What’s the Difference Between a Free Astrology Reading & Horoscopes?

With the wealth of astrology information available on the internet, it’s easy to get confused by the terminology. In general, think of horoscopes and astrology readings as the building blocks that unlocks secrets to navigating life with less confusion and more efficiency. For thousands of years, people have studied the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of the planetary movements. They have found the same themes play out in the cycles of planets, and if you keep learning a little bit every day, you can see how these forces are at work in your life.

Astrology is not something that just happens to us as if we are out of control of our destiny. It’s quite the opposite really. Astrology helps us know when to act, what our strengths and weaknesses are, and offers insights into how others think. Ultimately, over years of following the Sun, the Moon, and the planets and getting to know the zodiac signs, the horoscopes and astrology readings will give you more than you can imagine from success to fulfillment to the ability to manifest. Interested? Read on…

What Are Astrology Readings?

Astrology readings are interpretations of your personality and your life based on the placement of the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets on your day of birth. They help you to understand better your true nature and what your soul came to this Earth to learn. Often, they reveal the reasons why you’ve experienced the challenges you’ve faced in your life, allowing you to find meaning and learn important lessons to further your personal growth.

Astrology readings can also show the compatibility you have with other people, major events that are likely to happen, and when certain learning opportunities or fortune may arrive in your life. They unveil the themes of your life, highlighting your unique talents and how you see the world. It is the ultimate way to know yourself so you can take the wheel in the vehicle of your mind and pilot it to do something positive with your life. This empowerment found in astrology readings is based on the exact time, geographic location, and date of your birth.

What is a Horoscope?

A horoscope is a snapshot of where the planets will be at a specified time. Essentially, a horoscope is a more microscopic view of your life, whereas an astrology reading looks at the bigger picture. Horoscopes can be done on an annual, monthly, weekly, and daily basis by professional astrologers. They reveal the situations that are likely to occur based on the positions of the planets in relation to each other and your own Sun sign. Think of horoscopes as the gateway into the kingdom of astrology.

A horoscope reveals themes, energetic influences, and general events that are likely to happen at a given time. They allow people to begin to intuitively sense particular energies, which shift every day. When you pay attention to your own emotions, the events that seem to occur out of nowhere, and the way other people come and go from your life in relation to your horoscope, you will see there is a greater tendency for the horoscope to be right than wrong.

What are the Differences Between an Astrology Reading and a Horoscope?

In astrology, a lot of the terms are understood in relation to other things, so getting familiar with one term at a time gives you the foundation upon which you can build to deepen your understanding.

Here are 3 main differences between an astrology reading and a horoscope to help you understand how and when they can be useful to you.

1. Astrology Readings Offer Specific Details About Who You Are

Most of the time, a horoscope is made for an entire zodiac sign, which means it will be generally accurate for you and the other people born when the Sun was in that sign (in any year, in any place). While horoscopes can ring true, they won’t be as specific as a personalized astrology reading based on your unique birth chart. When you read what will happen for your sign in a month, a month, a week, or a day, there marginal room for error because you likely have other very potent influences in your chart that affect the expression of your Sun sign.

Transit readings in professional astrology can pinpoint more specifically what events will happen for you during a specific time frame. Transit readings also require more time and a deeper knowledge of astrology, so they often cost more, but a master Astrologer can reveal many in-depth secrets in an astrology reading like this. Your natal chart (the other name for birth chart), which can be read by a less experienced Astrologer, can still offer you valuable information and is a good place to start to get to know yourself and your unique strengths and areas for growth.

2. Horoscopes Give You General Information for Your Present Day Life

A horoscope is about your current life and is a map for you to use to manage your expectations and navigate the waters of your emotions. A horoscope takes into account the major celestial events happening in real time so you know how one day will be different than the next. It’s not about knowing exactly what is going to happen to you and when, but more about knowing the types of things you can expect to happen so you aren’t caught off guard.

It’s very empowering to follow a well-written horoscope because you’ll know when to rest versus when you’ll have the most energy, which it will help you make sense of your own changing inner landscape of thoughts. Horoscopes help us make sense of the illusion of chaos by revealing the structures that influence the constant ebbs and flows of our emotional states, like creativity, impulsivity, sensitivity, and curiosity. As we learn what each planet’s effect is through a well-written horoscope, we can start to see the larger cycles in our lives so we can ride the tides and know when to external opportunities versus when to do some internal work on ourselves.

3. Astrology Readings Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose

Astrology readings help expand your perspective of who you are beyond your day-to-day interactions and desires that most people are aware of. A horoscope helps you navigate those day-to-day things, and an astrology reading helps you make bigger decisions, like what career to choose or how to break a deeply ingrained negative behaviour that doesn’t improve your life. Because astrology readings are based on the exact position of the planets at the time and place your soul entered the world, you can see the lens through which your soul is positioned to operate from.

Each aspect of your astrology reading gives deep insight into the type of ship you’re sailing in for this lifetime. Does it go fast? Is it a tugboat, a speedboat, or a cruise ship? What is its destination, and how does it get there? You can see how you are wired to think and how those wires are different than other people’s. This reveals a map you can use to chart your course of ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction for an entire lifetime. It’s all written in the stars and highly accurate.

You can find out what you came into the world already knowing, the areas you will have to work on, and the areas that will go smoothly for you. You can find the way you fuel your rocket ship, where to direct it, and how to get it off the ground. In other words, you’ll find what sets your soul on fire so you can light up your passion and live an extraordinary life.

How to Decide the Right Time to Use Each

When you feel like you don’t have a purpose or direction, that is the time to get an astrology reading. If you notice you’re falling into patterns in your life or mind where you feel negative, out of place, or easily influenced by others, chances are it’s time to look at the bigger picture of what you came to this Earth to do. Once you hear how accurately the reading is able to depict your emotions, struggles, and tendencies, you can then also see how it guides you to use your unique talents to find a fulfilling and empowered plan.

If you start to wonder what the point of all of this is, or you start feeling like you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, an astrology reading can help you get on track towards a life of happiness and excitement. When it comes to relationships, if you find that you’ve been having repeating negative experiences, you can get an astrology reading to help uncover the deeper patterns in yourself that are allowing and attracting certain things into your life so you can get clear on what you truly want in relationships, what your emotional needs are, and how you communicate. Astrology readings can also help you see where you may be reactive, impatient, or clingy so you can overcome the tendencies you have that may be pushing people away.

Your astrology reading can help you become excited about life again so that your level of happiness increases and the types of relationships you attract are more positive. This is something most people don’t realize is crucial in happy relationships, but is often the missing link.

Once you have your big goal set, you then want to use your horoscope to navigate the day to day situations you find yourself in so you can build positive momentum. Your horoscope will help you manage how you approach your goals on a daily basis. You will know which days you can expect to be creative, which days you’ll be productive, and which days are best to use to recharge. Horoscopes are also helpful for those days where you wake up in an unusual mental state. You can read your horoscope and find out why you’re feeling that way so you can understand it and work around it.

A horoscope helps give you more specific focus, so you’ll know which smaller actions to take to pursue your goals. They’re meant to help you know when to go and when to stop throughout each month based on the Moon and major astrological events. If you feel like you’ve been working hard with little results, it’s good to consult your horoscope to help you time the way you use your energy.

Looking for a Quick Answer or Daily Guidance? Go With a Horoscope

Have you ever found yourself at a standstill, unable to make a decision? Often that’s the perfect time to consult your horoscope because you’ll see that your current feelings are usually a reflection of the position of the planets that day.

For those of us working on keeping ourselves focused and positive, good horoscopes are usually written in a positive and healing perspective that can help us point our energy in a loving and empowered direction to create lasting habits that affect positive change in our life. Reading your daily horoscope for guidance can create momentum that reminds you of the power of your intention, the interconnectedness of all things, and your true identity as a soul with a purpose.

Need Guidance During a Major Life Event? Get an Astrology Reading

When we don’t know where to turn for advice, an astrology reading is often the answer. The most sophisticated Astrologers can track transits which calculate where the planets were at the time and place of our birth in relation to where they are currently. This can offer you insights on what energy is available to you currently and how best to use it.

For example, Jupiter’s position governs luck and money flow and Mars rules our passion and energy levels. An Astrologer will be able to tell you when to expect money and when you will have the most energy to make moves towards your goals. On a deeper level, an Astrologer can help you by looking at the planets your houses to see what areas of your life are in focus for you to help you navigate through certain times in your life.

Astrology readings can help us navigate choosing our life partner, healing from a loss, rebuilding ourselves from the ground up, and building confidence by learning from challenges. If you feel overwhelmed with emotions from a major life event, make things easier on yourself and consult the stars with an astrology reading to help make sense of it all. There are times when a lot of major changes occur because of celestial events and finding out why can help you grow with those changes instead of being blindsided by them.


In general, a horoscope helps us see more into the ‘when’ and an astrology reading helps us see more into the ‘who’ that we are. Both are important because we need to know the tools we were given to build our lives with and we also need to know when to plug those power tools in or when to recharge their batteries. Consulting astrology can be the difference between a life that feels helpless and a life full of hope.

Be patient with yourself as you get to know astrology. You’ll see that each day you put aside time for it, you’ll learn more and find more helpful layers of insight unfold for you. It’s a lifelong study that is always there to guide you each day and help make sense of this world and your place in it. Both horoscopes and astrology readings are valuable to us and work in tandem to help us reach our highest potential.

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