How You Deal With Change, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

How much do you know about your Chinese Zodiac sign?

Perhaps as a Rat you know that you are witty and ambitious? Perhaps as a Rabbit you know that you are gentle and accommodating? Maybe as a Snake you know that you are philosophical and refined?

However, there is much more to the Chinese Zodiac than just knowing the qualities of your individual sign.

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One way or another, both as individuals and as a collective, we are experiencing great change in 2020. Learning more about your Chinese Zodiac sign growth can help you understand yourself and others better.

So how does your Chinese Zodiac sign deal with change?

2020 – The Year of the Rat

Whenever the Year of the Metal Rat comes around, we know that it is going to be a time of great upheaval and change. The last time it was the Year of the Metal Rat was 1960. During this year, J.F Kennedy won the Presidential Election, the USA entered the Vietnam War and the IRA began its fight against the British.

Metal is perhaps the most powerful and ambitious of all the elements in Chinese Astrology – people born in a Metal year tend to have a very strong presence and are very determined, sometimes even ruthless, in pursuit of their goals.

The Rat is the most ambitious sign of the Chinese Zodiac, making this combination a force to be reckoned with.

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How to Deal With Change, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign


The Rat is someone who deals with change quite well, provided they have managed to prepare for it. This can present problems when the unexpected happens and can cause a Rat to become irritable and even unreasonable if they are thrown into a situation they aren’t prepared for. On the other hand, a Rat is extremely resourceful and will often analyze a variety of outcomes to ensure they are prepared. Because of their natural ability to think of solutions, a Rat will often be able to find an agreeable outcome. So even if they panic a bit at first, a Rat will always find a way to pull through.

As a Rat, prepare yourself for change by exhausting all possible outcomes and planning in your diary for each one.


The Ox is a member of the Second Trine and probably the most stubborn of the lot. This is someone who, once they set their sights on a goal, will stay the course, no matter what. Change is not always very welcome with this sign. They tend to plan for the long-term and disruptions to this can throw them off track. On the other hand, the Ox has phenomenal endurance and they are not afraid of hard work. So while they may resent change at first, they will adapt to the situation with their inner strength and fortitude.

As an Ox, you can deal with change by staying positive, focused and grounded.


The Tiger is a flexible individual like their close friend, the Horse, and therefore tends to deal with change well. Because this is someone who tends to live for the moment anyway, ‘expect the unexpected’ is one of their mottos in life. They adapt easily to new situations, even in their later years when they have become a bit more stable. Tigers tend to think on their feet so this is a sign that will embrace change at times, especially the unexpected kind. A Tiger can get sloppy, lazy or depressed when they are in the same routine for a long time, which may partly be why change is often welcome for them.

As a Tiger, you can deal with change by showing hope and optimism, both to yourself and others.

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Rabbits are gentle and peaceful individuals who enjoy their comfort zone. Therefore, change is not always welcome unless it has been planned well in advance. Rabbits carefully cultivate their lives and their environments; disruptions to this are really not their style! A Rabbit may burrow themselves away for a while to avoid the change, but sooner or later, that inner Rabbit strength will shine through and a Rabbit will accept what is happening, moving forward in their usual pleasant and focused way.

As a Rabbit, you can deal with change by not letting negative thinking or fear get the better of you and practicing positive affirmations.


Dragons deal with change quite well, particularly if they are in charge. Dragons like to be in control so if change is thrust upon them by someone else, it may get their nostrils flaring. However, they are incredibly resourceful like their friend, the Rat, and they are also extremely innovative. When there is unexpected change, you want a Dragon around because their strong presence helps you feel secure and optimistic about the future. It is common for them to set out firm guidelines and plan for the future as soon as change hits as they are highly adaptable.

As a Dragon, you can deal with change by taking charge of your situation and having faith in your abilities.

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The Snake is someone with an extremely cool head. They deal with change well, especially unexpected change, because they don’t tend to let their emotions get the better of them and will instead deal with things in a logical and rational way, carefully thinking out plans for how to adapt to it. However, their process for accepting change can be slow; they may take days to accept it is happening because it needs to fully sink into their thought process. This can make a Snake appear cold to others in times of change, but actually it’s just their way of trying to deal with things.

As a Snake, you can deal with change by surrounding yourself with positive thinking and harnessing your ability to be flexible.


The most flexible sign of the Chinese Zodiac, ‘change’ is practically the Horse’s middle name. This is someone who goes where the wind takes them and they deal well with change, able to adapt to pretty much any situation. A Horse can be good to have around for more fixed individuals who dislike change, as they can help to inject optimism and positivity into the situation. However, they can be known to blow things out of proportion so it’s important for a Horse to keep a level-head in times of change, too.

As a Horse, you can deal with change by reassuring others and yourself, as well as having a good balance between your logic and emotions.


This is an imaginative and sympathetic member of the Fourth Trine and like their friend, the Rabbit, they are not eagerly fond of change. The Fourth Trine is all about peace and harmony. Change means disruption, and disruption can mean lack of harmony! A Goat may deal with change by drifting off into their own little world for a while as they take solace from their powerful creativity. It provides a wonderful coping mechanism for them. Once the Goat is clear where they stand, they will adapt to change quite well, though they will be cautious as they do so.

As a Goat, you can deal with change by writing down your thoughts and feelings so you can assess everything easily.


This resourceful member of the First Trine is similar to their friends, the Dragon and Rat, when it comes to change. Able to assess the situation quickly and take charge when necessary, Monkeys are very good when it comes to change because they have the gift of the gab and can help bring people together in order to find harmony and stability. The Monkey is the ultimate social networker. They may secretly resent change as they value order and work hard to create structure. But a Monkey will always put on a face of confidence and trust which helps instill confidence in others.

As a Monkey, you can deal with change by bringing people together and injecting positivity into the situation.


Roosters are extremely diligent and independent members of the Second Trine and like their friend, the Ox, they have a determined view of how they want things to be. This makes this sign resentful to change which is thrust upon them and they are not ones to hide their feelings, so usually everyone will know exactly how they feel about it. But like the rest of the Second Trine, they are hard-working and eager to get results so once they have accepted their situation, they will be an important pillar of restructure and rebuilding.

As a Rooster, you can deal with change by thinking things through, assessing the situation and writing out a plan of action.


The Dog is the least flexible member of the Third Trine and prefers order and stability over chaos. Therefore, change is not always the most welcome thing to the Dog. It can generate worry and anxiety within them. However, a Dog is an extremely loyal and faithful individual, and will do everything possible to ensure that any type of change runs smoothly, especially for others. So you will rarely know that a Dog is bothered by change because they tend not to show it. This is a sign that believes in putting on a brave face in order to help others get through change, especially unexpected change.

As a Dog, you can deal with change by meditating, breathing sessions and affirming to yourself regularly that everything is fine.


The Pig is probably the most easily-adaptable to change of all the animals in the Fourth Trine. Pigs are pretty happy-go-lucky and tend to look on the bright side of life. When there is unexpected change, Pigs will focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Their friendliness and positive attitude will inspire and motivate others. However, Pigs also enjoy their comfort zone and if change is thrust upon them and they are not ready for it, they can be resentful and object to it for some time.

As a Pig, you can deal with change by exuding positive energy and reminding yourself that change is a part of life, which is also part of self-growth.

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