The Girlfriends’ Guide to a Compatibility Calculator

Did you know you can use an astrology compatibility calculator to understand why you get along with some friends easily and have a go of it with others? An astrological compatibility calculator can be used when you first meet someone and after you’ve known them for a long time, and it will always reveal truths that can help you understand how someone else ticks.

It can be really fun to look at the compatibility between you and your bestie because you’ll see why you fit together so well. Human behaviours are complex but we are more easy to understand when we know our own and others’ astrological profiles. Astrology offers insights into the depth of someone’s character, personal preferences, life goals and thought patterns.

Are You & Your Bestie Meant to Be?

You can use this article to see who is most compatible with who and see how accurate this age-old wisdom is. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with all of them, it’s just that you connect with certain people in different ways and on different levels. For example, some gals you feel comfortable opening up to about your love life while others are great workout buddies that motivate you.

Why not have your gal pals over for frozé this weekend and find out your signs? This can help you get to know each other better and really deepen your bonds. It will definitely make you laugh when you finally realize why you are all so unique and it can help you have more empathy for what someone may struggle with internally. Also, it’s pretty cool to share these secrets with your girlfriends who will then be able to understand the other people in their lives with more ease.

Are All Signs Compatible With Each Other?

In general, certain signs are more compatible than others, but that doesn’t mean you absolutely cannot be friends with someone that you’re less compatible with. In fact, working on getting along with people who you don’t quite understand can lead to great personal growth. However, when it comes to learning astrology, it’s important to first get to know why certain people tend to stick to certain people and repel others. Once you understand the basic dynamics affecting relationships, you can work to even out your personality and get along with just about anyone.

And don’t think that just because this article says you’re not compatible that you need to stop being friends with someone! The more you know your own personality as well as theirs, the more you can understand and respect where you see things differently. Every duo can have fun together if they realize that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and strive to respect and support each other’s goals and views. When we have the intention to be supportive of our friend’s choices and listen to what’s important to them, we can always be someone that brings happiness and love into their life.

Complete Friendship Compatibility Signs List

Now it’s time to have some fun! You can use this list when you meet new people to understand them faster. Before you get too ahead of yourself though, remember these are not absolute laws and each person has other influences in their birth chart. So the truth is no one sign is going to be exactly alike and if someone has done a lot of personal development, they will be more balanced between all the signs. But it’s fun and useful to see the essence of their sign in them and know the dynamic that will probably manifest between you naturally.

Just knowing the elements of each sign would be a great start because you can see how that element affects their personality. Check out our article about the elements to learn more. It’s also important to realize that each sign has it’s own unique characteristics as well which make them a unique puzzle piece. Think of your closest friends and as you read this see if they have the traits mentioned. Also, see if you have already gravitated to the people we mention and had a tough time with your less compatible signs.


This is a Fire element sign that is direct and wants things done quickly. They are known to easily take on leadership roles and can be impatient. Aries are passionate, wear their emotions on their sleeve, and are charismatic. They sometimes have a temper but will also get over things quickly because they don’t keep their emotions inside. They are risk takers and love new adventures.

Signs Aries Are Compatible With:

Gemini: Gemini is a fast talker and loves a change of scenery like Aries which is a major reason why they get along. They are both natural communicators which means they will have stimulating conversations and stimulate each other’s curiosities and ignite each other’s passions for ideas and thinking outside of the bock. As an Air sign, it fuels the fire of Aries.

Leo: This confident sign relates to the confidence of Aries as they are both Fire signs. Leo is also a risk taker and likes to be the center of attention which Aries can relate to as they are always ready to take charge. Leo’s charisma attracts the similar magnetic personality of the Aries which likes to live big and bold.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a Fire sign that is known as the evolved soul. They are intelligent and positive with an attraction to travel and adventure. They are also known to be great communicators. They get along with Aries because of their love for new things, their love for open communication and the Aries appreciates their intelligence and how they live from their heart.

Incompatible Signs:

Capricorn: The Earthy sign of Capricorn prefers to have a plan than be spontaneous and they like quality over quantity so they can butt heads with an Aries who prefers to do things quickly. A Capricorn is a money saver while an Aries tends to be extravagant.

Virgo: This Earth sign is a planner and prefers cleanliness to clutter. An Aries is sometimes referred to as a hot mess because their passion creates a lot of things that are going on at once. These two signs could help each other balance out but at first, they can have trouble feeling comfortable with each other especially because Virgos tend to be polite and could get offended by blunt Aries.

Taurus: A Taurus is known for taking their time when it comes to making decisions. They may think about their major life changes for years before making a move. An Aries will quickly change jobs, homes and even relationships thought. A Taurus also has an independent streak so they don’t like being told what to do and an Aries is known to be a bit controlling or bossy.


Taurus is an Earth sign that likes the pleasures of the senses. They help people remember to stop and smell the roses and allow themselves to enjoy life. They are reliable, nurturing and keep their homes decorated because they enjoy it. They love good food and prefer to make their own opinions on things no matter what.

Signs Taurus Are Compatible With:

Cancer: The Watery Cancer loves a cozy home and can hang out with a Taurus and get lost doing fun creative things like cooking, painting, or just reading. They both need someone to nurture, so they are a natural fit. The independent Taurus understands why the Cancer often goes into their shell to manage their emotions.

Pisces: The Taurus is known to indulge in the pleasures of the senses just as the Water sign Pisces is known to be very present and live in their emotions. The Pisces sign is known to love love in all its forms, which is very in alignment with how the Taurus lives. A Pisces can speak openly to a Taurus without feeling judged and a Taurus can have room to be themselves without feeling controlled so it’s a good friendship.

Capricorn: The Earth sign Capricorn likes to make sure things are taken care of when it comes to having what you need. This means they are motivated to make sure everyone is secure and their future is also practically mapped out. Because Taurus likes to stick to things, they have a lot of common ground as they get long-term projects done by sticking to a routine. Capricorn is good with money and Taurus needs a lot of it to keep their environment and meals as beautiful as possible so everyone can enjoy it. They are both very caring dependable signs.

Incompatible Signs:

Sagittarius: A Sagittarius being a Fire sign doesn’t need much to be happy and often forgoes the luxuries of life to pursue a spiritual path. This confuses the Taurus who wants people to feel pampered and indulge a little. A Sagittarius may have trouble finding things they have in common with a Taurus.

Gemini: A Gemini is known to not be able to keep their word because they say a lot and often forget or don’t finish things they start because they have so many interests. This Air sign can have a harder time meshing with a Taurus because when a Taurus says they will do something, they do it even if it isn’t really necessary. Gemini’s plans change and their lives change quickly and a Taurus isn’t comfortable with fast change.

Aquarius: The Air sign of Aquarius can be the antithesis of a Taurus. Aquarius is a big picture minded person that lives for idealism and causes. They rarely care about decorating, chatting or stop to just relax and see where the conversation leads. They often will frustrate a Taurus who likes to be present and a Taurus will often not move fast enough for the Aquarius who wants to push through all barriers to change the world.


Gemini is an Air sign that loves children, playing, being creating and travelling. They are innately curious and don’t like to be in the same place doing the same thing every day. They are known to ask a lot of questions, throw out ideas and connect through communication. They are willing to speak to any type of person and hear their opinion.

Signs Geminis Are Compatible With:

Libra: Libras are also Air signs which are naturally good at and enjoy looking at both sides of an argument which makes them a natural fit for Gemini. They can get lost in conversations for hours. Libra also is a social sign that enjoys having company just like Gemini so they are natural friends.

Aries: This Fire sign thinks and talks fast just like a Gemini. They can keep up with each other so to speak. A Gemini actually likes the direct style of communication of Aries and they both get themselves in hot water when they speak without thinking sometimes so they get each other’s personalities and kind of think similarly. Aries and Gemini both are risk takers and love new experiences.

Aquarius: Aquarius is also an Air sign and likes to talk about ideas. Aquarius is similar to Gemini in that they love to travel and can change plans on a dime. Aquarius is also known to be open to befriended all different types of people like Gemini so they make great companions because of their open-mindedness.

Incompatible Signs:

Pisces: Pisces is a very intuitive Water sign that has trouble trusting Gemini because they don’t understand their dual nature and how they seem to have two personalities. Gemini’s see both sides of any situation but have trouble making up their mind because of it. Pisces craves positive energy and Gemini’s aren’t afraid to talk about heavy things which can put them at odds.

Virgo: This Earth sign often wants to focus on details and quality instead of the variety that a Gemini seeks. They just probably find they want to spend different amounts of time talking about things, doing things and the spontaneity of a Gemini is hard for Virgo.

Scorpio: A Scorpio is known to want to go deep into conversations about emotions where a Gemini likes facts and jumps around learning a lot about many things. Their communication styles are somewhat at odds and the spiritual nature of a Scorpio may not always be of interest to a Gemini. The playful childlike nature of a Gemini may put off a serious brooding Scorpio who wants to tackle heavy issues in society.


These Water signs are intuitive and nurturing and almost always will be offering someone food or thinking about it. Cancers often become healers and mother just about everyone. They aren’t known to be money motivated people as they live from their heart.

Signs Cancers Are Compatible With:

Scorpio: This is also a Water sign which feels everything just like the Cancer so they get why sometimes they can’t be in large crowds or around people who demand a lot of attention. These intuitive signs can often speak without words because they are both so sensitive which gives them a strong bond.

Virgo: This sign has the same addiction to nurturing others as Cancer does which gives them a lot to talk about and they can both help each other. The Earth sign Virgo often has trouble looking out for themselves so Cancer can step in and help them whereas Cancer has the same issue and Virgo can help them get grounded and a little more practical about their own needs.

Taurus: A Cancer often neglects to take care of themselves when they care for everyone else and a Taurus knows how to treat a Cancer with love and give them some of what they know how to give others. A Cancer is big on home and family just like the Earth sign of Taurus. Home is always important to Earth signs and they both want people to feel nourished by the home.

Incompatible Signs:

Gemini: Gemini is an Air sign that the intuitive Cancer often has trouble reading because a Gemini has such an active mind. A Gemini who is outgoing by nature may not understand why a Cancer needs to retreat so often to be alone. Their core nature can lead to one big misunderstanding because of how each sign thinks and approaches socializing.

Libra: A Libra is another Air sign that craves social interaction whereas the hypersensitive Cancer needs significant amounts of time alone to get clear with which emotions are theirs and which are not. A Cancer also bonds quickly to people whereas a Libra has a strong independence streak making their compatibility a bit tricky although they could learn major lessons from each other.

Aquarius: Aquarius is an Air sign that is so focused on the big picture they often do not form close emotional bonds which a Cancer thrives on. The Aquarius is known to be hard to pin down and rarely stays home where a Cancer feels most comfortable. They may miss each other in friendship because of the way they operate even though they are both so caring. They are kind of opposite in many ways as Cancer wants to nurture someone’s emotions and health while Aquarius wants to tackle big cultural issues and humanitarian crisis.


This Fire sign is known for confidence, being a natural leader who is magnetic and for having great potential for entertaining others with their outgoing personality. The Leo is proud and rarely willing to admit their mistakes but they will charge into unchartered territory in life fearlessly showing others how to take risks and be bold.

Signs Leos Are Compatible With:

Sagittarius: This Fire sign is just as adventurous as its Leo friends, which means that hanging out together will inspire their true nature. They are a natural fit because Sagittarius has such a philosophical nature and is willing to sacrifice everything for a good reason fearlessly like the fierce lion Leo who doesn’t back down under pressure. They are also both optimistic signs.

Gemini: The love for travel that Air sign Gemini has is similar to Leo’s lust for adventure. Gemini is also known to be one of the most playful signs, which matches the charisma and sense of humour a Leo has. A Gemini is drawn to Leo’s because they want to understand how they think and a Leo likes the attention.

Aries: While Aries can be hot-tempered, they can see themselves in their Leo friends who also often speak without thinking. They are both very confident Fire signs that want things to happen immediately and will stop at nothing to get things done. The topics and goals they have are often similar making friendship easy and natural. They respect and understand the pressure they put on themselves and both tend to be extravagant.

Incompatible Signs:

Capricorn: Capricorn is slow to make friends as a stable Earth sign. They will sit back and observe sometimes seeming cold but they want to see they can trust someone before they invest time into friendship. Leo is more of a risk taker and chooses to see the good in others making friends quickly but also burning bridges. They often find themselves butting heads with Leo’s fast action and Capricorns more measured approach.

Taurus: Leo loves to be loved as it’s used to being in the limelight and a Taurus doesn’t need attention to feel content. Because many times Leo is found talking about themselves, Taurus won’t want to put up with it. Also because Taurus will only make decisions after careful deliberation their schedule is just too painstaking for the impatient Leo who acts first and thinks later. Fortune favours the bold yes but it also gets them into trouble is what Taurus knows.

Scorpio: Scorpio is a Water sign that is known to be intense and serious which is counter to Leo’s optimism and sometimes over the top excitement. While they are both passionate it seems one likes to play in the dark and one likes to play in the light making them an unlikely pair. A Scorpio is also very intellectually curious and loves reading while a Leo is all about experience and competition so again, they don’t have that much in common.


This Earth sign is a good friend who will help others until they literally collapse. They are known for their orderliness, ability to craft a detailed plan and their perfectionism. They are practical, cautious and nurturing people who help solve problems even if it’s time-consuming. Virgos are known to be analytical and good working with large complex systems. They look for ways to fix things.

Signs Virgos Are Compatible With:

Taurus: This is a natural friendship because a Taurus also likes to be thorough and orderly. A Taurus and Virgo are very similar not only because they are both Earth signs but also because they both care about making things nice for others so people are comfortable and taken care of. A Taurus is also a planner and analytical like a Virgo and wants things to look nice which appeals to the perfectionism in Virgo.

Cancer: This friendship bond is strong because the Water sign Cancer is a natural healer who can always help the Virgo who will forget to take care of themselves because they are so motivated to solve problems and stay busy. Since they can both scratch their itch to nurture someone while hanging out, it’s a great friendship. They also have similar core motivations and attach to people strongly.

Capricorn: This Earth sign is one of the few that has the patience to match a Virgo. They both admire quality over quantity and want to keep their word. The Capricorn is also grounded and practical making sure there is a plan for the future just like the Virgo. Capricorns and Virgos also both have a strong sense of loyalty.

Incompatible Signs:

Aries: Because Aries is a Fire sign they move and think fast. The Aries wants to get a lot done in a little time which makes the Virgo anxious. An Aries doesn’t care as much about quality and perfection because they have the energy that get’s things done and the perfectionism of a Virgo will drive an Aries up the wall.

Gemini: Gemini is an Air sign with so many ideas it doesn’t know what to pursue first which makes them not always follow through with all the things they start. Since Virgo is a sign that must finish things, they have trouble understanding each other. Gemini is also one of the biggest kids while Virgo is very adult-like, which puts them at odds.

Libra: A Virgo tends to be conservative because logic and reason rule their mind but the Air sign Libra is often so outside of the box that a Virgo is uncomfortable with how radical or liberal they are. A Libra will often have no plan and live from their intuition while a Virgo doesn’t operate like that.


A Libra is an Air sign mostly concerned with justice and making sure everyone is getting along. A Libra is one that will engage in debates endlessly and craves being around people. Libras are very loving and often forget to take care of themselves because they are so involved in the lives of others which can mean they are a people pleaser. They are intuitive and intellectual.

Signs Libras Are Compatible With:

Aquarius: Because they are both Air signs, Libras and Aquarius can talk about ideas and intellectual issues for hours. They both have a lot of mental energy making them very compatible. Aquarians are attracted to intellectual people like Libras and they are also both motivated to help the big picture so they understand each other well.

Gemini: As an Air sign, Gemini is a natural communicator just like Libra and they both relate to people the most through conversation. They are intrinsically good at debating and speaking intellectually which doesn’t interest many of the other signs. When they get together they feel inspired which makes them a natural pair.

Sagittarius: This Fire sign is known as the evolved soul and they are naturally philosophical so their interests align with Gemini making them two peas in a pod. A Sagittarius isn’t interested in luxury or material things like a Libra as well since they are more intellectually geared.

Incompatible Signs:

Pisces: This Water sign is one of the most unconventional signs because they are almost completely motivated by their feelings. A Pisces tends not to be as concerned with justice as a Libra because a Pisces is fully immersed in the present moment whereas a Libra is much more in their head. They just kind of hear different music that makes them have a different rhythm.

Cancer: This Water sign needs time to retreat away from others like a crab goes into its shell, and they have trouble keeping up with the social needs of a Libra who constantly craves interactions with others. A Cancer also has melodramatic periods because of their high level of empathy whereas a Libra is almost always happy. This makes this pair an odd couple, to say the least. They are known to challenge each other.

Taurus: The Earthy Taurus like to indulge in their senses and enjoy a life of luxury which is not the case for justice-minded Libra who is more about relationships and ideas than flavours and fun. While the Taurus is also a creature of habit the Libra rarely sticks to a routine. They aren’t always going to see eye to eye.


This sign is known to be the most intense of all the signs. As a Water sign, they are always wanting to discuss people’s deepest emotions and they want to see why people do things. They want to talk about vulnerabilities and nothing surface level. They have a strong sex drive and can handle heavy subject matters. They are highly intellectual thinkers which means they aren’t concerned with image as much as they are with truth.

Signs Scorpios Are Compatible With:

Pisces: This Water sign is able to understand the emotional side of Scorpios which is so interested in what humans feel and what compels them. A Pisces lives mostly based on how they feel, prioritizing their feelings and living in them. This pair of friends is a natural fit. Pisces is also inclined to be interested in spiritual subjects just as a Scorpio so in many ways they speak the same language.

Capricorn: This Earth sign has a serious nature like a Scorpio. They can both handle heavy topics and don’t shy away from taking on big responsibilities that help society. A Capricorn is the hardest working sign in the zodiac and that level of intensity is admired by the Scorpio who will do whatever it takes to find the truth even if they work all night.

Cancer: As a Water sign a Cancer understands the emotions that a Scorpio seeks to uncover. A Cancer can actually help explain how people behave and why because they are intuitive so they help feed the interests of Scorpios. A Cancer is also known to attach to others emotionally which means when they meet a Scorpio they get deep right away and feel that bond on a level that is only possible when two Water signs meet.

Incompatible Signs:

Gemini: A Gemini tends to flutter about from one thing to the next as they are very curious and talkative. This Air sign is also childlike in the sense that they like to have fun and explore their creative side often but this will often make the Scorpio feel like they are wasting their time when they hang out because the Scorpio is so serious.

Leo: This Fire sign has the passion to match a Scorpio which means they always approach things with a go big or go home attitude. Leo’s like to be physically attractive which a Scorpio can appreciate because of their open expression of sexuality. A Leo is fearless just like a Scorpio.

Libra: A Scorpio has a serious nature whereas a Libra has the personality of a golden retriever who is always jolly. Their autopilot personalities are just very different which means they see life through different lenses. A Libra needs to be around many people whereas a Scorpio is comfortable alone or with just one person. A Libra is also known to be a people pleaser while a Scorpio wouldn’t dare to.


This Fire sign depicted as the archer sets her sights on evolving consciousness and seeks to bring humanity to a state of utopia. Because of this evolved state of their soul, they don’t usually act like other people because they are interested in breaking free of routine ways of thinking and exploring the furthest parts of the mind and spirit. They are enthusiastic positive people who tend to be spontaneous.

Signs Sagittarius Are Compatible With:

Aries: The Fire of Aries matches the passion of Sagittarius so they get along well. They are both risk takers who appreciate new experiences and are willing to try new things. The Aries has a way of communicating directly that the Sagittarius appreciates because the Sagittarius is known to be the best communicator of the zodiac. Aries is confident and positive like a Sagittarius as well.

Leo: The Fire sign of Leo is known to be fearless, fit and love attention. That’s very much like an Aries and they also have leadership abilities that help them speak the same language. They both will not be afraid to go after what they want and make major changes in life. They also can both laugh at how they are impatient and sometimes hot-headed.

Aquarius: This Air sign is the ultimate idealist, which is only matched by Sagittarius when it comes to big thinking. These two signs are best friends because they want to help the planet evolves and they seek to use all their time to change the direction of people’s thoughts and actions to help others. They are both adventurous travellers who need to push boundaries and rebel.

Incompatible Signs:

Virgo: A Sagittarius is known to be a bit reckless in their spontaneity and how they spend money. They make Earthy Virgos uncomfortable because a Virgo needs a plan and a budget. Virgo’s get things done through attention to detail and routines but a Sagittarius wants to break all the rules. They really don’t think the same.

Taurus: A Sagittarius doesn’t live a happy life unless they are pushing to the edges of their mind and a Taurus just wants to enjoy life which puts them at odds. Their goals are usually quite different only because their philosophies are different. Taurus wants simple joy and Sagittarius wants change. They approach everything differently.

Capricorn: This Earth sign is mostly concerned about security long-term which means they think in terms of numbers and hold a long-term vision which they will execute. A Sagittarius is more interested in learning that stability which means they may be comfortable not even knowing what the day has in store for them let alone the next ten years. Needless to say, they are singing different tunes.


This Earth sign is naturally good with money, is good with their hands and lives in the physical world. Capricorns often can become very successful because they have such a strong work ethic and can stick to the things they start. They are loyal, slow to let people in, and very practical. They are more interested in things they can see and touch than feelings and emotions.

Signs Capricorns Are Compatible With:

Virgo: This Earth sign understands how a Capricorn thinks. The practical and analytical Virgo is very similar to a Capricorn who always thinks things through before making decisions. A Virgo is known to have a plan and a clean home, two things a Capricorn can’t live without. You could say it’s a match made in heaven even if it’s just friends.

Taurus: This Earth sign is reliable like a Capricorn. Both signs try to do what they say and love them some ultra luxurious lifestyles. A Taurus enjoys the company of a Capricorn because they fill each other’s needs for security and they both live in the physical world with both feet. They will have similar hobbies and tastes.

Pisces: A Capricorn is known to take care of their needs well and in many ways, a Pisces does too. A Capricorn wants to enjoy life and puts their energy into having what they want which could be said is an emotional motivation. Pisces being a Water sign will rarely deny their feelings and follow their hearts completely. If they want something they don’t feel bad about it and pursue it. A Pisces appreciates someone who does what they want. They both like relationships and put energy into them.

Incompatible Signs:

Aries: Capricorns move slow and speak slow which is the opposite of Aries. Quite frankly the Fire in Aries scares the Capricorn which doesn’t get how an Aries thinks or why they do things. An Aries loves the thrill of a new experience and using their passion to influence and entertain while a Capricorn likes practical steps. An Aries is about the senses and experiences living for now and a Capricorn lives for tomorrow.

Leo: Capricorns take time to choose their friends and what to see their character before they let them in because they may have few friends they will keep forever. The Fire sign Leo will make many friends quickly with less of a judgmental nature but they also let go of them quickly. They just operate differently.

Sagittarius: Well trying to get a Capricorn to be friends with a Sagittarius is like mixing oil and water. A Sagittarius threatens everything a Capricorn works to establish and a Capricorn stands for things a Sagittarius wants to rebel against which are systems and structures. The rebel and the good student often find little in common.


This Air sign is the ultimate humanitarian which will not usually spend time making and nurturing close relationships as they have bigger fish to fry. They are fearless leaders in our society who are compelled to do good and help. They are idea people who don’t care what their house or car looks like as long as it doesn’t hold them down. They are independent revolutionaries.

Signs Aquarius Are Compatible With:

Gemini: The Air sign Gemini can talk ideas with an Aquarius and their minds stimulate each other. With the Gemini’s love for travel, they find a kindred spirit in the Aquarius, who is rarely in the same headspace each day. They are also both playful and friendly people who will talk to anyone. There’s an element of fearlessness they mirror in each other.

Libra: This Air sign wants justice and equality for everyone and they spend their time buzzing from one group to the next like a busy bee stirring up ideas. These two make a great team because they both want similar things. The Libra is a great communicator, friendly and open-minded like the Aquarius.

Sagittarius: This pair can easily be best friends because they don’t really live in the physical world even though they both have bodies. They are intellectual and care about humanity all day every day so they can always find things to talk about where they feel complete and accepted by each other.

Incompatible Signs:

Scorpio: Aquarius is a habitually positive sign whereas Scorpio doesn’t shy away from expressing their darker emotions. Scorpio can bury themselves in books where an Aquarius needs to be out in the world meeting people. They just use their time differently.

Pisces: This Water sign loves art, music, sensual things and unstructured time but an Aquarius loves executing a plan that affects major changes so they will rarely find themselves wanting to do the same thing. A Pisces like to indulge and enjoy the moment but an Aquarius is more of a workaholic. They don’t always see eye to eye.

Virgo: This is a tough match because Earthy Virgo takes it’s time to be sure every detail is looked after but an Aquarius is more concerned with fast results. A Virgo isn’t as outgoing as an Aquarius so they often like to do different things. A Virgo likes to have stable relationships but an Aquarius likes independence.


This Water sign is all about feelings, expression, art and exploration of consciousness. Pisceans are not known to keep to a schedule and often change plans spontaneously. They love to love others and are comfortable expressing love. They see the world in colours and sounds wanting everyone to dance. They are intuitive and prone to escapism.

Signs Pisces Are Compatible With:

Scorpio: Because Scorpio is also a Water sign, these two can get along. They are both passionate, intuitive and interested in spiritual topics. A Pisces will always be open with their feelings which is what a Scorpio craves most. They also both are usually unconventional.

Capricorn: A Pisces likes the power of a Capricorn and are drawn to how passionately they work and use their minds. A Pisces likes to enjoy life and the way a Capricorn lives allows that to happen because they always have more than enough to make sure people can relax and not be stressed. A Capricorn likes that a Pisces appreciates what they have to offer.

Cancer: These two Water signs are highly intuitive and can almost have conversations without words. Their friendship becomes deep very quickly and they are very aware of their emotions. Both of them are sensitive so they can help each other figure out how to navigate the world.

Incompatible Signs:

Sagittarius: A Pisces who lives in the moment doesn’t understand what makes Fire sign Sagittarius so willing to go to all ends of the Earth for a cause. The Sagittarius is highly intellectual while the Pisces is artistic. They kind of speak two different languages.

Gemini: The Gemini is known to be a bit harsh at times and this makes love seeking Pisces nervous as the Pisces wants to maximize good feelings and not experience negativity. The Gemini is willing to look at both darkness and light to understand things but Pisces wants to stay in paradise. They just have a bit of a different way of operating.

Libra: This Air sign is always putting their own needs to the side to make others happy but a Pisces is more likely to pursue what they desire. Their core motivations are not quite in alignment. A Libra is also very intellectual whereas a Pisces is all about experience.

How To Boost Your Relationship With Your Compatible Best Friend

Look at the ways you and your best friend are compatible and think of activities that you can do related to those things. Look at how your similarities can help each other grow or even if you have a similar weakness how you can help each other strengthen that area. For example, Pisces is prone to substance abuse and Scorpio is prone to depression so meditation could be a great activity to do together. When you hang out with your compatible friend focus on each other’s strengths, goals and talk about ways to move towards those priorities because you value their goals and can probably see where they are holding back.

If You And Your Bestie Are Not Compatible, Don’t Worry! This Is Not The End of Your Friendship

Working on getting along with a bestie who is not compatible can actually help you grow. You can spend time understanding what is important to them and this can help to open your mind to be respectful and supportive of different viewpoints. In many ways, these types of relationships while the most challenging can actually help you grow the most. As you expand your mind you can get along with more people, become more successful and understand the world on a deeper level.

What Should We Do If Our Signs Are Not Compatible?

First of all, don’t freak out. You can still be friends. You’ll just need to put energy into understanding their sign. You can read about their sign and put yourself in their shoes to see why they think and act the way they do. This will help you see that we are all good people seeing life through a different lens. Just because it might not feel like you have known them forever right away doesn’t mean you can’t develop a bond. This also gives you an opportunity to work on the areas where you may need to improve to be balanced and accepting of others.


Now that you have something fun to do with your gals try it out and see where this matches and where you see you’ll still able to connect with people who aren’t in your first circle. The more you study your own birth chart and know your own tendencies, the easier it is for you to get along with everyone because you can become more balanced and not so controlled by your own predispositions. Once you get to know the Sun signs you can start exploring Moon signs and other aspects of the birth chart to see why no one person is the same.

Using the time, date and location of birth you can compare birth charts and use your knowledge of the zodiac signs. When you have a friend for life, you often have compatibility beyond your Moon sign and your souls have come to help each other find your purpose and support each other. You can look at your Mercury for how you communicate, your Mars for your passion and your 7th house for how you approach relationships. Also, check out what each other’s Moon signs are so you know you ‘friend’s emotional needs and see how you naturally fit together.

Zodiac compatibility isn’t just for best friends! You can see how you’d mesh with acquaintances, a new flame, a boss, and even your pet.

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Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry has taught metaphysical subjects since 2013 including the deeply esoteric lineage of kundalini yoga. She has worked as a healer, clairvoyant and card reader and been featured as a dream interpreter on Viceland’s Nuts + Bolts show as well as for Mercedes Benz and Refinery29. She has read Tarot for The Zoe Report, done readings for stars and aims to bring the empowering wisdom of astrology mainstream.With a bold voice, she wants to uplift consciousness to help us evolve to a healthier more spiritual society. Her classes can be found online at www.HOI.TV/authors/shannon and you can follow her daily inspirations on Instagram @shannonyrizarry. She also teaches kundalini yoga in Portland, Oregon. What gets her out of bed is helping people align with their soul purpose.Shannon is the author of two books published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Psychic Yoga and Modern Guide to Meditation Beads.
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