How To Deal With Each Chinese Zodiac Sign in the Workplace

Has your workplace ever felt like a zoo? Well, if you think of yourself and your coworkers as your Chinese Zodiac signs, you can actually learn to understand everyone’s unique work style and improve your relationships – inside and outside the office.

Each sign has their own unique set of characteristics and the more you know about your own Chinese zodiac sign and the signs of others, the more equipped you’re able to deal with these very different personalities!

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Of course, like Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology is a many-layered thing. Different variables exist, such as the Rising Sign. In the Chinese Zodiac, one of twelve animals represent the year you were born. You will possess the qualities of this animal to some degree or another.

The workplace is somewhere that we are thrust together with people we don’t know, with very different quirks and characteristics. Can you spot some of the people you work with based on their Chinese Zodiac sign? Read on to find out more!

The Chinese Zodiac Signs at Work:

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The Rat is an intelligent and ambitious individual so this person can usually be found getting their head down and focusing on a task.

This person doesn’t like being interrupted when they are in the middle of something, so even if you’re doing the “Who wants a cup of coffee?” round, try and skip them if they’ve got their nose buried in something! They won’t thank you for causing them to lose concentration. On the other hand, the Rat is an excellent strategist and is wonderful when contributing to those brainstorming meetings.

They get on particularly well with other members of the First Trine, also known as the Competitors, which are the Dragon and Monkey.


Do you see that person who comes in an hour before everyone else and leaves an hour later than everyone else? It’s usually an Ox. These people are incredibly resolute when it comes to work. They live and breathe work. An Ox is not happy unless a task is completed – and completed well!

The Ox is quite a serious person so don’t expect them to engage in fun and games if the boss is away – they will disapprove and likely tell you off! But if you want someone to man the forte and ensure that everything is in its rightful place and everyone is doing their duty, then look no further than an Ox.

They get on very well with other members of the Second Trine, also known as the Thinkers, which are the Snake and Rooster.


A Tiger can often be spotted for their rather quirky and unusual approach to things. This is not a person that likes to stick to a routine. This is also not someone who likes being told what to do! If there is some kind of bust-up in the workplace, a Tiger is usually behind it.

This is the sign of the rebel and if they feel their superiors are treating others unfairly or they are being taken advantage of in some way, they won’t hesitate to blow the house down and expose everything out in the open. The Tiger is someone who enjoys play as much as work, so don’t expect them to literally work all through the day. Above all, don’t tell them what to do! No matter what position they are in, Tigers view themselves as an authority and will expect to be treated as such.

They get on very well with other members of the Third Trine, also known as the Protectors, which are the Horse and Dog.


One of the most pleasant colleagues you could ask for. A Rabbit is someone who everyone likes to work with. In fact, every office should have at least one Rabbit in it!

These charming and well-mannered individuals like to keep the peace and ensure everyone is happy, well-nourished and has their morning cup of coffee. They are wonderful to have a chat with during lunch or as you take a break from your screen. However, if you’re in the mood for a strike or have a gripe with a fellow colleague, don’t expect them to get involved! The Rabbit wants peace above all else and has no interest in disturbing the serenity they have carefully cultivated.

They get on very well with other members of the Fourth Trine, also known as the Diplomats, which are the Goat and Pig.


This is the sign of leadership and a Dragon will usually be the boss, manager or CEO. The Dragon simply commands authority. They are efficient, practical and visionary. The Dragon dreams big and isn’t afraid to pull others into their dreams as well! Even if you do catch a Dragon who is not a position of authority, they will come across as if they are – and likely rise to the top at some point or another anyway.

Dragons are excellent leaders because they can deal with all types of characters, whether it’s the rebellious nature of the Tiger, or the emotional outbursts of the Goat, or the rigid stubbornness of the Ox. However, a Dragon does not like being disobeyed so be careful not to push the fair nature of this person too far!

They get on very well with other members of the First Trine, the Rat and Monkey.


The philosopher of the workplace. The Snake enjoys a good chat, especially when they are able to explore the deepest corners of their mind (and yours). This is someone who likes to ensure their environment is aesthetically pleasing, so if you’ve left your coffee cup and half-eaten biscuit on their desk, be prepared for glowers that can last for days.

The Snake rarely forgives and never forgets. However, they are also some of the most charming and intelligent people you could come across, making every workday a pleasure. The Snake has oodles of charm and very few fail to succumb to it!

They get on very well with other members of the Second Trine, the Ox and Rooster.


The free spirit of the workplace. The Horse is someone who always has something interesting to say. It is the person who is rarely on time, but when they do finally show up, they breeze in as if they have been on the most magnificent adventure and can’t wait to tell you all about it. A workforce with a Horse in it is rarely boring. They go where the wind takes them!

They are wonderful at generating creative ideas and fabulous at cultivating yours. However, if you have a deadline and you need something accomplished within a specific timeframe, don’t call on the Horse. Call on the Rat or Ox. A Horse’s concept of time is different to everybody else’s and you don’t want to be left pulling your hair out.

They get on very well with other members of the Third Trine, the Tiger and Dog.


This is a wonderfully nurturing soul whose poetic and imaginative nature can keep people entertained for hours. A Goat likes to bring a creative flair to all their projects and you will be wowed by the extent of their imagination and their many talents.

If you’re looking for someone to give an eloquent presentation or find creative solutions where others are stuck, turn to the Goat. However, do not hurt their feelings – a Goat will ram its horns into your back faster than you can blink. They are very sensitive people and this sensitivity doesn’t disappear just because they’re in the workplace! An emotional outburst from a Goat is not a pleasant sight, so be kind and accommodating to them and they will treat you with an equal amount of courtesy, if not more.

They get on very well with other members of the Fourth Trine, the Rabbit and Pig.


Monkeys are very sociable, chatty, and charming. They are also very funny individuals and will have you laughing for hours. They really know how to brighten the workplace up! Because Monkeys are such sociable characters, they are excellent at easing tensions and awkward situations. They are also adept at dealing with many different types of people which is why they tend to be excellent at PR.

They are intelligent – and don’t they know it! In fact, a Monkey’s confidence can sometimes come across as arrogance and this can get on their colleagues’ nerves. Monkeys can be prone to boasting sometimes and can even be quite vindictive when they are being overly competitive. But a Monkey is always willing to listen to the other person’s point of view, which is one of their most noble characteristics.

They get on very well with other members of the First Trine, the Rat and Dragon.


Such punctual people! Roosters take their jobs seriously and are wonderfully reliable and dedicated. They can be relied upon for any project and with a Rooster at the helm, you know a good job will be done. It is important for Roosters to have enough space and freedom in the workplace, so if they feel they’re being crowded it will ruffle their feathers and they’re likely to storm off! When they are left to their own devices, however, they are capable of doing fantastic work.

Every workforce appreciates a Rooster for their enthusiasm and persistence to get the job done. However, they do not like being told what to do – they are, after all, Roosters, not chickens!

They get on very well with other members of the Second Trine, the Ox and Snake.


An upstanding pillar of society, the Dog is someone who takes their work and duty seriously. They are one of the most helpful members of the workforce. If you are in need or require a helping hand, a Dog will always stay behind and help you. Leaving someone behind is simply not in their nature!

If a Dog has been tasked with a mission, they will ensure it is completed promptly and efficiently. However, if they are being asked to do something that conflicts with their morals or values, a Dog will take a stand! Their morals mean more to them than anything else and, what’s more, they wouldn’t hesitate to expose any underhanded behaviour to others! A Dog can be a worrywart – they have a tendency to worry and can chew others’ ears off with their concerns for hours. It is best to just keep soothing and reassuring them, no matter how many times you have to repeat yourself.

They get on well with other members of the Third Trine, the Tiger and Horse.


A gentle and friendly soul, Pigs are always wonderful to have around a workplace because they give off a general positive vibe that puts a smile on people’s faces. They are tolerant and understanding individuals and if someone is having a hard day, a Pig will drop what they are doing to listen to another’s woes.

Pigs have the ability to be very healing people. However, sometimes they don’t understand that others need their space! A Pig can come across as a little overbearing sometimes or even muscle in on your workspace when you are trying to concentrate. Try not to be impatient with the Pig! They genuinely don’t realize they are bothering you. A firm and polite “Let’s talk later” should do the trick!

They get on very well with other members of the Fourth Trine, the Rabbit and Goat.

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