Relationship Checkup & the Heart Chakra – Are You Feeling the Love?

Have you ever found yourself saying, “But I have SO much love to give? Why can’t love work out for me just ONCE?!” Who hasn’t, right?

The truth is, you are right. You DO have a lot of love to give. We ALL do. And you have a right as a human being on this planet to experience unconditional love, and happiness and joy every day. If you’re constantly asking yourself about relationship problems or woes, it sounds like your heart chakra needs some work. And hey, that’s okay. We ALL ask these questions.

Unconditional love is the power by which our angels and spirit guides communicate to us. It is also the fabric that weaves our successful relationships on this plane together. Unconditional love is the magic that attracts soul mates and twin flames, and keeps happiness in your every day lives. And believe it or not, that tiny little organ in your body that is no bigger than your fist is the blessed little vessel that pumps unconditional love so that you can receive those miracles. But if your soul is asking these questions today, then there is a very good chance that somewhere along the line your heart chakra got a little dinged. Not feeling the love? There’s a heart chakra reason for that. And there’s a heart chakra fix for that.

It’s normal, and even healthy, to feel sad when love goes wrong. Whether you are bickering with your mother or bickering with your soul mate, relationship problems drag us down. Having a healthy heart chakra decreases those number of days, and increases the number of days wherein we can feel happy, loved, and most importantly, loving.

If you want to pull yourself out of the dumps of sadness and attract more love in your life, you can. All you have to do is unlock your heart chakra and within minutes begin the process of healing relationships, feeling love and being love, thus attracting more love in your life. Are you ready for more sunny days? Better relationships? Find out how they are closer than ever when you just unlock your heart chakra.

What is the Heart Chakra?

The human body is composed of 7 spinning wheels of energy that are invisible to the naked eye. They are located throughout the body, and are called the chakras. We’ve talked about chakra centers before. These spinning wheels of energy are responsible for ruling certain parts of your spiritual journey. The healthier they are, the more abundance, love, and success you’ll experience on your path of enlightenment.

The chakra that rules love, of course, is the heart chakra. It is located, you guessed it, in the heart, and is symbolized by the colour green. This chakra rules how you love and how you are able to heal from past pain. When you have a clear and open heart chakra, you are filled with joy and love, forgive those around you easily, forgive your Self easily, and don’t get bogged down by angry or frustrated people. In other words, you ARE love. You accept that pain and anger exist in the world, and you’ve felt your fair share. But you haven’t let it made you an angry and pained person because your heart chakra is open and clear.

How do You Know if Your Heart Chakra is Open?

People with an open heart chakra have a deep sense of inner peace because they don’t let angry, mean people upset them. They rise above it. Injustices to humanity are the kinds of things that get you angry, but you don’t get angry often. This awareness also amplifies your crown chakra, because it is unconditional love that connects you with the Divine. If this sounds familiar, your heart chakra is very open.

Someone with an open heart chakra has an easy time feeling compassion for others. They are able to speak their truths and feelings (although that is more throat chakra than heart chakra). You show your love in actions if your heart chakra is open. You forgive, you don’t judge others, and people like to be around you because you radiate a sense of peace, safety, and non-judgy behaviour that makes being in the world a little easier.

If none of this makes sense to you, you may need some work on your heart chakra. If you get angry at strangers easily, find yourself in arguments or disputes over nothing, and hold grudges in a way that is blocking your spiritual path, some work on your heart chakra would help.

Don’t beat yourself up about it if this is you, either. It’s okay to feel upset when you are being manipulated or lied to, or lied about even. Having an open heart chakra doesn’t mean just taking it when someone in life messes you up. But it does mean being able to not take it personally and move on to the next human in your life that is willing to embrace you with unconditional love.

It’s out there. Love really does make the world go round. But if you are stuck in more days of anger and resentment than you are in days of happiness and joy, then you need to unlock your heart chakra.

An Open Heart Chakra is Sexy

When you have an open and clear heart chakra, you radiate a sense of peace that is very, very sexy. You are open with your feelings and the human soul is naturally attracted to that. All human souls. Yes, even angry ones.

You behave in a way that is loving and kind, and you have compassion over the human journey. You don’t freak out when someone doesn’t text you back right away, because you realize, love is bigger than that. In a nutshell, an open heart chakra is a sexy thing, and very, very attractive.

Think about it. Think of the nicest person that you know, that you know is just kindness and goodness all around. You just can’t help but want to be around them, and you light up when they are in your presence. That is hot! When your heart chakra is open, you have this effect on people. So if you want to experience more healing in your life and attract more love in your life, unlock your heart chakra and watch love begin to multiply.

How to Unlock Your Heart Chakra:

1. Get Out in the Great Outdoors.

Spending time with Mother Nature is a great way to let go of pain and stress, and to literally see the big picture. The heart chakra is ruled by Air, so let the air into your lungs and invigorate your heart. Now exhale all of that pain and sadness out. If you are doing it right, and truly letting go, you should feel more joy. When you are in your favourite nature spot, close your eyes, and take a big breath in, bringing in any person or moment of sadness that is vexing you right now.

Now, breathe it all out, picturing those words or humans in the big cloud of breath that you are breathing out, and actually removing those negative things from your body as you breathe out. Now, listen to the sounds of nature in the spot that you chose. Waves lapping, breezes flowing, leaves falling crisply to the ground. That other sound? That’s the sound of your heart chakra opening.

2. Forgive More.

Let it go, let it go, let it go. Don’t let the delayed coffee at Starbucks tee you off. Don’t let your late boyfriend tee you off. Let it go. Things happen. If this problem isn’t going to matter in 10 years, why are you making a federal case of it now? Let it go. Love more, judge less.

Letting things bug you weighs down your heart chakra. It closes up those walls. Letting things stress or panic you works your heart in a way that focuses on stress endorphins, and not on unconditional love. Forgiving more is truly the treatment for that.

3. Love Your Self. Don’t Be a Doormat.

While you are being kind to every single jerk that is butting in front of you in line at Starbucks, don’t forget not to be a doormat. Kind people are generally taken advantage of the most because the bullies and jerks of the world believe that kindness is a weakness, and they know that nice people are more likely to just let it go, let it go, let it go, and let them in front of the line every time. You keep that mentality up long enough with the wrong person, and you become an abuse victim.

Stand in your truth while being kind. It’s definitely selfless to let every human on the planet get in front of you in the line at Starbucks or McDonalds. But there’s no Academy Award from the Karma gods for that, sweetheart. It’s not Self-ish to say to someone, “Hey, I’m going to miss a plane or a job interview if I allow you to do this.”

I actually know someone that missed a plane because she was too timid to tell someone she was in line first! I told her she was nuts! Having an open heart chakra is not about loving everyone else first. You need to love your Self first. Only then can you be well enough to love others unconditionally.

Don’t be a doormat, it makes you a target. And every time a manipulator of the world hits that target, your heart chakra is wounded even more, and you wind up with even more chakra work to do. Don’t be a doormat. But at the same time, never stop loving the world. Just don’t make actual sacrifices that put your own journey behind for it. You have nobody to answer for but yourself. Be kind, but speak your mind. It goes back to that confidence of an open heart chakra that is just so darn sexy.

4. Commit a Random Act of Kindness as Often as You Can.

The key to attracting more love is to first feel more love. And that is more genuine love. Paying for someone’s coffee and then blasting it all over Facebook to get the likes does not a random act of kindness make. That is neither random nor kind. That is a, “Hello world, please tell me I’m awesome” move.

Doing so in the quiet and stillness of the world without expecting a thank you or a pat on the back does though. Remember, attracting love involves BEING love first. Be love every day, no matter what your relationship status, and unlock your heart chakra a little more.

Buddhists and New Agers say “Be love” all the time. Christians say, “God is love.” Many people have no idea what that even means. It literally means just being kind because you want to be, not because you think you’re getting a Kindness Award for it. Just BE love. Nice people do NOT finish last, that is the Law of Attraction. BE love, receive love. It’s literally that simple.

Case in point: If someone butts in front of you in line, and then someone else pays for your coffee, which person are you going to be most attracted to? Which person will you think about more that day? Which person will you talk about the most when you re-tell that story? Focusing on these little details in life breaks down those walls around your heart and opens up that sexy heart chakra little by little every day.

5. Meditate on the Colour Green.

Green is the heart chakra colour. Any green will do. Pick the green that you love and makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Create a happy place from this green space.

Maybe a pasture, maybe a bed of flowers, maybe just a bed of green grass. Maybe a green pillow! Maybe someone’s green eyes. Pick the green that works for you. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, and meditating on this colour helps to open it up. Imagine green energy filling up your entire body, or being wrapped in that favourite green chenille blanket that makes all problems in the world go away for you.

6. Do Cardio! Or, Un-Do Cardio.

A healthy heart chakra is maintained by first having a healthy heart! Whenever you feel the human side of things try to take over your heart chakra, like sadness or anger, get moving. When you get moving you get the blood flowing and your heart chakra gets a little boost. Ever get really excited and maybe even a little frisky during a workout? Your brain releases endorphins during a workout to make it suck less. And when it does, you feel good. That makes you want to do it more. So if you are down in the dumps and your heart chakra is feeling a little sluggish, get moving and get that blood flowing. Once you do, the endorphins will give you a pick me up that will help get you to the next point in your day.

At the same time, when we feel fear or experience panic symptoms, our heart races and our blood pressure increases. This is not good for the heart chakra either. When this happens it’s time to calm down. An escalated cardio session over fear, anger, or sadness, is really really bad for you. Go and meditate, remove your Self from the situation, have a glass of wine, you do you, baby. Whatever you need to do to breathe, and breathe normally, is mission critical to heart chakra health. It’s mission critical to relationship health as well. You can’t continue in a relationship if your heart is racing in it all the time. That’s not a relationship. That is a health problem heading towards disaster.

Concluding Thoughts….

How attracted are you to angry manipulators? How attracted are you to kind people? You know the answer. If you are having relationship problems or wondering why your relationships never hit the status quo of peace, there’s some heart chakra stuff going on. We’ve all been there, baby. Practice each of these things daily, and your end of the bargain gets stronger. A clear and open heart chakra is a sexy thing that is very attractive. If you have that, you will move past any healing you need to do and infuse more unconditional love into the world as you do. And if you are single, chances are, that won’t be for long. And if you are already in a relationship, you will be amazed at the shift that begins to happen as the bonds of unconditional love begin to take place. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. There is no law of any land that says forgiveness and kindness are bad ideas. But at the same time, don’t let yourself be walked over when you do, or you create more wounds that need work over time.

It’s never too late to start healing and unlock the heart chakra. What methods will you use to unlock your heart chakra?

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