The Rising Signs in Chinese Astrology – Explained

Chinese Astrology is a fascinating branch of astrology that has been around since ancient times and focuses on twelve different animals, each of which corresponds to a person’s year of birth. In Chinese Astrology, it is believed that you will take on the qualities of that animal and this will represent the core of who you are. So if you were born in the Year of the Dragon, your innermost self is someone who is powerful, driven and determined to succeed; if born in the Year of the Tiger, you will likely be brave, sensitive and drawn to humanitarian causes; if born in the Year of the Snake, you are wise and philosophical, keeping your innermost thoughts close to your chest.

Most people are aware of what Chinese Astrology is to some degree, but what most people don’t know is that, just like in Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology also has Rising Signs. In Western Astrology, the sign that was rising at the time of your birth is your Rising Sign, or the Ascendant, and it is no different with Chinese Astrology.

The Chinese Zodiac & Rising Signs

In the Lunar Calendar, the day begins at 11pm. The twenty-four hours are divided into two hours each and each of these two hours is ruled by one of the animal signs.

Just as with Western Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac Rising Sign strongly shapes the personality and heavily influences how you are seen by others and how you go about your daily life.

The Rabbit, for example, is a thoroughly non-aggressive and peaceful individual. But if you have a Rabbit that was born in the Hours of the Tiger, this person may come across as fiery and even aggressive, especially when provoked.

Similarly, Horse people are typically free-spirited and colourful individuals who are here one minute and gone the next; but if you have a Horse that was born in the Hours of the Rat, this Horse may come across as uncharacteristically rigid and possessing extraordinary amounts of self-discipline.

Below is a list of the twelve Chinese Zodiac animal signs and the hours they rule:

  • Rat: 11pm to 1am
  • Ox: 1am to 3am
  • Tiger: 3am to 5am
  • Rabbit: 5am to 7am
  • Dragon: 7am to 9am
  • Snake: 9am to 11am
  • Horse: 11am to 1pm
  • Goat: 1pm to 3pm
  • Monkey: 3pm to 5pm
  • Rooster: 5pm to 7pm
  • Dog: 7pm to 9pm
  • Pig: 9pm to 11pm

Your Ascendant Sign can give you just as much insight into yourself as your Year of Birth zodiac sign. Once you’ve discovered your own Rising Sign, read on to find out what each one means for you!

Rat Rising

If your Chinese Ascendant is the Rat, you will come across as intelligent and quick-witted to others. There is a methodical approach in all you do and you will think carefully – look before you leap is one of your slogans. You will come across as a realist and are not afraid of hard work in order to achieve your goals.

Ox Rising

If your Chinese Ascendant is the Ox, others will see you reliable, slow and steady. You may have quite a strong-looking and powerful physique. There is an air about you that gives the impression that you can get anything done and will stick to the task at hand, no matter how long it takes you to achieve it.

Tiger Rising

If your Rising Sign is the Tiger, you will come across as bold and confident, regardless of whether you are introverted, extroverted or somewhere in-between. Others may see you as quite emotional and ready to take on whatever challenge comes your way. You may have a funky sort of dress sense or you have your own unique, individual look.

Rabbit Rising

If your Rising Sign is the Rabbit, you will come across as a gentle, introverted soul. You may be soft-spoken and have impeccable dress sense. Others will be instantly charmed by your hosting abilities and will enjoy the discussions you have to offer. You may give off a homely or welcoming vibe.

Dragon Rising

If your Rising Sign is the Dragon, you will exude an aura of authority. Others may be wary of you or deeply admiring – it is often one of the two. Your conversation may mostly revolve around yourself, but people listening don’t mind – they consider you to be a fascinating individual!

Snake Rising

If your Rising Sign is the Snake, you may come across as quiet and thoughtful. You may also be particularly blessed in the looks department. Others will admire you for your wise, philosophical discussion. When someone has hurt you, you may not show your emotions immediately. Instead, you may silently seethe; you are not the type to forget a slight easily.

Horse Rising

If your Rising Sign is the Horse, you may appear to others as constantly being on the move. Others may see you as a bit of a mystery; there is a powerful individuality about you and other people can’t help but what to know more. While you come across as intriguing to people, you can also be a very private individual and require your alone time. You are fiercely independent.

Goat Rising

If your Rising Sign is the Goat, you may come across as dreamy and romantic. You may give off an aura of being a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on. Others will think you are a creative type and you will often approach things in a metaphorical fashion, preferring to look at the big picture as opposed to the minor details.

Monkey Rising

If your Rising sign is the Monkey, then you will seem sociable and witty to others. You may be acutely aware of how you present yourself in public and you are very good at becoming a chameleon, able to shift your personality and appearance in accordance with your surroundings. You are a quick-thinker with an idea for everything.

Rooster Rising

If your Rising Sign is a Rooster, others will see you as honest, opinionated and confident. You may come across as being over-critical of others, even if you don’t mean to be. You may be quite a colourful dresser and rarely do you mince your words. Others may admire you for your energy and drive.

Dog Rising

If your Rising Sign is the Dog, then others will admire you for being a loyal and dependable friend. You may have a ‘warrior’ look about you and you may also have penetrating eyes. You will often come across as an intuitive character and people trust you as they know you are genuine and honest in your intentions.

Pig Rising

If your Rising Sign is the Pig, others will see you as a cheerful and jolly individual. You put people at ease because you come across as open and honest. You may have a liking for restaurants and one thing you enjoy is having your favourite meal with your friends and loved ones. Others appreciate you for always being there for them and going out of your way to make sure they are OK.

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