Small Change – Big Difference, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

With the possibilities of the New Year coming up, and all the excitement tied to making resolutions, lists and hopeful improvements on the horizon, we may feel like we have the next 6 weeks to party, entertain and finish out 2017 without concern for all of the bad habits or weird choices we’ve made.

There’s a million ads, videos and TV shows telling us we have to completely change, lose 200 lbs., throw away our romance novels; whatever it is, we’re expected to make a huge shift for a huge gain. In the end though, studies show it only takes about 21 days to create a new habit or routine.

Whether it’s for health reasons, peer pressure or just wanting to break a cycle you are not benefiting from any more, why are you waiting? You don’t even need to be dramatic and drastic. Start small and it can add up in the long run.


Busy, busy Aries, you have a million things to do, places to go and people to see. You are enchanted by the challenge of something new, the chance to prove yourself yet again and the promise of what ‘s just around the corner being much more interesting than what you’ve got on your plate right now.

How do you keep track of all of your commitments? Aries is not known for their ability to remember everything – once you lose interest, you tend to leave things in the dust. Consider the small change of a calendar to keep it all straight. Don’t want to stop and take the time?

Try a cool new app like Timepage to entice you to stay on track. We know how much you love new things, so give it a try and get a visual reminder of all the awesome stuff you’re taking on!


While it’s definitely not universal, bulls have a reputation for being lazy when it comes to the physical. This is probably more of a nod to the fact that Taurus loves the comforts in life, and likely prefers staying at home wrapped in a blanket and fuzzy socks than going out for an icy run in the snow or a long hike in the bush.

Taurus can be particularly hard on themselves – you tend to take on a lot without complaint and instead of confronting issues head on, you let them store up until you feel like blowing your top! This can be really hard on your mental energy, and if you’re also not getting enough exercise, this could be a bad combination for your brain and body.

A small change for you could be to start introducing a walk in your daily routine. Studies show that even 30 minutes a day can improve your mental health and have an impact on things like depression, anxiety, stress and even sleeping better. Being closer to nature can call to your earthy side as well, and you’ll probably start loving it sooner than later.


Geminis love their technology and you are probably the one in your social circle who is always coming up with new apps to use and fun ways to deliver on your social media. It’s important to you to be ahead of the pack, as well as to keep all of your million thoughts, plans and ideas together at the click of a button.

However, there’s proof that being in front of a screen all day is not great for your brain. It can cause poor sleeping habits, eye strain and even – it can even inhibit emotional development in children! You never really stop being stimulated and it’s no wonder that you can start to feel super scattered and more than a little stressed out.

A small change for you could be to power down once in a while – shut down the phone, the TV, the laptop – and open up your eyes and look around at your surroundings – it can do wonders for your brain – and your relationships!


Cancers can’t stand being called out or to be thought poorly of, and you can stress for days about a comment you made, or a reaction you got from someone in a conversation you had three weeks ago. Being indirect in your communication, you can turn those negative feelings inward and cause yourself a lot of unnecessary guilt and anxiety.

Being a more introverted sign, you might even just decide to avoid people or social situations if you feel at odds with someone in particular, or to shun the idea of being put on the spot. Because you are now removing yourself from social interaction, you aren’t getting fair exercise in communication and can further distance yourself, making you feel even more awkward.

You can be your own worst enemy, for a lot of your drama is in your head and worrying can make it worse. A small change is to learn your own triggers. Make a list of all the things that worry you or make you feel out of control. Then, identify anything you feel you could tackle if you have someone you trust with you.

Face your fear slowly and don’t overthink it. There are many ways to manage anxiety and stress, but in the end, you have to want to take control of your life and take steps to learn how to be more confident in yourself – we bet there are few people in your life who doubt you. See yourself through the eyes of your biggest fans and you might be less hard on yourself!


Fire signs like Leo have an energy level unlike most of the zodiac, and you can overwhelm people with your never ending enthusiasm. You are creative and generous, and probably find yourself dedicating a lot of time to your social circle, your job and your family. Where do you find the time?

While it can be difficult to quell the fiery spirit of the lion, you need to remember to take care of yourself at the end of the day. You might not admit it, but if you’ve been taking on too much, adding an extra night a week to play yet another sport, or trying to fit in another friends’ night, you might be feeling exhausted.

Pushing too hard and not fitting in enough time for sleep and can lead to health issues down the road. Not getting enough sleep can make us more fatigued, cause headaches and lead to higher blood pressure as we add to the deprivation total.

It can also make us less able to perform at the things we love to do while we’re awake, defeating the purpose of doing them in the first place. A small change is to think about a sleep routine – or at least about adding more time to your nightly recharge. Even 30 more minutes a night can improve your willpower, cut your risk of getting sick and increase your creativity!


You probably have a lot on the go Virgo. Your curious brain keeps on ticking and you’re rarely satisfied when you complete a job, because you notice all the details you’d have caught if you’d given yourself more time. You’re a perfectionist like no other, and being so hard on yourself can make you feel dissatisfied in the long run.

While you like to challenge yourself and can enjoy the fruits of your labors, there may always be a part of you thinking about the next project, or noticing all the things you didn’t get to. A small change is to learn to ask for help. You might avoid asking for help because no one meets your standard, but this creates a cycle where you never get a break.

Did you ever think someone might be thrilled to lend a hand? It can be hard to start, but in the end, if you have a lot on your plate, it can save your health and sanity. You might have to do a little coaching, or remind yourself that doing it differently doesn’t make it wrong. Accepting new perspectives could make an event even better if you give it a chance!

Start small with someone who has a comparable work ethic and taste level to yours. Ask them to help you with something small and see how you work together. If it goes well, repeat the next time. Before you know it, you might be able to get everything done and not feel like you need to sleep for 800 years!


Social butterfly Libra shines on any occasion involving people and conversation. You find it easy to communicate and probably have no qualms introducing yourself and getting the party started. Where you are not so confident is in your decision making. Libras want to to endear themselves to others, and it’s very important you are well liked.

You’re likely uncomfortable with confrontation and discord, feeling safest in more balanced environments. All of this can add up to you taking a backseat when it comes to drama or conflicts. You might find yourself trying to calm an out of hand situation between two friends, only to dwell on whether or not you were fair or if you took sides that could affect your relationships.

You have to remember that if your heart is in the right place, you can’t fault yourself too much. Genuinely wanting to help and put people at ease is a wonderful trait, but if you’re just working yourself up and agonizing later, you have to think about how you can help them without hurting yourself.

A small change for Libra then, is to learn to hold others accountable for their behavior. At the end of the day, it’s not up to you to solve their problems. Do your best to bring calm, but after you’ve done your part, walk away and let it go. It sounds easy right? It just takes practice. Focus on giving the fairest assessment, then leave it up to them to work it out.

Redirect your energy as soon as you’re out of the conversation and don’t bring it up with anyone else. It won’t happen quickly, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. Start small and see a big difference if you stick to it and believe in yourself.


Honesty and integrity are extremely important to Scorpios, and you will drop someone like a hot potato if you find out they’ve betrayed you in some way. It’s almost as though, once you see their true colors, you can’t go back. Ask yourself though, are you always 100% honest, wearing your integrity like a badge?

We all engage in some hot gossip once in awhile, right? But how can you hold others to a high standard if you don’t live your own values? Stand behind your innate characteristics – gossip is, after all, talking about someone behind their back when they can’t defend themselves. There is no honor in this, but we can be easily drawn into drama.

A small change could be a commitment to not just avoid gossip, but to be intolerant of it. You are so black and white about your beliefs, it would make sense to hold yourself to the same standard. The next time someone comes to you with some juicy gossip about someone you know, shut them down.

You can either tell them straight up you aren’t interested, or stand up for the person in question and diffuse the entire conversation. Once people realize you won’t be involved, two amazing things will happen. You’ll hear less gossip and drama because people know you don’t want to be involved, and your relationships and reputation will grow as respect for you grows.

You are proving your fairness and honor, as well as setting an example that kicks negativity, jealousy and envy square in the butt.


Ruled by Jupiter, who brings growth, prosperity and good fortune, Sagittarius is the zodiac’s curious and optimistic traveler, on a path of discovery and knowledge. You are sometimes accused of having a horseshoe implanted somewhere on you, for you always seem to land on your feet with a smile on your face.

The truth about your seemingly charmed life lies closer to the fact that you’re very resilient. Change is welcome to you and you’re inspired by differences and interruptions – they make everything more interesting, and you understand change brings opportunity. Anything that goes ‘wrong’ is a learning experience, and will be a terrific story down the road.

In a world full of cynicism, we could all use a dose of Sagittarius’ outlook on life. A small change for you could be to realize the impact you can have on the world around you if you simply share your cheerful spirit with others.

Volunteering with those who have fallen on hard times could be especially rewarding, but start small and commit to one random act of kindness a week. Something as simple as walking your elderly neighbor’s dog or helping a young mother struggling with a stroller and groceries to her car can make a huge difference.

You might even encourage those you’ve helped to do the same for someone else, starting a chain reaction. Instead of saving all that powerful energy for yourself, turn some of it on your environment and be amazed at how a small effort can make a gigantic change.


Capricorn is one of the hardest working signs of the whole zodiac, but you are notorious for being uber serious and hard to crack. You have high expectations, and can come across as cool and rigid to those who are meeting you for the first time. In reality, you are probably so focused on what you are doing that you forget about everything else around you.

Unfortunately, being so demanding of yourself can lead you to be extra hard when you don’t succeed as you’d hoped. You might still be more successful and accomplished than everyone around you, but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t hit your own targets. This can lead you to being pessimistic and feeling dark.

A small but effective change for you could be to schedule some time every day, even just 5 minutes to stop what you’re doing and think of one thing you are grateful for or proud of. It could be something as simple as you avoiding road rage that morning, or smiling at a silly text from your best friend.

Remembering to pat yourself on the back and be grateful for all of the positive things in your life at least once a day could have a larger effect on you than you may think, and could keep the clouds from settling over your head.


Rebellious Aquarius, you are an individual thinker, a unique character and you might spend an inordinate amount of time explaining your ideas and opinions to people around you, because you think so differently. While this could be frustrating and a little lonely at times, you generally own your weirdness, as you’d rather be unusual than to fit in a box.

What sets you apart in social situations might be what can get you ahead when it comes to work. Thinking outside of the box likely means you find unique solutions to problems and can be innovative in your idea generation in a way that baffles your co-workers.

We need that kind of thinking to discover new possibilities, and it’s no surprise a lot of entrepreneurs and scientists fall under the sign of Aquarius. Mozart, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin are among the more famous Aquarians, and the world we live in has been largely affected by their daring ideas and theories.

A small change for you could be to make sure you are not inhibiting your unique ideas. You need inspiration and to dream on a large scale. Find a place at home or work, or even just a Pinterest page for visual inspiration boards to keep you motivated.

Seeing it on a daily basis could keep you on track and encourage you to come up with even more bold and brilliant ideas!


Water signs like Pisces are gifted with powers of intuition, and this can be extremely helpful – or harmful – to you. Being able to pick up on what’s going on around you in a deeper way than most can mean you start to worry more than most as well. Pisces are also known to be empathic, meaning you can often feel what others are feeling too.

This can be a huge responsibility for you, depending on how you both channel and block the energy coming to you. If you haven’t learned to redirect people’s emotions, you are probably absorbing them, and even taking on their troubles for your own. A small change for you, tender-hearted Pisces, is to trust your initial intuition about people.

Instead of immediately wanting to jump in and figure out how best to help, if you sense some incoming drama or tension, untangle yourself gently and step away for the moment. It might sound callous, but learning to pick your battles and choose yourself once in a while is a powerful skill.

Doing so can actually make you emotionally stronger. Think of it as building your shield, leaving you better able to help even more people in the future, without losing parts of yourself in the process.


While it is a tradition to rev up at the end of the year and re-emerge in January as the people we want to be, why do we feel like we have to wait? We certainly don’t have to wait to make subtle, or even large changes right now. Get a head start on your plans to be a better or improved version of yourself and make some small changes right now!

What are some of the changes that have helped you?

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