How Your Venus Sign Can Help You Connect During Social Distancing

We’re collectively living through a challenging time filled with uncertainty and isolation that most of us have never experienced previously. It can be hard to feel connected right now, especially when we’re still practicing social distancing and following safer-at-home orders.

Yet, connection is one of the most important things in this life. Fortunately, this is one of the many challenges that astrology can help us work through and overcome.

Today, we’re taking a look at Venus placements to explore different ways to connect during social distancing. Venus is the planet that rules over love and shows us more about how we connect to those around us.

So, if you’ve been feeling disconnected lately, keep reading to find out how Venus can bring you love and good vibrations during this time!

Venus Vibrations

The planet of love and beauty, Venus is the celestial matchmaker of the astrological world. This planet was named after the Roman goddess of love, circling back around to its romantic vibes. Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun, representing warmth and connection.

This planet rules over the signs of Taurus and Libra; however, each and every one of us has a Venus placement in our birth chart that can help us understand more about our romantic lives and friendly connections. Venus will also give you insight into how you choose to express love to your friends, family, and partners. Today we’re focusing on how your Venus placement can help you find connection during an isolating moment in history.

If you aren’t sure where your Venus is placed, try using our free Birth Chart Calculator to find out!

How Venus Can Help You Connect

Depending on your Venus placement, there are certain aspects of connection and relating that you might appreciate more than others. Whether you’re spending your time away from your loved ones or spending periods of quarantine at home with family, Venus can help you reach out in a manner that will speak to your heart.


Venus in Aries denotes a playful quality that encourages light-hearted activities when you’re connecting with others. If you’re home with family or roommates, this is the time to break out the board games and get into competition mode. Game play will lighten the energy of the room and encourage friendly vibrations.

If you’re away from loved ones, try creating games that you can play virtually. You could get groovy with some Skype karaoke or play an online video game with your friends or family to boost your connection.


Venus is at home in Taurus, a sign that it rules over naturally. Those with a Venus in Taurus placement enjoy predictability in relationships, making social isolation and distancing an especially difficult event. If you’re away from those you care for, try creating a schedule for virtual connection – make a special time or day each week for a video call or chat.

If you’re riding these waves out at home with family, create a sense of routine by choosing a movie night and popping the popcorn with your loved ones.


Venus in Gemini indicates a social person who loves conversations with others. You may not be enjoying the same frequency of discussions that you’re used to lately, making it difficult to feel connected. If you’re at home with family, try choosing a new topic for discussion each day to keep the conversation flowing.

If you’re away from friends and family, think of questions you can ask about them on your next phone call. This is an excellent time to really get to know the people we care for.


Those with a Venus in Cancer are extremely loyal to the people they love. You’re emotionally sensitive, which can make you feel lonely right now. If you’re away from your loved ones, try making it a point to reach out and check on them. This gives you the chance to connect while making sure they feel supported and loved.

If you’re home with family or roommates, use this opportunity to let them know how you’re feeling. Sometimes you have to be vulnerable with those you love.


A Venus in Leo placement represents someone who adores being adored; you love attention, and you’re not afraid to say it! However, it’s time for you to turn around and give that attention to others. Reaching out to someone and making them feel special will help you glow with delight right now.

If you’re away from friends and family, send a care package or a post card to let them know you’re thinking of them. If you live with someone, cook their favorite meal and digitally rent their favorite movie to let them know you care.

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Venus in Virgo placements are dedicated to those they care for. You are loyal and dependable to your loved ones. It helps you feel balanced and harmonized to help your family and friends whenever you have the chance. This is a great time to be of service to others, which will help you feel more aligned in the Universe.

See if there’s anyone in the house that needs help with a chore or a project. Or, try calling the friends and family you aren’t near to and ask them if they need virtual support or simply someone to talk to.


Those with a Venus in Libra are social, kind, and willing to compromise. Venus rules Libra and feels right at home in this placement, leading to a warm, friendly demeanor. It is likely difficult for you to be away from people right now. Try to reach out in new ways. For instance, you could start a correspondence over email with your best friend or schedule weekly video chats.

If you have family or friends at home with you, don’t be afraid to seek more connection and quality time. Break out the art supplies and host an inspiring crafting afternoon for the family.


Venus in Scorpio indicates someone who takes their relationships and connections seriously. However, they also have an intense thirst for metaphysical knowledge. This challenging time might have you more curious about life’s mysteries and throwing yourself into research, but it’s important that you share your feelings and thoughts with others right now.

If you live with people, crawl out of your research cave and spend some time with them! If you’re away from loved ones, reach out with a phone call or an email to connect and bounce your ideas off of someone who cares.


Those born with Venus in Sagittarius like to grow through their relationships, learning about the world alongside their favorite people. While you may not be able to travel around with your pals right now, you can still find the expansion you seek in your connections.

If you’re away from your friends and family, try using Netflix Party to watch movies in real time that are synchronized with anyone else using extension. You can watch travel documentaries and comedy specials alike! If you’re home with family, this is a great time for creative projects that expand the spirit and bring the group together.


A Venus in Capricorn placement denotes someone who can be reserved in relationships and may have a hard time fully relaxing around their loved ones. This is a good time to allow yourself to let loose and have a little bit of goofy fun with those you care about.

If you live with friends or family, put some tunes on and have a dance party in the living room. If you can’t be near those you care about, try using Houseparty, a face-to-face social network that lets you play games with friends, no matter how far away you are!


Venus in Aquarius represents a social butterfly who appreciates unusual and eccentric friendships. Why not try to find unusual and eccentric ways to reach out to your loved ones right now? Start an ongoing short story that friends can take turns adding to, or begin a snail mail correspondence with a family member.

If you live with others, break out the Tarot cards and give everyone a reading, or try a deep dive into each other’s birth charts. Metaphysical activities will help you connect on an entirely new level.


Those with a Venus in Pisces are playful and imaginative, and these qualities carry over into their relationships. It’s a great time to let your imagination get involved with your connections. Try using music apps like Garageband to create song tracks and beats that you can send to friends who are far away. They can even add to your work for a collaboration!

If you live with friends or family, get creative in the kitchen. Have each member of the household make a dish that they can contribute to your ultimate creative feast.

Sticking Together

We need community and connection now more than ever. If these ideas aren’t sparking excitement and joy in your heart, try coming up with ways to reach out that you’re comfortable with and happy to participate in. The important thing is that you find safe ways to maintain your connections with others, bringing more love and light into the world!

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