the world. Stay away from the negative sides of both themes, which is Martian temper and Aquarian stubbornness. When you do that, you will experience the realization of some very big dreams!

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