A Chakra Healing Ritual for Gemini Season

From May 21 to June 20 we are in Gemini season, which means the Sun is in the Air Sign of Gemini. Gemini’s Air energy can make us really imaginative, social, and curious but it can also make it a bit harder to stay grounded and complete tasks. It’s a fun time to let your creative insights flourish and to rediscover your ability to play and have fun at any age.

We also have Mercury in Gemini until May 28, making that time from May 21-28 extra infused with Gemini wit, humor, and quirkiness. The Gemini zodiac sign makes our upper chakras very active. We think quickly and our minds have lots of energy to come up with new ideas. In order to stay balanced and actually use those ideas, it’s good to work on activating the lower chakras.

It will help you to know that as the Sun moves through different zodiac signs, we can do chakra work to help balance the energies. When it comes to chakra healing, a chakra may be either under-active and shrunken or overactive and blown out. Our goal is to bring balance to our chakra energy by making sure they are all functioning with balance between the two.

This little chakra ritual check-in will help you get through Gemini season without losing your sense of stability but also to embrace the fun spirit of Gemini!

How Gemini is Linked To The Body

While there are not Gemini chakras, we know that Gemini is connected to the nervous system, the lungs, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, and fingers. The Heart chakra links to these body parts as well. It’s interesting that the Heart chakra is smack dab between the upper and lower triangle of chakras. The Gemini energy has a certain duality to it which helps us see both sides to an argument and to understand people with different viewpoints.

However, we may also be more prone to telling white lies, not following through with our promises, or even being indecisive. This chakra ritual will help you bring out the best of Gemini energy while quieting the not so desirable traits.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which links to our Throat chakra as well. The element of Air links to the Heart and Throat chakras that our breath moves through, linking Gemini predominantly to these two chakras.

Gemini is also linked to the Third-eye chakra and Crown chakra because it stimulates thinking and ideas, and we could also say Gemini links to the Sacral chakra, where our creative energy is stored and generated.

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A Chakra Balancing Ritual For Gemini Season

You will need a jar of dirt to represent Earth, a candle to represent Fire, a bowl of Water to represent itself, and incense or a feather to represent Air. To do this ritual, find a quiet place where you can sit and start by breathing in and out of your nose deeply five times. On each exhale, relax deeply to prepare yourself for the ritual.

To connect to the four elements, state each of these affirmations as you hold the object that represents the element.

  • With this soil, I ground my energy and call on the Universe to help me feel stable right now.
  • With this water, I release negative energy and call on the Universe to help me focus on positive emotions right now.
  • With this candle, I activate my creative passion and call on the Universe to help me ignite my purpose right now.
  • With this feather (or incense), I allow myself to think optimistically and I call on the Universe to help me envision a positive future right now.

Now with the four elements activated, you will use these chakra balancing affirmations to activate and balance each of the seven main chakras.

1st Chakra Affirmation: I’m firmly connected to the Earth. I focus on what I am doing and make sure I take care of my bills, eat grounding solid foods, and slow down so I think before making decisions.

Now visualize a red ball of light the size of a tennis ball at the base of the spine.

2nd Chakra Affirmation: I am creative and can manifest, but I slow down to check in with my gut before I pursue something to make sure it’s in my highest good. I make time to play each day.

Now visualize an orange ball of light the size of an orange at the lower abdomen.

3rd Chakra Affirmation: I am optimistic and joyful. I exercise to get rid of excess energy.

Now visualize a yellow ball of light the size of a grapefruit at the diaphragm.

4th Chakra Affirmation: I’m kind, compassionate, and I am honest about what I want and need. I set healthy boundaries with others and with how I use my time.

Now visualize a green ball of light the size of your fist at the heart.

5th Chakra Affirmation: I share my ideas after I have thought them through. I listen when other people speak.

Now visualize a blue ball of light the size of an apple at the throat .

6th Chakra Affirmation: I can see my goal clearly so that I know how to best use my time to accomplish it. I simply focus on one goal at a time.

Now visualize a purple ball of light the size of a plum at the forehead.

7th Chakra Affirmation: I sense my spiritual purpose and live based on my purpose. I meditate and allow inspiration into my mind.

Now visualize white light spiraling upwards from the top of your head.

Conclude your ritual by visualizing all the chakras healthy and vibrant with energy flowing freely from the Earth and sky through them. Feel your aura around you is clear and bright. State this affirmation: I am using my creative ideas to help the world.


Congratulations fellow virtual wizards! You’ve completed your Gemini season chakra healing ritual. Feel free to repeat it each week to re-balance your energy. In summary, remember that you’re going to feel like exploring new topics and places but that doesn’t mean we get to throw out our adult responsibilities.

You’ll thrive during Gemini season if you capture the creative and social energy by writing down your ideas and making time to be with friends.

Our final words of wisdom are to do everything in moderation, just so that the other important things get done too which will keep stress low and happiness high. Gemini season is a great kick-start to our new goals, ushering in the Summer Solstice June 21 when we celebrate the creativity and passion that lives within all of us.

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