Autumn Health Checkup: Your Chakra Cleansing Checklist

Take a big, long breath of that Fall fresh air! It’s a new season! And with the Autumn Equinox in full swing, and the holidays just…gasp…a few short months away, there is never a better time for a quick health checkup. It’s a good idea to have our weekly Health Horoscopes bookmarked, so you can get your play-by-play astrological health checkups, week-to-week. But you still need some tweaks and nips at the old health spectrum for those moments those aren’t available. You’ll find I talk about the chakras a lot there. There’s a reason for that! Those chakras are the key to your success when it comes to your overall health, and ensuring your mind/body/soul connections are running smoothly. So today I am giving you your chakra cleansing checklist for this wonderfully crisp time of year.

Fall, Health, & Why Chakras Matter

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing. A lot of people attribute it to Winter, but the truth is, many of those that are impacted by this health problem begin feeling it in the Fall. You don’t need to be diagnosed with a seasonal disorder to experience it. We ALL feel the Winter Blahs.

The Fall blahs are a real thing too! Fall is when things start dying. That’s WHY the leaves Fall! Life forces begin to withdraw. That means, we all do. And when your life force withdraws, your energy is zapped, and you are tired and done and prone to illness before Winter even begins. These illnesses can range from flu and the common cold to serious mental or spiritual health problems.

This is why Fall is THE perfect time to tweak those chakras.

To run a quick review, the human body is composed of 7 invisible energy centers, or spinning wheels of energy we call “chakras” pronounced, “Shock-Raw.” Each of those energy centers has a specific function, that feeds your spiritual and mental health. They also feed your physical health too!

Ever have a sore throat? Your throat chakra is a little weak during those times. Communicating is difficult. Heartbroken? Your chest may physically ache the moment you have to say goodbye to someone. You maybe can’t speak because you are “choked up” during a sentimental moment. Your heart and throat chakras are out of whack. And that’s okay! It’s called being human. But if those “out of whack” moments are prolonged, we can very easily get sick, physically, or spiritually.

So with the world of the underworld bringing more energy into our daily lives, with more minutes of darkness every day, it’s very important we keep our chakras in check.

Here’s how to cleanse each of your chakras this Fall. Focus on one a day if you like, every day of the week. Or, do a little tweak on each one every day. It’s entirely up to you.

1. Root Chakra – Health is Wealth.

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is considered to be the chakra that meets your basic needs. By basic needs, I mean lodging, food, warmth, and a healthy support system. When this is out of whack, our “roots” are uprooted and we feel out of joint. Wealth is health, in the sense that if we cannot meet our basic needs of lodging, for example, we can’t function because we can’t think about anything else.

This chakra is rooted in Mother Earth, which makes it a good focus for the Earthy nature of Fall. When you have this chakra cleansed and aligned, you feel… grounded. Literally. You don’t need to be driving a Rolls Royce, you just need to have your needs met and feel your support around you. Here are ways to keep this wheel humming.

  • Connect with the community. This is the time of year when school starts up again for many, or volunteer groups come back from summer hiatus. Clubs and organizations and classes for adults open up their new sessions. This is all community. Find something, it doesn’t have to cost anything, that meets this need for you. Know who your people are, even if they are new! Spend time with your friends.
  • Eat root vegetables! Anything that is connected directly to Mother Earth feeds you both spiritually and physically. Carrots, potatoes, beets, onions, radish, and rutabaga are all good examples of root veg. Fall is a time of Harvest and Thanksgiving, and this feeds both your need for community and your need to eat healthier. You can have your lobster roll and carrots too! You don’t need to sacrifice good things for good things.
  • Bring more red energy into your life. Ladies, bring red into your manicures, red of all shades. Don’t be afraid to go dark on the lip. Men, red ties and accessories are power colours for a reason. Women need to wear red more too! This makes you stand out at work, in the community, for job interviews, at presentations, or even in court if you find yourself there! Red is not a “just say no”colour anymore, especially in this vibrant season. Red is remembered and helps you create wealth and health. You feel better too, admit it.

2. The Sex Chakra – Sacral-lishious!

This chakra is located, well, you can guess. The sacral chakra is located in your pelvic region and is responsible for your pleasure zones, fertility needs, and all things romantic when it comes to that touchy-feely stuff. Let’s talk about sex, shall we? Sex isn’t just a physical thing. It is what connects us to the spirit of those we love. It’s about trust. It’s about tapping into some unbridled creativity. It’s about exploring repressed urges. It’s also about just finding pleasure. And that’s okay! It’s not a taboo thing. If you aren’t getting it, ain’t nobody happy, am I right? So go ahead and nurture this chakra in healthy and legal (we need to say it) ways.

  • Orange is the colour of this chakra, so explore this colour a little bit more in your everyday life. Orange is also a key autumn colour for a reason! Lifeforce withdraws from the Earth during Fall, but it is also created during those long, dark evenings. Get my drift? There’s a lot of Spring babies in the human race for a reason is all I’m saying. Bring orange into your life, and you bring excitement and physical health into your life as well.
  • If you aren’t a sexy-go-saucy kind of gal or guy, that’s okay. You still need to meet this need. Give yourself permission to enjoy life. It’s a must. Check out our Sex Scopes for when your fifth house is activated. I DO make a point of spelling that out. Every zodiac sign gets some fifth house fun every month at some point. Every month. Go to the movies on your own, buy that fancy dessert at the grocery store when nobody is looking, spend a bomb on essential oils that feel and smell spectacular. Just feel good! It’s not just okay. It’s the healthy thing to do.
  • Do things that make you go…mmmmmm.” Laughing? That’s okay. Do things that make you feel good. Whether you are alone or otherwise. If you aren’t sure how, think of those 5 senses and the previous tip on activating pleasure zones. I like to bake because it activates all 5 senses at once. There’s nothing like opening a fresh jar of raspberry extract, lavender oil and losing my mind scent-sually. Or, digging my hands into a fresh pile of bread dough, then smelling those little yeast bubbles coming to life. Mmmmm. Mm. You get it. Find your pleasure zones and send some Fall love to that sacral chakra.

3. Solar Plexus – All Puffed Up.

I sometimes call the solar plexus chakra the “caveman” chakra. Ever see someone beat their chest when they are really proud of themselves? Or, you may see someone, like some politicians, for example, walk super tall with their chest all puffed up because they believe in themselves so much. This is the “all puffed up” chakra for a reason. The solar plexus chakra is yellow, which coordinates with the Sun. It’s also a great Fall colour.

But because we have less Sun in our days now, we may not be feeling so puffed up these days. The Sun in astrology is connected to our personalities. So someone with a very active, maybe overly active, solar plexus chakra may be puffed up ALL the time. They might think they are pretty awesome. ALL the time. If you never feel this way, your health WILL suffer, and your mind/body/soul connections will be weak in the mind and soul spaces. It’s okay to be proud of yourself! Puff yourself up once in a while! Thankfully, this chakra by being connected to the Sun is also directly connected to fire. Here are some ways to keep this in check.

  • Fight fire with fire. There’s nothing sexier or saucier than a lovely fire. Or a candle. Or just a little spark of some kind that has you feeling a little more puffed up. Add a little more actual fire into your days that are getting shorter, and your sacral chakra gets the feels.
  • Be yourself! Many times we feel puffed down because we don’t feel we are worthy. Boo. Embracing who you are is such an integral component of your health. Do something every day that is just YOU, and not driven by someone else’s needs or wants. Just be you. When you do, you’ll notice a little quick in your step.
  • Get more sleep. This is such a key part of our health, but so easy to forget in this world of instant gratification, and 24-hour business. We have less light in the day, and our circadian rhythms that monitor our sleep routines are feeling it. The kids are going to bed earlier for school. So should you! With less Sun in our days, we have less energy. You can restore that by going to bed earlier, AND, getting up earlier to enjoy more Sun in your day. It really is that easy! Just move your routine around so that you still get everything done.

4. Heart Chakra – You’ve Got to Love a Little.

There is enough talk of love everywhere that you don’t need us to preach to you on it. But I will say this. This is the season of Thanksgiving for a reason. Saying thanks comes after an act of love. Even if a colleague is just handing you a piece of paper. It’s a good thing to have that job, no? Love it like it’s your job. See what we did there? Be thankful for the little things, love the little things, and, almost as importantly, give back. When you do, that heart chakra, which is located, you guessed it, gets some love.

This chakra is green, which is a very Earthy tone for Fall. When you feel good or love is working, you don’t really need to worry about this one. But if you are heartbroken, or just plain sad a lot, this chakra getting a tweak could be all you need to get out of the dumps. You don’t need to BE loved to have this one working well. Of course, that helps. But you can attract more love into your life by loving first. So, love a little this Fall. We have Jupiter and Venus both in intensely loving Scorpio during this season which will also help a lot.

5. Throat Chakra – Physically Count Your Blessings.

The throat chakra is located exactly where it sounds and is blue in colour. We touched on this one with the heart chakra, but it’s worth repeating. Yes, you can tweak your heart chakra when you show gratitude by loving more. But it doesn’t hurt to say the words out loud either!

  • It’s very important to say thank you to people. Actually say the words. Say thank you. Count those blessings out loud. This helps the throat chakra.
  • Wearing blue ties or blue scarves also helps the throat chakra.
  • So does telling the truth! If this is a problem for you, then just being real and authentic in all communication can also help you align your throat chakra. If you are hiding a secret, or not telling the truth on something, you may actually get a sore throat. Or, the guilt could keep you up at night, hurt your stomach, or lead to all sorts of physical ailments. YES, telling the truth is good for your health, AND, your throat chakra.
  • Gratitude and truth journal. Start telling the truth in a diary if you don’t want to share it with anybody just yet. Start saying thank you in your own private way that involves getting it out of your head and your system. Writing is also a function of the throat chakra, believe it or not. So write out what you can’t say out loud, and you get that throat chakra spinning in the right direction. And you will feel better too!

6. Third Eye Chakra – See it, Plan it, Do it.

The third eye chakra is the one that people get a little wiggedy about. It’s the diving into the supernatural. Well, this is the most supernatural season of them all, with Halloween being in the middle of the Fall season for a reason. There are haunts all around us. From actual real spirits to the haunts of Summer past. You don’t have to live in these haunts, but it’s very easy to with the days getting shorter and darker, and the nights getting longer.

A way to get past this is by ensuring your third eye chakra is spinning well. And you won’t become a clairvoyant with a healthy third eye chakra. A lot of people think this is the case, and tend to shy away from tweaking this one. That’s a myth. You need a good third eye chakra to be able to plan your life, and when you can’t plan your life, it goes amok.

When this chakra is out of whack, you are unhealthy for a number of reasons. This chakra is located at the center of your forehead, right in between your eyes, and right above your nose. Also located here is the frontal lobe of your brain, which is your Executive Center where all of your planning occurs.

So when you get up in the morning and start thinking about what you are doing that day, your third eye chakra is working, and so is the frontal lobe of your brain. You are seeing it, planning it, and then you intend to do it. Some people don’t even get to the seeing it part of the day and just wander around the day aimlessly from one task to the next. Not healthy. Work on your executive center by cleansing the third eye.

  • This chakra is indigo in colour, which is also that beautiful deep, purple, eggplanty colour for Fall. Bringing more of this colour into your day during this season really helps.
  • Spend less time on the computer or in front of screens. We are trained in this day and age to be computer glued, but this gives us headaches, increases stress, and decreases our quality of life and health. Make a schedule to stay off the screen for a number of minutes, or dare we say hours, every day. Or if you can’t do that, switch screens. If you’ve been staring at a phone or laptop all day, for example, turn them off when you watch TV. This gives ALL of your eyes a break, and, you get to actually enjoy your program from start to finish.
  • Make a schedule, or even just a list every day of what you need to do. Just SEE it. Stress increases when you don’t have a plan, and health declines at the same rate. Even if you can’t accomplish big things, just write it down. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Check mail. Mop floor. From simple things like this to knocking that report out of the park, these are all things that cleanse your third eye chakra and help you accomplish goals whether great or small.

7. Crown Chakra – It’s Your Own Come to the Divine Moment.

You’ve heard of “come to Jesus” moments. Well, when your crown chakra is activated, that’s kind of the same thing, in your own spiritual way, whatever you believe to be your deity. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head, on your crown, and is the purest white you can ever imagine. It is also sometimes violet in colour. It is whatever of those colours speak to you when you have those moments. This is your halo of sorts and is how you are recognized by the Divine as one of the Divine. And we are ALL Divine.

When this chakra is not working, we just don’t feel good. Our auras are ick, our soul is ick, we can’t think straight, we just aren’t functioning. Again, you aren’t going to become one of the actual angels when you cleanse this one. But you will feel more whole and spiritually uplifted, no matter who your Divine power is.

The Fall time is a time of the underworld when all spirits come out to play. Pluto is also going direct this season, and the underworld is making itself known. You can literally rise above these challenges and be healthier when your crown chakra is cleansed and activated.

  • Just imagining this white light over your head helps to keep this chakra open and cleansed. You can do this from your desk at work in 30 seconds, and do so every day, or make a ritual of it at home.
  • Wear white! Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Not I, said the fly. It’s the littlest thing that will actually make you feel purer.
  • Implement more white or violet into a sacred space in your home. Candles, soft fluffy cloud-like pillows, white blankets, you get the drift. Increase purity to increase purity.
  • Pray or meditate with sincerity for just a few minutes every day. A few minutes before you go to sleep, or when you wake up, or both, are very effective times that don’t eat anything into your busy schedule.

Concluding Thoughts…

We have so many dark things happening in our world and more dark minutes every day in the Fall season. But Fall is also the most vibrant season of them all, with splashes of beautiful colours onto this grey backdrop. Use those colours to your advantage, and cleanse your chakras at the same time. When you do, you Fall into this season a brighter, healthier you. Be sure you are staying tuned to your health horoscopes to get the low down on how to stay healthier every week this Fall. To your health!

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