Top 5 Myths About Taurus

In honor of Taurus season being well underway, today we want to debunk some of the most popular Taurus myths out there that give those Taurus men and Taurus women out there a woefully misconstrued reputation.

Zodiac myths often develop from people (and even some astrologers) who make blanket statements that don’t give enough insight into the full nature of a sign or take into account the rest of one’s natal chart. The language used to describe some zodiac signs can be misleading when it doesn’t allow for the fact that each individual chooses how they use the energy available to them through their sign and other chart placements.

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For example, someone who is ultra-romantic could use that energy to be a considerate and fun partner or they could get clingy and codependent quickly. This article is going to help you see that there are more dimensions to the characteristics you may have heard about Taurus. This will help you see the truth beyond the myths about Taurus so that you can make up your own mind about each person rather than reducing them to just one part of their layered personality.

We know that Taurus is one of the most loving and nurturing of all the zodiac signs. After reading this, we hope you’ll see your Taurean friends and family (and if YOU are a Taurus, you’ll see yourself) in a different light.

5 Most Common Taurus Myths: Busted

1. Taureans Are Lazy

Do not believe this myth. A Taurus is just more advanced in their understanding of the yin and yang of life. They do not burn the candle at both ends and know that slow and steady wins the race. They are able to balance work with play well because they know instinctively that they bring better energy to work when they give themselves time to recharge. Bulls are far too practical to think that work isn’t necessary or valuable; they also just don’t feel the need to own five businesses and be famous for inventing all the latest gadgets. They would rather the peace of a steady, stable existence. Inevitably, it’s really their humble nature that is often misconstrued as laziness.

They are not very type-A and it’s probably type-A people that are calling them lazy not realizing that not everyone wants to be the best at everything and win all the accolades by pushing themselves to the point of burnout. Taurus likes to have a comfortable, secure life, but they don’t need the public recognition that some of the other signs crave.

2. Taurus Folks Aren’t Creative

Just because Taurus is an Earth sign doesn’t mean they don’t have that creative spark! They may not be painters or fiction writers but their creativity is often expressed through amazing home decor, their own personal fashion, and their culinary mastery. People who say Earth signs aren’t creative are probably thinking that creativity is just about art in a more traditional sense.

Creativity for a Taurus can be coming up with ways to create romance, finding common ground with friends throughout the changes that life brings, or finding inspiration in simple tasks as a monk does. The creative spark of a Taurus is packaged differently but it is still there. You may visit the home of a painter and find it disheveled but then you visit the home of a Taurus and the home itself is their canvas down to the curves of the flower beds and the scents of the candles.

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3. Taureans Are Close Minded

The stubborn reputation of Taurus is very misunderstood. It’s not that they aren’t willing to consider opposing viewpoints, it’s that they refuse to be forced to think something. They actually have a higher than average capacity to consider other viewpoints. They just must be allowed to make up their own mind on things – they are a Fixed sign, after all.

Taureans are great listeners and while it may seem like they push back on everything, they will continue to think things over and consider what you say. They don’t have the ego that other signs have because they don’t need constant praise and affection. They are more kind-hearted than their reputation would lead people to believe and they do care about making other people feel heard.

4. Taurus Bulls Dig in Their Hooves & Resist Change

Taurus might be slow to make decisions and prefer to plan things out but because they are natural nurturers and will drop everything to help deal with a crisis in a friend’s life big or small. They are the ones you want by your side in the hospital who will drop everything to be there. They adapt to certain situations and yet aren’t motivated to be spontaneous in others. They don’t like spending money frivolously or doing last minute things that might not fit their budget or get in the way of their responsibilities the next day.

While they may seem like they aren’t down to try new things, they enjoy travel and just like to travel with a plan instead of at the last minute. They also are very good at adapting when it comes to helping people they care about at a moment’s notice. They will move heaven and earth if someone they care about is unhappy. They are so caring that they put others’ needs before their own and that urge to help trumps their desires to enjoy the simple pleasures which is also a part of their sign. While it may seem like they don’t let loose and go with the flow, this trait could be seen as a heightened ability to manage their own stress and not give in to peer pressure.

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5. Taureans Aren’t Naturally Intuitive

While Earth signs aren’t considered to be ones that dive headfirst into the spiritual, the Taurus has a tremendous amount of empathy. Their intuition is felt through their own body. They will sense the tenseness in others as well as their energy field. Taurus is connected to helping others stay healthy, comforted, and happy which could win them the title of spiritual. The way they navigate their lives with that well-known stubbornness is also how they use their intuition to create healthy boundaries, wait until they’ve felt things out, and intuitively decide what is best for them to participate in.

They seem to have their own set of standards for what jobs they like and where they live which is their way of creating a positive flow of energy for themselves. They are grounded but also intuitive and their slow decision making shows they are actually quite psychic. They may just not be the ones calling attention to themselves for something they are born with.


While each sign is born with a certain energy and tendencies, how they express those traits is up to them. We are never doomed by our sign and when we learn more in-depth about it, we can find our greatest strengths. Understanding our Sun sign on a deeper level, allows us to align ourselves with our greatest potential. Additionally, astrology helps us to understand how people think and what they value instead of just writing them off as one negative thing or another. The surface-level understanding of astrology makes some people turned off to it because they don’t see the whole picture.

The picture continues to widen and become more specific as you dig deeper and get to know more about astrology. For example, the primal triad, which is the Sun sign, the Moon sign, and the rising sign, reveals much more about each person’s personality. Then you can get into their birth chart even more and find out what signs show up in which planets at the time of their birth and what signs show up in what houses. That will reveal why that person who is perhaps a Taurus is so much different than another person who is a Taurus. If you don’t understand someone or yourself look to the birth chart and it will help make sense of what may seem inexplicable.

Continue learning more in-depth about all of the zodiac signs to be able to get along with everyone and improve your interpersonal skills.

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