Tarot Numerology: 3’s of the Tarot

We’ve wrestled with the Aces, tackled the 2’s, and now find ourselves at the 3’s of the Tarot.

Even though it may be true that trouble comes in 3’s, this is the point of the Tarot journey that can get the real magic cooking — where the real adventure begins!

If you’ve just pulled a 3 in a Tarot reading, read on to find out a little more about what that particular 3 might mean for you, or learn how to decode the meaning of a 3 yourself!

What Does the Number 3 Represent in the Tarot?

Whereas an Ace of the Tarot kicks off the new path and a 2 of the Tarot demonstrates our need for balance and finding our footing in the new energy, a 3 is where you can finally get access to some of the good stuff promised in the beginning of the suit. Typically, the energy of a 3 is associated with themes of communication, solid group work, and a healthy creative flow.

In numerology, those who find themselves with a life path number 3 are sure to understand what all of those above keywords mean. As true communicators and creators, those with 3 energy make excellent teachers, artists, or really anyone who may find some comfort in cooperative, social environments.

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, you’ll see an immediately apparent similarity between people with life path number 3 the third card of the Major Arcana!

The card associated with the number 3 is The Empress, the card of manifestation, femininity, and fertility. Perhaps you can interpret fertility in a more literal way, but it’s also important to consider that The Empress is really a card of making the dream work; in other words, it’s more like the whole world is a fertile garden at her disposal. She opens doors for herself and expresses herself confidently, making her a true representative of what it means to be a 3.

The 3’s of Tarot Through Each Suit

In the Minor Arcana, the 3’s may take a little extra work to understand fully, each card being heavily influenced by its suit and providing a fresh take on what a 3 looks like. If you find yourself stumped, you can find the meaning of each card and how it relates to the frequency of a 3 below!

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3 of Wands

As a card of optimism and looking outward at the journey ahead, the 3 of Wands emphasizes the amount of potential packed into the frequency of the 3. It can also signal a need for expansion and travel in your life, challenging you to speak up, chase after your dreams, and expect the unexpected.

The possibilities that lie in this 3 are endless, just like the nature of a 3 itself.

3 of Swords

Change, expansion, communication, and the third step of any journey aren’t always pretty — and that’s what the 3 of Swords is here to shed light on. Human connection and interaction, as well as the continuation of any kind of venture, can lead to some serious heartbreak and disappointment.

This card indicates that perhaps some of that is looming or already has found you. Either way, keep in mind that it is only steps 3 of the journey ahead, and there’s more (both good and bad!) to come.

3 of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles really hammers home the point of teamwork, hard work, communication, and cooperation, but it also sheds some light on the pure creativity and passion that stems behind all great projects. Being in the suit of Pentacles, it’s not surprising that it often manifests in areas of work, finance, and career.

With more work to be done on the horizon, the 3 of Pentacles is an optimistic, while still realistic, outlook on the journey ahead.

3 of Cups

Teamwork and joy are of the essence with this 3, placing emphasis on the aspects of communication, teamwork, and love that can come from 3 energy. Often, this card also is depicted as 3 women cheerfully celebrating, relating again to the way that The Empress proudly inhabits feminine energy and cooperates in a uniquely feminine way.

This card overall appears more celebratory than the 3 of Pentacles, which highlights the importance of hard work and coordination.

To Summarize…

Locking down the energy of a 3 into a few select keywords is hard, and it should be! The nature of a 3 itself is inherently expansive and meant to push you forward on your journey, whatever that may be. Bold, creative, and communicative, a 3 can be a both welcome and yet tricky surprise to deal with in a reading.

Want to dive a little deeper into Tarot numerology as you learn to read cards? Read up on the Aces of the Tarot or the 2’s of the Tarot too!

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